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This is a guest post from Saif Ullah who is the marketing manager for the new Windows Movie Maker EZVID.

Although the death of the Windows platform has been widely predicted, in fact Windows is as strong as ever, with literally hundreds of millions of users around the world.

The single best thing about Windows (7, XP, Vista) is the massive breadth of software that is available, much of it Windows freeware. Here I’m going to discuss five pieces of free windows software which I consider to be indispensable.


1. Ezvid

I put Ezvid first because it isn’t extremely well known, and yet simultaneously solves a lot of problems at once. Billed as a “free video and slideshow creator”, Ezvid really works best as a presentation maker that can take the place of Powerpoint. It very quickly makes great looking informational videos for YouTube.

ezvid screenshot

ezvid screenshot

You can import video, still images, and text – all without leaving the main interface – and all with a click of a button. You can also make videos and slideshows of all kinds.

It is extremely easy to use and integrates seamlessly with YouTube… the upload functionality is extremely slick – you can watch as your video is created and the user feedback is great. And it’s totally free!

2.    Libreoffice Productivity Suite (alternative to MS Office)


LibreOffice is a nerd-friendly productivity package which is intended to replace MS Office – and pretty much does. Calc does the spreadsheet, Writer does Word, Impress does Powerpoint, and etc.

Actually buying MS Office is out of range for a lot of us, and Libreoffice will pretty much do EVERYTHING that MS Office will do (unless you need complex plugins which are written only for MS Office.)  I would definitely download this and have it installed on any new Windows machine.

[ Note from GrowMap: I have received a tip from a reader who says, “Not sure clamwin was a good choice. I’ve had to disinfect machines ‘protected’ by that. What about windirstat? ( an oldy but still one of the best for managing the hard drive space intuitively.” – THIS is why I encourage interaction and collaboration – so that my readers and collaborators get the benefit of the collective experience of all.]

3. Clamwin Antivirus

Free anti-virus for Windows

Actually, I hate antivirus programs. Why?  Because once you have them installed, they can really slow down your computer – in fact, they can tend to slow down your computer more than an actual virus would!

But there’s not really any alternative – the only way for an antivirus to do its work is to actually continually scan your computer, and this uses a lot of processor power. My suggestion is this – use a more “simple” antivirus like Clamwin, and only do occasional, manual scans of your computer. Don’t leave it running all the time. It’s not 100% protection, but it at least it won’t slow your system to a complete standstill.

4.    YouTube Downloader

It’s an open secret – nobody wants to pay for media or music anymore, and YouTube lets you access content for free. Google makes money, and artists and musicians just cry 😉  But seriously, just YouTube is not good enough because once you find what you on YouTube, to get it on your computer is not easy at all.


YouTube Downloader allows you to download FLV files from YouTube and then convert them into whatever u want – and hint – u can actually use these files to make new videos for YouTube – see #1 above, Ezvid…

VLC Media Player5.    VLC Media Player

Pretty much the only media player you will need, for all kind of videos files you might have “borrowed” from the Internet. Totally free, open source – almost nothing more to say. Oh yeah, cool logo!

There you have it – my favorite five free Windows applications.

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  1. i love YouTube downloader because it’s very useful software for downloading YouTube videos.It’s very easy to use thanks for sharing a great post.
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  2. A very nice article. I also have an article based on the best Free software’s for PCB design. Hope you like it. It talks about the PCB design softwares for laying out the PCB’s on platforms like Windows and Linux.
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  3. Any recommended antivirus programs for Macintosh? A free antivirus will be good.
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  4. Hello there!

    I used only the last 2 Softwares because these are the most essential for me. Specially You tube downloader. According to you, which is the best software for video making? I’m currently using Movie Maker & now i wants to use another software. So is there any other software for this task?

    Thanks Regards,
    Nikita Arora
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  5. first of all thanks for sharing such nice article….I personally think that VLC is the best video player comparatively any other software…but I had some bad experience with Youtube downloader thats why i dont like youtube downloader rather i will prefer for downloading youtube videos…….

