Future of Engagement: Viral Video Syndication

Future of Engagement is a new series of video interviews produced by Murray Newlands of Influence People.

In this 6 minute video, Murray interviews Chief Revenue Officer Alex Rowland of Alphabird, recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2011 for their unique Editorial Video Syndication that distributes video content on a pay for performance instead of impressions model.

What Alphabird does for videos is very similar to the blog outreach methods I recommend for small businesses: 

Alphabird guarantees engaged audiences for your video
on premium website publishers and Youtube.

Alphabird creates social engagement by distributing these videos
in-page (NOT in-banner) across premium publishers, portals,
and influential blogs that reach your targeted audience.

The result? Higher levels of engagement with your content,
greater levels of brand recall, and higher offline purchase intent rates.

While I do not yet know whether Alphabird’s services would be suitable for small businesses, the concept is sound and definitely worth pursuing. Bloggers and small businesses can work together to manually do for themselves what Alphabird is doing for big brands.

What I recommend in How to Create and Share SEO Optimized Pillar Content will work equally well with videos.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Even if the video is great if nobody’s watching it, it’s wasted. You need to promote it and distribute it all over the internet for more traffic.

  2. It was the comments that kept me into following this. I hope you keep it up. Such things are ok but not all the time.

  3. Lots of people would rather watch videos than read. Would be worth trying Alphabird .

  4. Great article! I’m going to try some of these sales incentive techniques at the day job. I do have a question though. What happens if the sales rep fails to meet minimum requirements? In a down market, this could happen in many sectors, so should we just mark down the requirements or change the incentives?

  5. Video syndication is a great tool. While there was a time when this work even better, it still has considerable value. At least this has been my experience.

  6. go Viral if you can…it surely helps..i am a fan of Influence People!watch their vids
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  7. Great post! There are numerous websites where you can easily upload your videos by yourself, but there are also video syndication services that can do it all for you. All that you need to get started is a great video and the drive to bring success to your product or website.
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  8. Very inspiring video. Aauthentic engagement is the ultimate way to promote a product or service in an age when most consumers are totally jaded and apathetic and are constantly getting bombarded with passive advertising everywhere they look to the point where these days if the’re not actively engaged, they may as well not be seeing the message at all.
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  9. Pat Hanley says:

    Thank you for sharing the video. I believe video marketing can be a great help for businesses. People’s attention can be caught more by attractive videos rather than by words on the screen. Surely, great videos would drive traffic to the website. By this, businesses can be given advertising opportunity. Great post!
    Pat Hanley would love you to read ..How to Install Google +1 on Volusion Ecommerce StoresMy Profile

    • we’re so into video content right now. Video has a much higher chance of going viral than other forms of advertising, it has to not look like advertising of course, maybe not even contain advertising just lead people to somewhere they can find your message, but there is definitely more scope for a truely engaging message with video.
      Plus of course Google loves video content so there’s a huge SEO advantage to having good quality video content.
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  10. Video marketing is really a help to any small business. Sometimes people would prefer to watch a video clip than to read a paragraph. Thanks a lot to Alphabird for creating such way of engagement. Hope to read more of your post!

  11. Oh I forgot, there are a lot of tools we can use to created videos for our video marketing strategy. I suggest YouTube video creator for search stories as a good tool we can use.!
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  12. Video marketing is a good way of syndication. Many has experience good output from it. But Video Marketing must be done correctly to be effective!
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  13. This is quite interesting. Videos are a great tool to drive traffic to our websites and to promote our businesses. People just need to know how to use it effectively to succeed in his goals.

  14. Thesis Theme says:

    Video marketing is very useful in the field of business. However, they should know how to make a constructive and attractable video for promoting their business to assure that they could get the public’s attention.

  15. There is worth the videos if you spend the time to create a great video. Don’t forget the message you are trying to communicate to your audience. Great topic as this is the new trend and if you can watch it in a video why read it?
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  16. This is an excellent example of the changing times. Today, people would prefer multimedia than just using one of their senses. I think that this company has certainly been a step ahead of the competition and it shows in their performance.

  17. great post. The world has become such a visual place. plus i think people understand your point more if you put it across in a video, body language reveals more than just words on a screen

  18. Toby Hanks says:

    Videos are great and they can intrigue people better.
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  19. I have not yet added any videos to my blogs, simply because I do not know how to professionally shoot and edit them. Video would work so well as a product demo for what I am selling. The world has become such a visual place. You are right on with your post. Do you have any tips to get me going. Much appreciated.

    Dori :)
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  20. Video is becoming more and more popular all over the Internet, I mean social networks and various blogs. And I like this tendency very much,
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  21. It is important to understand video syndication well.It can be the ultimate solution for your business.Thanks for sharing the video.Really praise worthy effort.
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  22. Video blogging will be the new trend in the following years. I’m not a fan though because the author is ruining the feeling i get from the text.
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  23. I totally agree that videos are a much better option for people to understand the point that is being made. In the blog world I think we generally end up using words more than actions when what is said is forgotten faster than what is done. Videos are a much better option than written matter. Keep it up, I hope every blogger takes note and has a healthy mixture of both.

  24. Its rightly said “Picture speaks more than words” . Viral video syndication is one of the ways that totally makes justice to this statement. I think readers are attracted to the video posts more easily. So by using viral video syndication can prove to be of great help for small businesses. It would also not cost them much if they use Alphabird’s services. But atleast they will be assured of getting success.

  25. Video syndication, or Vlogging as its known is certainly the future!…I think people are much more likely to watch a 3 minute video than read four or five paragraphs of text.

