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In the latest episode of Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands interviews branding expert David Spark (@dspark on Twitter), founder of the custom publishing company Spark Media Solutions which provides custom content marketing services.

David and Murray discuss how content including video content creation works for business. They go beyond creating videos to how to use them to share your content and build relationships through blog outreach, guest blogging, and relationship building using social media.

“To be shared, your content must be valued by your audience
and only then it is truly useful to build your brand.
” ~ David Spark ~


Use your content as the valuable asset it is. Videos, white papers, or any form of articles, posts, ebooks or PDFs becomes highly useful sharing.  Once created, you can instantly send optimized content to:

  • Answer commonly asked questions
  • Provide support
  • Teach or train people in the use of your products or services
  • Transfer skills
  • Prospects by your sales team to overcome commonly expressed objections

“Content is the currency for social media and search…
being traded via social media and visible in search”

David shares that it is “extraordinarily common” for companies to NOT have this valuable content – even when they KNOW what the top reasons are that are losing them sales.

“Whatever your top ten reasons are for losing sales make sure
you have content that supports it as assets for your sales staff.”

Social currency

David also touches on:

  • Identifying and connecting with influencers
  • How to establish relationships with larger sites
  • Guest blogging – and what you can and can’t write about

To learn more about Spark Media Solutions or to contact David Sparks go to sparkmediasolutions.com.

What businesses really need to understand is that if they can afford to do it they should hire someone who already has the connections that will most benefit them and access on major blogs where they can mention and link to you.

Everyone is busy and responding to cold requests from people
you don’t know
are such a low priority that you will
rarely get a response no matter
how well
you can write or great your video content.

When someone known to the site to product only high quality content contacts them on your behalf the answer is often an immediate yes because the site trusts that person.

Among bloggers in my collaborations, we often have standing agreements regarding guest posts that benefit clients and grant author, editor or even admin access to each other so there is no delay in publishing when something is trending that could benefit someone we support.

If you can not afford to hire expert assistance – or you are providing content marketing services – use these posts to guide you:

Keep in mind that it will take you much more time to get results than it would if you could leverage the relationships, talent and experience of others – but you CAN get results. Don’t expect them overnight.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. video adds an extra umppp to your blog…people have something to at other than text

  2. most are going viral nowadays..it’s a good strategy and can do wonders for you

  3. Visuals speaks more than words, video content is becoming more and more important now a days, this post covers the topic very well, thanks for sharing.
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  4. Video content creation is a great way to establish connection with larger sites or players in your niche. Also, it helps you get the attention of your target market.

  5. Certainly agree that there is huge advantages to hiring a team with existing connections. Sadly so many small businesses cannot afford this, but there is still massive rewards for using video. There are more and more examples of this. Love the links posted for those of us attempting to do it ourselves. Cheers.

  6. video creation is so easy that it can be done quite easily, and sharing even far more easier!

  7. Flats For Sale In Indirapuram says:

    Video creation and sharing has become so important nowadays that you simply can’t do without it anymore!

  8. I have learnt a great deal from reading your post ‘Future of Engagement: Video Content Creation’. Coming across your blog could not have happened at a better time because my next project was to create a video to promote my website and I needed to learn more about video marketing.

  9. Video creation and sharing have become so easy and convenient now that anyone can do it so it has become an essential component of online marketing.

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  10. Video play vital role in taking your brand into next level, they became popular and powerful tool in business marketing especially online. As it gains more views, likes the more it gains popularity and traffic. Videos are somewhat entertaining for lots of people so they found it useful and informative source of data. Additionally, nice video interview regards to importance of video content creation.

  11. Video content creation is a no go to a lot of executives and decision makers because it doesn’t have any intrinsic SEO value. It has to be shared and viral to produce results. It doesn’t help that almost all link juice is passed to YouTube (or Vimeo etc.) and you have to use a costly service like Wistia to get the link value. I find that viral videos generally have an element of humor that many companies find conflicts with their company image.

