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My regular readers may or may not have noticed that I finally added a Hire Me Tab to GrowMap. This is something that every blogger who has services to offer – and that would be more of us than you might first suspect (read on) – should have a page dedicated to any skills they have developed that they wish to use to benefit others.

Kiesha wrote a blog post last January on how to market your services that provides tips on how to create your page and what other steps to take to improve your blog and maximize your potential for generating paid work. I used her tips to make sure I didn’t forget anything on my own Hire GrowMap page.

If you don’t share what you have to offer, your readers will never know they could have hired you. Even more importantly, when you publicly post what kind of work you’re interested in your social media savvy blogging collaborators will know what kind of inquiries to send your way and when to recommend you.

I can already hear some bloggers feeling “funny” about posting price rates and services, so to further persuade you (and to serve as examples to use when writing your own page), here are some of the Hire Me pages created by respected and admired bloggers:

  • NEW: Kristi Hines ~ @Kikolani ~ one of the most popular bloggers we know and love and a very close collaborator of mine announced Oct 31, 2011 that she is now accepting work as a Freelance Writer and Online Marketing Consultant.
  • Michelle Mangen ~ @mmangen ~ Michelle (with two ls) offers Virtual Assistant Services of all kinds including virtual bookkeeping, creating Excel spreadsheets, social media management and admin tasks. She has many exceptional recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • Michele Welch ~ @NewBizBlogger ~ Michele (with one l) offers Online Business Training and WordPress Installations.
  • Ana Hoffman ~ @WebTrafficCafe ~ Ana offers consulting covering EVERYTHING online including Blog Audits, Product Reviews and Online Marketing and Business Blog Consulting,
  • Donna Fontenot ~ @DonnaFontenot ~ Donna has separate sites for her eBusiness Coaching and WordPress installation services and links to them from her primary blog.
  • Donna Anderson ~ @SheWritesALot ~ This Donna is a freelance writer offering her skills to businesses, online newspapers, and other bloggers.
  • Kiesha ~ @krenee76 and @WeBlogBetter ~ Blog Setup, Copy-writing, Editing and Blog Consulting Services
  • Char Polanosky ~ @charpolanosky ~ WordPress customization and Social Media Strategy
  • Corinne Edwards ~ @miraclady ~ Media Coach (Corinne teaches how to be interviewed by the media – NOT coaching on how to use Social Media)
  • Irene Koehler ~ @IreneKoehler ~ LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Neal Schaffer – @NeilSchaffer ~ Contact Neal about his Social Media Workshops or consider him for your next  Social Media Keynote Speakers gig.
  • Marshall Sponder ~ @WebMetricsGuru ~ No one I’ve seen knows more about Social Media Analytics, Monitoring and Measuring Solutions than Marshall. Check out his new Social Media Analytics Book.

Most businesses needing bloggers may never to think to just
ask those who contribute on the blogs they read most.

YOU have to make it OBVIOUS when you are interested in offering blog outreach services or becoming a paid or regular contributor on other blogs.

If all of these bloggers share what they do, why shouldn’t you? I encourage you to get your information published – and soon.

P.S. It is best to put specific prices on your services. For reasons WHY read my post on How to Get More Freelancing Work.

P.P.S. Did I forget to include your hire me page OR did I link to you and you would prefer different anchor text? Just let me know and I’ll edit this post.
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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. iPhone App Development says:

    Really excellent suggestion. I also believe in putting Hire Me tab on the website. This helps a lot. If any readers/visitors really in need of hiring to meet their job and a website containing Hire Me tab seems useful to them, so, their job of searching anyone becomes easy. I really like this concept. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, I’m Jamie – Director of Outreach at Scripted.com – for writers, we have a ton of paid work at the moment. For content buyers, we have flat-rate purchase options for blog posts, tweets, and other types of content! We hope you give our service a shot – feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions at jamie@scripted.com.

  3. John Allen says:

    Well it gives the distinct idea that you actually want to be hired. Having a contact page is well and good but having a “hire me” page is just more effective because it sends the message immediately of our purpose. People want a direct message, it sure does give that impression.

  4. I think the hire me button for me is just as practical as anyone can think of. Let us just be honest that this is the part of our site that we also wanted to be noticed by the people who visits and notice our site. For me this is a very good topic to raise which is you will only see a few sites who doesn’t have this option.

  5. IvanWalsh says:

    Makes sense, Gail,

    Don’t know why bloggers are so shy about highlighting their skills.

    IvanWalsh would love you to read ..Aweber v MailChimp – which is best value for money?My Profile

  6. I don’t understand that this isn’t standard procedure. Luckily we have Gail to wake up the sleepy children in the back of the class.