  6. Great Collection of all these software, but i like VLC and youtube video downloader. i like and watch many videos or movies and using youtube video downloader software.

    Abhishek would love you to read ..IPL 2014 TicketsMy Profile

  7. Sebin Thomas says:

    Great share bro, Include more freeware softwares. I downloaded and created a youtube video using Ezvid. But I can’t monetize the video created using this software. It showing copyrighted music.
    Sebin Thomas would love you to read ..Lenovo Essential G500 Review (Pros & Cons)My Profile

  8. Thank you for good post, I also like use VLC Player and i more like use king office than libre office.

  9. I like VLC media player. I always use this for watching movies.

  10. Great apps on here VLC is one of my favourites and a must for any PC owner. Thanks for the You Tube downloader – that’s real useful – especially if you have a poor internet connection for streaming them videos.

  11. creativementor says:

    These all freeware tools are widely used by many people day to day. I love to use VLC media player to listen songs and watching videos.

  12. Mark Jordan says:

    Thanks for the introducing to the concept of deep links. I learn a little more about WINDOWS and appreciate every tidbit of information. Moving forward I’ll keep the idea of deep link building in mind.

  13. Smith jhone says:

    All Best My suggestion is this – use a more “simple” antivirus like Clamwin, and only do occasional, manual scans of your computer. Don’t leave it running all the time. It’s not 100% protection, but it at least it won’t slow your system to a complete standstill.

  14. Som Gupta says:

    Freeware Software is very helpfull in comuter in use, youtube downloader is relly Awesum tool.

  15. Mark Jordan says:

    Awesome post. I think that new youtube downloader is simply awesome and it has many features to try out.

  16. VLC media player is great and plays lots of things other media players don’t. The people who make it, VideoLAN , are currently in the process of creating a free video editing program called Movie Creator. Can’t wait for that to be finished.
    Richard Clegg would love you to read ..Considerations when buying iPhone insuranceMy Profile

  17. Seo Amritsar says:

    Hi Saif Ullah,

    Amazing blog. Thanks for introducing such a useful window software’s which our most popular nowdays. Ezvid is one of them which simultaneously solves a lot of problems at once. I’ve already worked on this software before which help me to makes some great looking informational videos for YouTube. It’s easy to use can also make videos and slideshows of all kinds. Thanks for highlighting this software.

  18. Hi, I want to have a program that i can use to edit videos. What should i get? Please help!

  19. VLC media player is my favorite video/music player, it can read more a lot of formats and the thing I love, you can set the volume at 200%, really useful if the sound of the video or music is very low

  20. Thanks for the information I have been only using you tube downloader will surely other great freeware
    praneet would love you to read ..CNN to buy Social technology blog MashableMy Profile

  21. I love this blog it was amazing and youtube downloader is relly awesum tool.
    Thanks for sharing keep it up.

  22. Freeware software is very helpfull in comuter in use, Without utitly software computer is dead,
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  23. AKM Borhanice says:

    I quite agree with you . I use some other soft like
    1. MS Office,
    2 Firefox/crome ,
    3 Kaspersky .
    4.IDM (Internet download manager)
    5. And I only agree at this Point . VLC is the best media player ever made .
    AKM Borhanice would love you to read ..Sangsad TVMy Profile

  24. It seems like there is a lot more freeware for windows out there than years ago. The internet probably helped contribute to that quite a bit. I need to spend more time with Ezvid. The LibreOffice Suite looks appealing too though. MS wants a little more for their Word Suite than I would like to spend, and it’s always nice to find an alternative to the big companies like MS.

  25. youtube downloader has been a great tool for me when it comes to my work about video production. And ideally I had to download videos from youtube and start to edit them especially those well done videos that have great effects. And also VLC is such a dynamic player of both audio and video. It plays almost all kinds of movie and audio format or file extension.

  26. I love VLC Player! Been using it for years now. YouTube downloader is a great concept but there are several other alternatives that that are able to perform the same tasks. I use Free Youtube to mp3 converter form dvdvideo its great at converting files to whatever format you need. I haven’t used your other suggestions but I look forward to checking it out.

