TwtPoll: SPAM or NOT SPAM – YOU Decide

Please read the comment I left in Freelance Writer Tammi Kibler‘s blog post and let us know what YOU think of that comment. Does it add to the conversation and offer value OR is it just SPAM? We REALLY want to know what more people think.

Feel free to leave comments about why you feel the way you do in this post. Thank you SO MUCH for your time. We sincerely appreciate your sharing your thoughts on this very important subject.

BONUS: This post Kristi wrote is a perfect primer on Link Building via Commenting.

UPDATE: the new GASP Anti-Spam WordPress plugin has been released and is available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

THIS is the ALTERNATIVE TO AKISMET that provides the SOLUTION to being Flagged as a Spammer! Spread it throughout the blogosphere and your comments will work again.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. this poll is really shows how most or some of us determine if a comment is spam or not.that said i think i belonged to green group..mods have their work cut out for theme:0
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  2. whoa that statistics are neck and neck with each other..for me personally i im into relevant commenting


    That is amazing. The fact it is split close to evenly in all four, and definite yes and nos are even. Shows that it is a toss up.

  4. It’s ok to promote your post if it has something to do with the article. Askimet doesn’t work, it filters legit sites. There are much better anti-spam filters out there!
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  5. Wow, this is really interesting. I had read your post earlier about what Akismet is doing and actually took your advice. Although I do not get as many comments as you…so it is really easy for me to manually approve/disapprove all comments.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this follow up post/experiment. I have to agree with Blue “yes but only if I knew the commentator”. Simply because it sounds like you are over-promoting your blog as opposed to adding value to the post. However, if you have commented on the site before I don’t see anything wrong with recommending one of your own posts.

    I think its funny to see everyone’s opinions as it is pretty much split into equal shares. I guess it is really important to recognize that different blogs/posts require different types of comments…For example if I write a blog post and all I did was make a list of lets say “10 awesome looking websites”, then a simple comment like “wow these are some really awesome sites” seems ok. However, if the post was “Why does Akismet Suck?” then a comment like “Yes Akismet Sucks”, provides no value added.

    Ultimately it is all too case specific, so manually approving and disproving comments will always win.
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  6. Kristi and John have pretty much nailed the issues in their first comments above. Links in comments are a tricky option to take for a commenter because most of the links within comments a blog owner sees are blatant spam. Your comment under question Gail I personally wouldn’t consider spam if it linked to a valid post in a related topic that was well written and informative. But there is still a fine line sometimes between informative links and spammy self promotion – and many blog owners don’t take the time to differentiate.
    .-= Rusty@Best Family Tents´s featured blog ..A Camping We We Will Go – A Family Tent Review with Lots of Bite =-.

    • Hi Rusty,

      You can see the actual post I linked to if you wish. It is a blog post about how business card holders can be used in the same way her post recommended using business cards. I felt it was very related, but I have a wider, longer view than many do.

      I left that comment as GrowMap and not as ExecGifts because she had been here to comment and would know me. I now realize that I feel I “know” someone online more quickly than some other bloggers may consider “knowing”.
      .-= Gail @ Support Bloggers´s featured blog ..Word of Mouth Marketing =-.

  7. Hi Gail,
    Good discussion and post.
    I would have to say it depends…
    The only comment that I think EVERY BLOGGER would agree is not spam would be one that is interesting and adds value, has a name instead of keywords, and doesn’t link at all (not even the name). But if there is no link, there is no value in it for the commenter, other than speaking his or her mind. Once you put a link in it, some bloggers might consider it “spam” (if the link helps the commenter in any way at all). Unfortunately, real spammers cast a shadow on all commenters…
    Anyway, again, great discussion. Steve
    PS. I personally would never consider you, a friend of the trade show guru, a spammer. :)
    .-= Steve´s featured blog ..What Are Memorable Trade Show Displays =-.

    • It is lovely to have a comment from you Steve. I am not totally sure that some bloggers would not actually flag even an interesting comment with no links or keywords in it as spam.

      Not all bloggers understand the motivation behind commenting, link-building and that connection to spam so they would not necessarily realize that if there is no link there is little incentive to spam.

      I bet if we set up a test that some percentage of even those link-free keyword-free test comments would be deleted and some even reported as spam.

      I smile every time I think of my “friend of the Trade Show Guru exception.

      How’s the Trade Show Displays business holding up in this economy? Is it experiencing a boom (because businesses are getting more aggressive at promoting as their business declines) or going downhill because the economy is scaring many potential clients into catalepsy.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..We Need INDEPENDENT Open Source Alternatives =-.

  8. One a related note, I tried to comment on a ComLuv enabled blog and got the following error message:

    Your comment has been blocked because the blog owner has set their spam filter to not allow comments from users behind proxies.

    If you are a regular commenter or you feel that your comment should not have been blocked, please contact the blog owner and ask them to modify this setting.

