Why Marketing is NOT Evil

Tree Swing Marketing Story

Tree Swing Marketing Story

Why sharing our favorite local small businesses through word of mouth improves our standard of living:

Pay attention to the statistics found in the second half of this post and find out how our decisions and actions are key to economic survival.

I clearly remember how appalled I was when IBM told us (us being technical employees known as CEs or SSRs) we had to start selling.

Selling was a dirty word to me.

Marketing and sales were the people who promised what we could not deliver and pressured customers to buy what they did not want or need.

Customers trusted techs and we did not want to lose their trust.

In most organizations, marketing is paid much more because they are seen as an income source. The IBM salesman I knew best made 25 times what I made (and the IBM CEO pay is 530 times more) and their phones did not ring all hours of the day and night like mine did.

Support staff is paid much less because they are considered an expense instead of an asset. At least in IBM’s case that is a serious mistake because what we once called Customer Engineers and later called SSRs are the only IBM employees most customers see on a regular basis and the primary reason those customers keep buying IBM equipment. But we’re getting off track.

Let me explain WHY marketing is NOT Evil.

I know that I am not the only person who had a negative view of marketing. The thing is, if there were no marketing we would not know who offered what we need and want. If a business doesn’t market well and close sales they can’t stay in business. Marketing and sales are both essential to us as buyers and to make an honest living. What we need is a different perspective on marketing.

Marketing is how we find what we want and need.

Marketing is how we know who does what. Businesses must have a marketing plan so we will know what they do. They need to clearly understand the differences between marketing, advertising, promotion and PR. Brad Harmon’s excellent post Are You Confused about Marketing provides the perfect Definition of Marketing.

No matter what that plan is – even if it is only a sign in the window or handing out business cards – the purpose is always just that: to make sure those who need or want what they offer know about their products and services.

Marketing is essential to small business success and small businesses are essential to improving our standard of living.

If we want the most people possible to live a comfortable life with at least a roof over their heads, clothes to wear and enough to eat we have to change how we feel about marketing.

Why do we buy from Corporations whose commercials depict us as insects, animals or stupid? Why do many pay for clothing and products that make them walking billboards for brands?

Why is that kind of marketing acceptable while we refuse to allow small businesses to reach out to us? We create forums but refuse to allow them to add a link to their business or a description in a signature line.

We install dofollow CommentLuv and KeywordLuv and then delete quality comments seeking anchor text or even report any business leaving comments as a spammer.

What we need is a change in perspective.

Small traditional and online businesses are best for our economy because almost every penny we spend with them is almost immediately spent with other businesses.

When you buy your groceries from your local independent grocer or through a Food Coop or Consumer Supported Agriculture you support all the suppliers and businesses they use.

Money we spend with small businesses improves our economy and increases the standard of living for all.

What you spend in stores owned by multi-national publicly traded corporations goes to support boards earning seven figure executive compensation and continue to pay huge bonuses while their employees barely make a living wage – or for many of the worst Corporations do NOT make a living wage.

“The chasm between America’s haves and have-nots has reached Grand Canyon-esque proportions. Thirty years ago top executives at S&P 500 companies made an average of 30 times what their workers did — now they make 300 times what their workers make.

Is it any wonder that the new television show Undercover Boss is so popular? This income disparity has a serious negative impact on our economy, on each of us and on everyone else in the world.

“Income inequality now is at an all-time high: The top 1 percent of Americans earn a quarter of all income, and the top 10 percent earn 50 percent.” More on tying CEO to employee pay.

If 50 percent of all income is in the hands of 10% of all Americans how much of that money do you believe is kept circulating where it can support other businesses and improve the economy?

How much of YOUR income do you spend? For a huge percentage of Americans the answer would be ALL of it and then some!

If we put more of our money directly into the hands of people who spend it our economy WILL improve and so will our standard of living!

Small business is key to improving our economy and is the bright spot in creating jobs – and not just any job – better jobs that pay well and have a future! Gallop estimates 30 million Americans – over 20% of Americans – are already underemployed.

Many are working two jobs and still making only a third of their former pay not to mention loss of benefits and the impact on their lives of working all the time and still not making ends meet.