    Many people have trouble with setting a price and displaying it, but if you don’t show your price then people might assume you are out of their price range, or they believe that getting someone else to do it is expensive anyway. So when they see your price they can either be pleasantly surprised or they think it’s too expensive and they wont bother you with it.
    If you don’t display a price then the people who assume high prices or don’t know might move on. And you might still get a lot of emails from people who, after you invest time and tell them the price, find it too expensive.
    So it is more efficient to put the price on your site for all to see.
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  7. What a great idea for bloggers, and an awesome way for promotion of what you do.

  8. This is a great idea, assuming you have the time and resources. I know I’ve been to a lot of sites and thought, “I wish I could have a site like this.” I doubt I’m alone here.

  9. This is new to me. I’ve seen bloggers selling advertising space, but never seen one with a button to hire him. Till now. Great job on staying ahead of times.
    Martin would love you to read ..Q: What are the Drug Tests required for a CDL Driver?My Profile

  10. This is an amazing way of inviting opportunities, wonder why didn’t I think of it before. For a very long time I have been providing content for free and was trying to earn some money out of it. Hobby can also make you earn well after all. I guess this hire me tab is a great tool and I would employ it right away. Thank you so much!

  11. Hi Gail,
    Thanks a lot for this informative post on why having a services page is important for a blogger. I too have been thinking of adding a service page to my blog and the pages that you have link too are quite helpful and will act as an example when I will be creating my pages.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shiva would love you to read ..Kolakube Skins Offering 10 DiscountMy Profile

  12. this makes a lot of sense. i think you are right, just knowing that your services are available can go a long way, especially if your blog has a decent sized following.

  13. That’s a great tip for bloggers. I will place a hire me tab when I started getting a reasonable traffic to my new blog.
    Aaron would love you to read ..Coupon MomMy Profile

  14. I couldn’t agree more. Putting yourself out there is one of the best ways to find new clients. If you’re shy you can end up coming into close contact with potential clients without even realising it. By telling them what you do and how you do it, you’re letting them know what you are capable of. That’s certainly good for business.
    Allison would love you to read ..Make sure you stand out from the competition with a business blogMy Profile

  15. Thanks for including me in your wonderful assortment.

    I do media coaching. Not social media.

    I am thrilled – and appreciative.
    Corinne Edwards would love you to read ..A FIGHTER- A MEDIA COACH AND A BIG THANK YOUMy Profile

  16. This is a very good way of inviting opportunities in the form of prospective clients. We may use our online marketing skill right from home and get hired. This is new and sounds interesting to me. I would try it on my blog and see the response. If favorable, which I am already expecting, I would suggest it to my friends as well. Thank you for this great and simple idea.

  17. good post i didnt even kno that people could hire bloggers sounds like a really sweet job!

  18. This is definitely worth exploring, especially for budding bloggers with marketable skills. The Hire Me Tab could translate to potential additional income streams, and also improve the professional experience of the bloggers.
    Salary Singapore would love you to read ..Salaries in Singapore 2011 GuideMy Profile

  19. UK Business Directory says:

    Hire me tab. I have no idea before reading this post. Now i will also do it on my blog.

  20. Jämför Smslån says:

    Yes! Most bloggers don’t even know that people might want to hire them.
    Jämför Smslån would love you to read ..Skuldfällorna du ska undvikaMy Profile

  21. thanks for this post.. will put a “hire me” on my blog too..
    swooosh would love you to read ..Great reasons I make smiling a habitMy Profile

  22. Gail, timing is everything. I happened upon this post after looking around for you this morning. Kudos on adding the Hire Me page. You’ve been getting after me to do the same thing for awhile. :)

    Now that I’m close to launching my product, I’m going to get that page up as quickly as I can. thanks for all the examples, too!


    Mitchell Allen would love you to read ..Farmer Bears Fruit at Article MarketsMy Profile

  23. Another great idea for bloggers and a great way for businesses to get the word out. I would have thought the return on investemnt would be very high when picking services from the right blogs and if those blogs do not advertise those services then how are businesses to know they are available?

  24. Placing a hire me tab is not that really bad. I think It would be easy for you to get a client and potential client feels comfortable to approach you. Just be very specific of the services that you want to offer. Service rate can also be included. Nothing really bad with that.
    April would love you to read ..Bank Owned Condos In Last Blog Snapped Up By One Buyer!My Profile

  25. Anthony says:

    It was very nice to go through. I appreciate your saying. This will be really very much beneficial. You can get more and more efficient workers and also enlarge your network and it is very necessary to keep these type of offers in a blog. It will also attract bloggers. Thank for sharing.
    Anthony would love you to read ..Making a DIY Chicken Coop – How BigMy Profile

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