    Plus it makes it a lot more likely for people, to share your content across the web!
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  26. That is so true. As an author and business man, I can relate to how you said “Bloggers and small businesses can work together to manually do for themselves what Alphabird is doing for big brands”. I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you!

    [Hello Daniel, I changed your link and added anchor text because GrowMap supports authors but not Amazon’s unethical and unfair practices To choose your own anchor text in the future simple put Your Name @ Anchor Text in the name field in your comments.

    I do review books and will be doing a post on the most useful marketing books. If you would like your book considered contact me to send a digital or physical review copy.]

  27. Viral video syndication is gaining popularity day by day. It has proved to be very effective for the small business owners. Audience’s should be engaged with the videos which are meant for marketing. This will only improve the business efficiently. Alphabird’s services guarantees this I think.

  28. Jimmy Cook says:

    Thanks for sharing, I have been using viral video syndication without even knowing I was doing it. It has been working ok I suppose but Im sure there can be improvements.
    Jimmy Cook would love you to read ..How to get the Best Electronic DealsMy Profile

  29. For some reason I am not a person into words but prefer seeing things. Perhaps my dyslexia is to blame for this. But the audio-visual, really attracts me and I am always ready to read or watch informative stuff. I know many people have a tough time with words and for them, this kind of audio-visual blogs will be like the perfect thing.

  30. What’s in the video is not new, yet it has different approach. I guess videos marketing will also trend this 2012. As it looks for personal on promoting a products rather than plain text and photos.

  31. This is great news for online businesses that engage with video marketing. Alphabird really has something special on its services for Entrepreneur Magazine to mention it on one of their issues. I need to know more about Alex and the things his company does.


  32. I’ve never heard about video syndication before. That video is very informative. Video syndication might be every businessman’s ticket to make their brand more known.

  33. Daniel Wood says:

    Thanks for posting this useful interview video. After Google’s universal search, videos are getting more & more important. Videos are very effective for user engagement. But i have never thought of embedding my videos in page. It really seems to be a effective technique.

  34. Thank you for sharing. Great video on viral syndication. Video is something I know is powerful but I just haven’t put enough time into using it yet, especially in this capacity. I definitely recognize the potential though and this video does a good job of summarizing what it is all about. I’m hoping to use it more in the future.
    Melanie would love you to read ..The 1 Minute Fit: Creating an Effective Employment ApplicationMy Profile

  35. This is not a new concept but does have an original twist to it. Like Mike, I too am wondering whether the bloggers are just spamming comments to make this more effective.

  36. thanku for teaching me about Viral video syndication. am glad to learn that they work directly with the publishers and arent just spamming comments in blogs.

  37. Thank’s for sharing with us these video in this post, At-least I learned about what “viral video syndication”.
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  38. Thanks a lot for sharing this video. By watching this video I learned something about viral video syndication. I’ll apply this short knowledge to improve my small business. Keep it up.

  39. The viral is set to take the blogging world by storm and make it more interesting and fun, I hope. Thanks for this share and the video, was really interesting and helpful. The point made about Alphabird was always a doubt that I had, but now I not only know more about it, but also am more aware of the blogging world and the technology in it.

  40. There are lot of people already tried this one. Youtube is like a database of video because even nonsense video can be post here. Hope Alphabird will not be abuse by Internet users. this is very helpful blog. Thanks a lot!

  41. Toby Hanks says:

    Very valuable informatioal.I have learn some things watching this video.Thanks for sharing :)
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  42. For small businesses this viral video syndication might be effective. As per your post I got to know about Alphabird’s services. I was not aware of their services. But even I think videos would do the job more efficiently. But in the right approach would do wonders. So getting Alphabird services makes a logical decision for getting guaranteed success.

  43. @Growmap So you`re saying this is actually something that might work on a large scale with positive results?…That would be something
    Anna would love you to read ..Weight Watchers Oatmeal Scones recipe – 3 pointsMy Profile

  44. Great share. Am really thrilled that along with great ideas, you are also providing us with useful videos that are a much better option. With all the audio-visuals around us, it is sad but true that we like watching to reading. This has contributed to us having low attention spans as scientist have rightly pointed out, people get distracted easily. But it is also positive, blogs with videos can be accessed by people who are semi-literate and illiterate. They may have problems with reading but can see, hear and thus understand.

  45. Thanks to share a great video with us.i think express your thought in a video is better than words.we should use a video with a good content.

  46. Thanks for sharing the video.Now I know something about Viral video syndication.I have a small business.I want to expose my business in the cloud.I think video syndication will give me desired result.
    john would love you to read ..The best breakup songs that help me get through my dayMy Profile

  47. Roger Jignesh Parekh says:

    Video content is ok, but it depends to whom it’s addressed: employees might not watch videos during work, but they could read articles; you see where I’m getting at?
    Roger Jignesh Parekh would love you to read ..Breville BJE820XL Juicer – Best Juicer 2012 ReviewMy Profile

  48. Well, they say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I guess video is worth a million? However, I wonder to the value of Alphabird. Is it asking bloggers to post the video, or are they just spamming comments? In either case, YouTube has often been forgotten as a business social media platform, so it’s refreshing to see a company working to utilize it.

    • Hi Mike,

      While I have not personally worked with them, what I believe they do is place high quality video content on relevant blogs:

      “Alphabird creates social engagement around online video by distributing in-page (NOT in-banner) across premium publishers, portals, and influential blogs that reach your targeted audience. The result?”

      They work directly with the publishers so they are definitely NOT just spamming comments in blogs.
      growmap would love you to read ..Future of Engagement: Identifying InfluencersMy Profile

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