Wedding Affiliate Program: Bridaluxe ~ Problems

LATEST: Angela, the new affiliate manager for Bridaluxe has responded to my tweet and has contacted an affiliate I know that has been waiting to hear back from them. I asked her to respond to all affiliates and especially to immediately reply at ABestWeb. It would be wise for Bridaluxe to seek out all complaints published online and respond to them.

When the problems are resolved I will update this post to reflect the current status.

UPDATE: Bridaluxe has changed ownership and is NOT responding to affiliates or paying them. See the ABestWeb forum for additional information about Bridaluxe Ignoring Affiliates.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND joining Bridaluxe any more.
If you have been promoting them you will want to remove their links.

Wedding Affiliate Program

Wedding Affiliate Program

I recently wrote a comment strongly recommending the Bridaluxe Wedding Affiliate Program in reply to this question from JBird85 in the WAHM forum:

“I was looking for different programs for people in the wedding niche and I came across a network called Bridaluxe.
Has anybody here used them, and is it a good (legit ) program?”

Hoping to be helpful, ampris2000, who has an online gaming fun site, replied “just type bridaluxe scam in google and see what shows up”

While it is obvious TO ME that she didn’t mean to imply Bridaluxe was a scam, I was concerned others might not realize she was offering generic advice not specific to them.

I realized what I wrote in my comment is a perfect description to share with my readers about why I recommend Bridaluxe. Here is the comment:

I highly recommend the Bridaluxe niche Wedding Affiliate Program and assure you it is definitely not a scam. It is one of the very best affiliate networks and for any wedding site it is as good as using Commission Junction and ShareASale (considered one of the cleanest affiliate networks) and better for wedding related sites.

You can add one line of javascript code to any site and instantly have a Wedding Store complete with products from all of their merchants (without having to apply to a single one!) – and that store is automatically updated with daily specials.

On top of that Bridaluxe stores will convert better than manually created sites because they have an algorithm that rearranges the products being offered based on what is currently selling best. If something gets media buzz and becomes hot your store will automatically have that product in prime position for maximum sales.

Their stores are far superior to Amazon stores especially in this case. I manage one site that has a Bridaluxe store and am the advisor to another that has an Amazon store. There is no comparison. If you operate in the wedding niche definitely go with Bridaluxe.

Bridaluxe collects your commissions for you and pays you directly the same way Commission Junction and other affiliate networks do. I have never heard a single complaint of them not paying their affiliates on time – and I recommend them regularly in my own blog.

There are a couple of points I forgot to include in that comment. One is that Bridaluxe has the longest cookie duration of any affiliate program I have ever seen. They use 365 day cookies. That makes sense if you consider that many plan weddings over a very long period of time.

They also have tiered commissions that are very beneficial to the affiliates while less so to the merchants in that affiliates are rewarded with higher commissions for combined sales from all merchants. I encourage affiliate publishers to read more about the benefits of joining Bridaluxe.

Both merchants and affiliates should know that Bridaluxe runs a clean affiliate program free of toolbar publishers, parasites, cookie stuffers, coupon scrapers, or any other bad players.

Merchants selling wedding related products should consider Bridaluxe because of their innovative stores that automatically feature hot selling products and their willingness to personally train affiliates for you in their use.

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They can provide instant visibility for merchants on many prominent wedding related sites and dozens if not hundreds of blogs. See details on their merchant wedding affiliate program.

P.S. If JBird85 had any information in their profile they would be linked in this post (and if they let me know I will still do that for them).

Bridaluxe is such a great idea for bloggers that I sincerely hope they will license their solution to create stores for other niche affiliate programs.


These links are reviews of wedding affiliate programs:


How to get started; advice from affiliate marketers:


Advice specifically for merchants:

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  1. Cool! I’ve never heard of a wedding affiliate program before. Thanks for enlightening us about this.

  2. What I can’t understand is why there was a discussion one day only. The comments here are from February 1, the comments ended on abestweb on February 2, and the twitter page was a one day thing.

    So in reality, does this mean that no-one is getting paid? Why did they even bother to do a one day contact and communicate if everything is being left as it was with no payments.

    Plus, hw come noone is continuing to talk aboutit anywhere. Any Ideas?

  3. Kattie you said “What I can’t understand is why there was a discussion one day only. The comments here are from February 1, the comments ended on abestweb on February 2, and the twitter page was a one day thing.

    So in reality, does this mean that no-one is getting paid? Why did they even bother to do a one day contact and communicate if everything is being left as it was with no payments.”

    Kattie, honestly the only reason I haven’t been communicating on Twitter is because I have not had time. I have responded to GrowMap on ABestWeb –

    Feel free to touch base with me!

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for updating affiliates here and especially at ABestWeb. I didn’t want them jumping to conclusions when we didn’t know what the status was. Quiet (no new complaints) usually means progress is being made and people are more patient when they know what is going on.

      You definitely landed in a tough situation and I am glad that the affiliates are being understanding since you are working to rectify the issues. There are challenges to being an affiliate or a merchant and especially a network so being willing to work together is our best chance for success.

      Blogs work a little differently than forums. Here you can just click REPLY under the comment you want to answer and your answer will be put under theirs so you don’t have to quote them. You’ll see what I mean because this comment will be UNDER yours.
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  4. Bridaluxe hasn’t paid some affiliates in months & are not responding to their emails or phone calls. Please see

  5. I had never seen Bridaluxe before this post. It does seem like an amazing way to get a product in front of brides.
    Eric would love you to read ..Best Chicago Wedding VenuesMy Profile

  6. I’m back again…just signed up for the Bridaluxe affiliate program. I was only on the site for a few minutes granted…but i see that they have an easy to install plugin for wordpress sites. So, you can setup a whole storefront of wedding related products probably in a matter of minutes.

    • Hi Susan,

      I was just made aware that Bridaluxe stopped paying their affiliates and on further investigation see that they have changed ownership and are ignoring all attempts to contact them. I wanted you to know so you could take action.

      I am so sorry that you followed my recommendation and this has happened, but these things do happen and are outside our control.

      As an event planner you will want to get your free advertising in local search directory listings. There is information about that in the post I’ll put in CommentLuv in this reply.
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  7. I have not used that affiliate program. Also try Share A Sale — they have a quite a bit of wedding related products to sell.

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