    Now, I do not think I am using a proxy. I wouldn’t know how to set one up to save my soul, so if I am, it is inadvertent. What is the deal? Anybody know?
    .-= Stephanie Suesan Smith @ gardening´s featured blog ..When the Mockingbird Sings =-.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I tested that blog for the presence of the WPSpamFree plugin and it DOES use it. Kristi believes there is a setting in that plugin that blocks comments from Internet users who are using proxies.

      In your case, your HughesNet Satellite connection is the cause. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use proxy servers and there users would not necessarily know that.

      Bloggers who configure WP-SpamFree to use that blocking feature are also blocking many innocent potential commentators including those on HughesNet and probably at least some of those on Earthlink and AOL among others.

      Anyone who gets that message and does not know how to use a proxy server is probably connecting to the Internet through a service that configures proxie servers for you.

      I am glad your HughesNet experience has not been as bad as mine. I encourage anyone considering using satellite Internet including HughesNet or WildBlue to search more diligently for alternatives.

      My post about HughesNet Complaints includes why they are a very bad choice for serious Internet users and links to search for potential alternatives.

      Having had every type of Internet connection available, point to point Wireless through an independent WISP is the very best type of Internet access short of being directly on a T-1 line.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv Community =-.

  9. every people have their own thought.. as long as we make the comment box is to “comment” i dont think is spamming if we add a little improvement. but still, back to my first sentence. every people have their own thought..
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    • Welcome Mokhamad,

      Here as long as a commentator makes an effort and does not link to anything illegal or illicit their comments are welcome. I even email spammer to explain why what they’re doing will not work and offering to publish their quality comments if they will come back and write from the heart.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One Place =-.

      • That is an interesting approach Gail. have you had much of a response from spammers positively or negatively?
        .-= Chris@Square Foot Garden´s featured blog ..Enjoy a Healthy Summer Treat- Our Chai Tea Shake Recipe =-.

        • Hi Chris,

          Most spammers who know they’re spammers use phony email addresses but if they are commenting for a legitimate business I do try to contact that business to explain why what they are doing is a bad idea and how to do commenting better.

          As you can see from this post, there is a definite divide in acceptance of businesses commenting in blogs even in CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs.

          I also sometimes correct grammar and English for those commentators who are making a true effort to comment for businesses in the right manner.

          I have not received any negative responses (although that is certainly a possibility). I usually receive no response at all but that does not mean that my message did not get heard.

          I have had very positive feedback from commentators whose comments I corrected or for whom I had added anchor text links for their benefit.

          I love gardening and just wrote a post recommending it strongly. (That post is the one in CommentLuv in this reply.)

          I would love to collaborate with you on a new blog I’ll be launching and know of a couple of other bloggers you might want to interact with whose blogs are related to yours.
          .-= Gail @ Support Small Businesses´s featured blog ..What Caused the Great Depression is NOW =-.

  10. Nice pie graph you have here. The percent of the content that you value the most and the one that you consider a spam is the same. As a personal suggestion, I think that other blog owners should do the graphs like what you have made. This will hastens the individual to make their comments relevant.

  11. I would say that the comment is ok, but there is still room for improvement. For example: Maybe more of the post could be discussed or commented upon.

    Maybe more of your opinion on Business Cards could be given in the comment. And then sure after a paragraph or two, you could refer to your blog.

    Just my 2 cents.


    • Hello Nabeel,

      Thank you for sharing your suggestions. I agree that there is always room for improvement and I will take what you have written to heart.

      I feel for the people who invest their time in commenting to regularly be rebuffed and flagged as spammers no matter how much time, effort and wisdom they put into their comments. I am very glad that is not something I have to do regularly.

      My hope is that my readers will begin to more often put themselves in the shoes of another to consider what their true motives are and how they would want to be treated if they were on the other side of each issue.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..How to Build a Successful Blog Based Business =-.

  12. The majority of spam comments on my site are obviously spam. To me this comment was on topic and making an attempt to be a helpful part of a conservation. I personally would have no problem with.
    .-= Tracy´s featured blog ..It’s Funky- Freaky Friday- Fashion’s Oddest Finds- Right Here- =-.

  13. It will depends on the blog owner, I also agree with those nice guys commented above.. If I know you then will approve it, if not.. then I will have to think about it.. probably I will remove the link unless it add value and so much related to the topic!!
    .-= Hesham´s featured blog ..The Biggest Blog Commenting Folder in the History of Blogging =-.

  14. Thank you John,

    That is how Kristi and many others we know see it; however, that view has obviously not spread to the majority of bloggers. I am hopeful that raising awareness on how bloggers can improve our economy and build a better world by supporting small businesses and bloggers making a living online.
    .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Support Small Businesses =-.

  15. Thank you so much Kristi,

    As I mentioned in my reply to Murray, you have more experience using link building best practices than anyone I know. As usual, your thoughts on this type of comment are the same as mine.

    I would never have left a comment like that in a blog where the blogger did not know me and it truly never dawned on me as I was typing it that Tammi would find it objectionable or think I was taking advantage of her in any way.

    I am so glad she shared her thoughts on this very important subject because there are many who feel the same way she does. It is very valuable for people like me who work with and advise businesses to know how bloggers feel about our comments.
    .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One Place =-.