How we as individuals can change all this.
  1. First we can change where we spend every penny we can. Buy from your local small or favorite online ecommerce stores because they will buy from their favorite small and online stores and keep that money in circulation.
  2. Write reviews for your favorite businesses so others can figure out who deserves their business.
  3. Recommend them to your friends, family and wherever you communicate online.
  4. If you have a blog write about and link to them with the best anchor text. Install KeywordLuv and approve comments for businesses.
  5. If you comment regularly in blogs and have nothing to promote yourself consider adding anchor text links for others. [WARNING: Read each  blog's comment policy as some bloggers specifically prohibit doing this (and I hope they'll read this post and reconsider).]
  6. Share information about how any business with a physical address and phone number can get FREE Listings in Local Search Directories with your favorite businesses, family and friends.

Buying advertising works far better for huge multi-national corporations than it does for small businesses. Since the Internet is global buying advertising online is especially unlikely to generate a positive ROI for local businessses.

It used to be fairly accurate to say “It takes money to make money” but that has changed now that we can use online tools to speed up Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).

We should all be getting excited because WOMM has made it possible for us to know which businesses and products to avoid!

I will borrow a quote from Andy Sernovitz‘ new book Secret and Mysterious Order of Word of Mouth, a book I highly recommend:

“Word of mouth marketing only works if you have good products and services. It only works if people like you and trust you. (If you’re a jerk,word of mouth with backfire horribly on you.)

If your product or service sucks, no PR campaign, clever TV ad, or announcement on your website will make consumers believe that it doesn’t. Not any more. And the speed of word of mouth on the Internet spreads the truth almost instantly.

You won’t hear a lot of good word of mouth about cable companies.

When word of mouth works, good companies are rewarded with gobs of free advertising and attention, and they make more money.

When word of mouth works better, bad products and bad companies are punished with negative buzz, and they lose customers.

Think about what this means for you and your family. We have a new social force that rewards companies with free marketing, sales and profits when they treat people well and produce good products. The same force stops companies from treating people badly by killing their sales.

For the first time in the history of modern business, we have a force for good that is also driven by the all-powerful profit motive. For years, government regulators and consumer advocates have tried to use legal and public pressure to make companies treat people well. I’ll bet that the profit motive works better.

This is why word of mouth marketing is so exciting. Everyone can do it. It makes money. It makes products and services more exciting. It makes business more honest and ethical.

It is better for all of us.

If you have a business or blog you need a copy of this book so you will avoid making mistakes that stay online forever. Also visit his site for viral marketing ideas on how to make your online activities memorable to tap into the power of viral marketing. (Follow Andy Sernovitz on Twitter)

We can each bring more power faster to word of mouth marketing. Marketing is NOT evil when it is honest and ethical. It is only evil when it is deceptive and only benefits the already wealthy.

Bloggers are especially important to making sure that small businesses thrive and we need to take action NOW while we still have small and online businesses to support!

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Most ecommerce and online businesses receive 60-90% of all their traffic and sales from one search engine that has publicly announced their intention to focus on brands to “clean up” the Internet.

Any traffic not directly attributable to that search engine is likely to also have been found using that search engine.

We must preserve our ability to find the businesses, products and services we want to use and a great way to do that is to start supporting them with our spending and by recommending them.

It wouldn’t hurt to use a different search engine too. DuckDuckGo is my favorite search engine and I hope you’ll try it out because their results are cleaner and every site I can find in you know where has been in theirs (and yes, I do test that regularly).


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If you own or work for a business, you MUST learn how to market it. The survival of your business will depend on it.  You do not have to have money to spend and anyone can get free advice on what works and what doesn’t right here.

We are continually working and testing new methods especially for businesses like the Florida Millwork company Good Millwork hard hit by the economy such as those in the home improvement, construction and real estate niche. If we can make it work for them it can work for any business.




How little does the dollar buy and how high are expenses already? I will add links here to real people who are challenged to make ends meet.

  • What if you can’t make ends meet on $25/hour, make too much to get assistance, and then lose your job? Angie Marion titled that post Her Fall From Grace but this is NOT her fault and not a fall. It is where the sliding dollar is going to land everyone who doesn’t have a new plan and soon. Read this post and the information in Support Small Businesses. If you have computer skills contact me and I will share how you can earn a good living online by providing services to small businesses including getting them Local Search Directory listings, Blogging for their businesses and using Article and Social Media Marketing to drive more traffic to their sites. I will teach those who are interested and send them referrals.


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