Website Video Marketing with Social Media ROI: Viewbix Converts Video Views into Measurable Sales

This is a guest post from the hardest working Affiliate Manager I know, Adam Riemer, about a really cool new website video marketing solution called ViewBix. I asked Ileane @BasicBlogTips to create one of her special videos about it so those who prefer watching to reading can see just what it does.

With all of the video marketing and video marketing solutions out there, the one thing that has always been missing was a way to take the video and convert it into measurable sales.

Viewbix takes any YouTube, Vimeo, or other video
and allows you to add a custom skin to it and
clickable calls to action right on the video.

Marketers have tried things like using rich media or flash, but those don’t always work for mobile devices all the time. You could try adding in a url to the video, but that isn’t a real or solid call to action and people won’t always type the url in. Instead they search for a product name. That is why a new tool called Viewbix came out and is catching on so quickly.


Use both affiliate and direct links and add apps to your video including:

  • Photo streams
  • RSS feeds
  • Coupons
  • Skype (you can actually call someone through the video)
  • eBay auctions (just enter your seller ID and your auctions will appear in the video and be clickable)
  • Google Maps to help foot traffic find your store
  • Local weather (so people can prepare for their trip)
  • Many other awesome apps and features.


Viewbix has strategic partners that allow email address collection and newsletter sign ups through the actual video for bloggers as well as a new partnership with Scribd which will help Viewbix customers with online publishing.


Because you can add in clickable calls to action and show videos and images of your products, you can now measure the effectiveness and reach of your video campaigns.

You can actually monitor how many sales come from your videos.

What’s even better is that when you share a Viewbix video on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, all of the apps and functionality stays intact so you can start collecting email addresses and making sales from anyone on these social sites that watches your video.

Share your links and contact info even on sites that don’t usually allow links!


The Viewbix pro accounts come with a full analytics suite that shows you clicks, views, sales and a ton of other data in easy to read charts and graphs.

Finally. You can actually measure your video social media ROI.

Combined with the ability to add calls to action and apps to show off your business, product or service, There is finally a tool out there that gives you the ability to add calls to actions that convert video views into sales you can measure.

Viewbix has a free basic version and scales to pro and even enterprise. Click the image below to sign up and see pricing. They even offer a feature comparison so you can pick the plan that is perfect for you.

Viewbix Pricing

Viewbix Pricing ~ Click this image to SIGN UP and see Feature Comparisons


Did you notice that Ileane used ViewBix to enhance the video in this post? She added a Get Viewbix Call to Action (CTA) that stays at the top right of the video PLUS if you point your mouse and more CTA icons under that pop out links for:

  • A Details page where she – and you – can share whatever is most important to you. Use this to sell your services – or products.
  • RSS feed for her blog – click that icon and you can see titles and excerpts of that blog’s most recent posts and click through to read them.
  • A YouTube icon that goes to Ileane’s YouTube channel – you could use this app to send readers to all your videos OR those related to the one they’re viewing.
  • Her QR code – many now use these as a shortcut to offer more information. If you have a QR code you can include it right on the video.
  • Her @BasicBlogTips Twitter feed where you can see her most recent tweets and click live links that appear in them. [SUGGESTION: Adam and Viewbix - could we get a link in there somehow for someone to actually follow or click through to our  Twitter accounts?]
  • Video Bookmarks – Ileane used these to offer more information about ViewBix and YOU can use them to offer whatever videos you most want to highlight.

These are only a few of the 21 apps currently available and more to come. Scroll back up and check out this video Ileane made so you can see how much more effective using ViewBix can make ALL your videos.

Now if only YouTube would work with ViewBix to make it possible for
us to upload our edited version in the same spot the existing videos are!

That would be a dream come true because you could add call to actions on all your videos and not have to change the embed codes spread across the Internet.

Have questions? Ask them in the comments.
Between Ileane, Adam and myself I know we can
get you answers and additional details right away.

DISCLOSURE: I encouraged Ileane to put her ShareASale ViewBix Affiliate code in the video – but I suspect she didn’t because many are still concerned that using affiliate links make readers suspect their sincerity.

I hope I’m wrong and she did put her affiliate link in the video because I encourage bloggers and any who support small businesses to be ETHICAL affiliate marketers who know it is perfectly fine as long as your intentions are pure.

There is NOTHING wrong with promoting what you
use and believe in on your blogs and across social media!

We can all lead by example and prove that affiliate marketing and supporting small businesses can create a stronger economy, more jobs, and a better standard of living for everyone.

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