  12. Good tips and questions from David and Murray. Our website has just implemented new videos and we’re looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

  13. I am sure that the future will be of video marketing and more and more bloggars will create videos. Thanks for sharing nice post.
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  14. Videos are one of the missing links that an affiliate or internet marketer has, in terms of creating blog posts. Most people who are viewing the sales or landing page with images and videos are going to play the video first, before they will read the rest of the content. Videos are very attractive, and we should put value to it for gaining good conversions to our campaigns. This is a very nice post, and it helps a lot.


    Dan Lew
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  15. well it is become mandatory for us to use video creation
    As the people are getting influenced by the social marketing it is indeed
    very important to revolutionize our self
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  16. I must have read 30 or more articles in the last month on the importance of video on webpages, blogs and social media pages and I agree completely. On iPads (or similar) and smart phones etc. it is difficult to read loads of text so have a short video will engage those users much better. I think it is this mobile and instant way of accessing content that is driving the importance for video on the web.
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  17. Very informative post. Video content creation has always been an effective way to drive traffic to your website and to promote products or services as well. But just like creating an article, videos must indeed be full of information. An entertaining video could even be more effective, too. :)

  18. Rick Castro says:

    Videos are very important on a website. It enhances the website’s interaction to its viewers! Nice interview too! David Spark has a lot of useful tips. Thanks.

  19. Video content can be used in an enormous number of applications to deliver communications in exciting and memorable ways but let’s not forget to create content that is valuable to the viewer, rather than the old marketing paradigm of companies telling all about themselves. Also, the power of humor is an excellent way to hit the “creative vision”.
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  20. Having videos on a website makes a whole lot of difference especially for keeping visitors on the site longer. Whether it’s videos from youtube or not, videos for marketing, content creation, traffic generation is the way to go these days. Thanks for sharing.
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  25. Creating quality video content is not easier said than done. If you, as a business, are serious about generating top quality video content sometimes its best to consult a professional because if your amateur video looks poor and you’ll leave a bad first impression on your potential clients and that first impression is almost impossible to reverse.

  26. So much of what you say is obvious once you say it. Yet, there is nothing common about common sense. Video marketing is necessary to the serious online blogger. Thanks for the tutorial.
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    • I agree. A lot of this might seem common sense but there are tons of businesses both large and small that still struggle with creating unique content with an established voice.

      Thanks too for this great interview and overview of content creation/curation.

  27. Awesome post and very informative the video Future of Engagement.I think that video creation is important part of online business, it will bring traffic to your site.
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    There is alot of usefull thing in this post and i gained alot from it. Thanks for sharing it.
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    • Hello Asad,

      I suspect that you are a new blogger, so I approved this comment that I would normally delete – and so will most other bloggers – because it does not add to the conversation. When you comment it is important to write something that will be useful to anyone who reads it. For example, you could mention something that was in the video that you did not know before.

      Why do you use your feed link as your URL link? I have never figured out why anyone would want to do that because there is no benefit that I know of to building links to a feed and it is unlikely anyone is going to subscribe to what they know nothing about and can not see first.

      I recommend using a useful link and here that could be any page or post on your blog or site. Some bloggers insist you only use your home page but I do not – in fact I encourage commenters to use a link in the name field that matches the keywords they can use as their anchor text.

      How that works is explained in my post on How to Use KeywordLuv. We use the keywords function in CommentLuv Premium now, but it works exactly the same for leaving comments (and has additional benefits to bloggers who use it).
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  30. Helpful video, one of my target this year is to do a “how to”video tutorial. Also one of the hundred ways to gain traffic is to do a video with good content on it. :)
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  32. The visual effect of what we say and believe has huge importance on how our content will be perceived and the value it will gain by the audience acceptance.

    Great points .

  33. Well using video for me is a bit of a problem not being a native English speaker but using content in a different way is a good advice. Things like using content to create pdf or ebooks is something I will surely keep in mind.
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