  27. I’ve used Ezvid for a while now! I love it, it’s one of the better video creators out there!

  28. I love Freewares and also this article…

  29. private server says:

    I had never heard of ezvid, although I have been looking for a good one for quite some time, I will definitely have to check this out.

  30. Nice software told by you but the best software is YouTube downloader and Vlc media player

  31. This is a huge list of free software that can u install from internet.vlc player in my favourite media player,because it support all type of video format.

  32. Great list of window freeware. VLC media player is awesome.
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  33. Interesting blog…even more interesting comments! I think I gained as much info from the comments as your very informative article. Thanks for sharing everybody!

  34. Great info on the VLC Media Player. I am immediately going to check it out.
    I use Viper for my antivirus. I agree they all slow down your computer. But I guess it is a necessary evil.

  35. Thasariya says:

    I am using YouTube Download to download amazing videos to my computer. I will try remaining 4 Software which are freewares.

  36. I certainly like the look of EZVid as I’ve been looking into creating some video content myself, so I’ll be downloading and trying that out, when it comes to downloading content from YouTube, I use a chrome extension to add a button on YouTube.
    Karen would love you to read ..Titanic 3D – Blazing Minds Film Review #ApolloRhylFilmReviewerMy Profile

  37. I never heard of Clamwin Antivirus before. I agree with your points about antivirus softwares consuming too much resources. I’m using McAfee and I just hate how slow it makes my computer sometimes – especially during start ups. I guess I should try Clamwin for a bit after my current McAfee license expires. Also, personally, I’d recommend using a software like keyscrambler along with it just to be safe from keyloggers and stuff.
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  38. VLC Media Player is king. It plays most if not all of my videos that I have downloaded. Best video player ever.

  39. Andrea Hypno

    I’ve dowloaded Ezvid but haven’t used yet. Btw why WOT considers the website not reliable?
    I’m using VLC, Open Office instead of Libra Office and Avast instead of Clamwin, never knew about YouTube Downloader but it’s pretty interesting.

    All in all a good list of free softwares. :)

    Happy Easter!

  40. Jessica Palson says:

    I love VLC. That’s one of the first programs i download when i have a fresh install.

    I prefer Malwarebytes as an anti virus. It’s free as well and it’s really capable

  41. Thank you! I will now be using Ezvid for my video making… I’ve been looking for something like this.

    Now I need a program that can capture and record Skype video calls…

    Ryan H.
    Ryan Hanley would love you to read ..Content Creation Curation – Social Media RoundUp – Week 11My Profile

  42. Billige Parfumer says:

    Awsome.. Im going to download Ezvid straight away. Look forward to try it.

    Billige Parfumer would love you to read ..Forhandlere af parfumerMy Profile

  43. Thanks Mr. Saif Ullah. For Providing these Five Free Software Of Window, i really like all of these software but now i will use only one of these that is Clamwin Antivirus because my system contains lot of affected files, so really thanks for providing these softwares…….

  44. Get Free Templates says:

    I agree with you that it’ s a pity that it’s not easy for us to download videos from YouTube. And I visit this resource almost every day, because there is so much useful and interesting video
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  46. Nice list of window freeware. VLC media player is my favorite. I am using Internet download manager to download YouTube videos on my PC.

  47. Live Cricket Streaming says:

    Thanks Mr. Saif Ullah. For Providing Us This Five Free Software Of Window I Live More 2 software Which Is 1 Ezvid Which Help Us. To make video i love it’s feature and second one is Clamwin Antivirus i have also an Antivirus Which slow my system speed and i hope it’s help my system to protected and not make any harm to my system.

    Thanks for sharing this 5 Free Software

    • You are always welcome sir,

      I have given this post so that if some one wants to go for free software which are really worthy then they can have a look on these software.

      Yes there is no doubt that Ezvid is one of the awesome software i have ever used. It allows to create videos and movies free of cost.
      Clamwin Antivirus is not much popular but it is still worth a lot.



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