    • I meant to mention that CommentLuv users now have an excellent way to be very active commentators without taking the risk of offending bloggers who hate links in comments or keywords in the name field (which is true even in many blogs that have installed keywordluv!).

      Andy has added what he calls CommentLuv Default Links and I would call anchor text links so that any of us can choose our favorite posts and what text we use with them.

      There are two major ways to use them:

      1) You can link to the words that best describe what your favorite posts or pages are about. For example, I have one you can see just above that says Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One Place.

      2) You can put a keyword phrase that is important to you in that link which allows you to create an anchor text link in an inobtrusive manner. For example, for Good Millwork we have links set up for mahogany moldings, exterior shutters and many other products they offer.

      You do have to spend a few dollars to set these up. (The cost is currently $4 per link per year) but they make commenting with the post that best fits any blog faster and easier.

      I often set up a new link just to feature a specific post that answers a question asked in a blog post. The setup is almost immediate so I can create the default link and use it while I’m writing the comment and it is available before I’m done.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..How CommentLuv Grows Businesses and Blogs =-.

  16. I’m under the impression the poll is in relation to Tammi’s comment correct and the main item is the link within the comment (minus CommentLuv).

    I have two arguments on it, one personal and one logical.


    Tammi comments on my blog and follows me on Twitter. I actually talk to her quite often on Twitter and she always leaves amazing comments in comparison to others. I can vouch that every comment she makes is sincere and not meant in a way to spam.


    From the logical side, I think its actually one of the best best examples of a comment which nearly none utilize. You see, Tammi wrote a post in which you commented on within the same fashion (internal link) which from someone stumbling onto the post may come across as spammy. However, it added to the discussion on Tammi’s blog, then she followed suit by doing it on yours. It bridged multiple posts into a coherent discussion.

    In end:

    It depends on the individual blog owner. For me, I would love to have posts that did the same. Sure CommentLuv is installed but the intent of the interlinking was to exemplify your comment and so it came full circle.

    There’s a fine balance between the dialog you’re having with an avid reader and someone fresh that may think it’s a form of spam.

    Just my opinion.
    .-= Murlu´s featured blog ..20 Unexpected Benefits Of Working From Home =-.

    • Thank you Murray,

      Just to clarify, my intention was to ask how everyone feels about the comment that I left in her blog. I have added text above the poll clarifying that.

      I left the comment in her blog because we had been interacting online, she had commented in mine. I also reviewed her post at StumbleUpon and sent it to Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed.

      Murlu, you and I think a lot alike on this issue, but I think we are the minority (hence this poll to find out).

      If I am interpreting her comment in my Akismet post correctly, Tammi is one of the many bloggers who believe what I wrote in the comment in her blog is definitely spam.

      The discussions that have come out of my Akismet post and her input prompted me to do this poll. I was not aware that a blogger who had interacted with me would feel that way about that comment, but then I do not comment in that manner on a regular basis.

      I encourage everyone to read Kristi’s comment in this post (just below this one) and what she wrote at Search Engine Journal. Much of Kristi’s job at Vertical Measures is Link Building for Businesses so Kristi has far more experience and insight into this topic than anyone else I know.

      Murray – you’re my kind of people and we have a private collaboration implementing very advanced strategies aligned with your goals. I’d love to share more about it with you in case you would like to join us.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Affiliate Tips Tuesday- How to Deep Link ShareASale =-.

      • Tammi Kibler says:


        In response to “If I am interpreting her comment in my Akismet post correctly, Tammi is one of the many bloggers who believe what I wrote in the comment in her blog is definitely spam.”

        You did not interpret my comment correctly. I said, “You will do your customers a great service if you direct them to the comment you left on my blog and point out that this sort of advertisement annoys many blog owners and can get an IP blacklisted in Akismet when a blog owner chooses to mark it as spam.”

        Nowhere did I say I am one of those blog owners. Nowhere have I marked any comment you made as spam, nor any one similar to it left by anyone else. My experience in my statement comes from being on the receiving end of this treatment. If I can help new webmasters avoid that fate, I will.

        You are publicizing my name in association with negative assumptions you make about me when you know it is true that “this sort of advertisement annoys many blog owners and can get an IP blacklisted in Akismet when a blog owner chooses to mark it as spam.” I mean, that is the crux of your issue with Akismet isn’t it?

        I wonder, if this was all about whether or not your comment on my blog was or was not spam, why didn’t you just conduct a poll about your comment instead of showing my comment, face, and name?

        I feel you have deliberately misinterpreted my written words to fan the flames of your Akismet argument and drive more traffic to your post. I respectfully request you leave me out of your personal war. My comment stands as a true statement. All the assumptions you made about my decisions as an Akismet user, beyond the words I wrote, are your own.

        I don’t want to discuss this further, Gail. I feel harassed. I really don’t know how you reconcile this Twitter poll with your Urgent note at the top of your Akismet post.

        I am sorry I commented on your blog. I am sorry I ever went there at all and promise I will not again. Delete my comment if you find it so offensive.


        Tammi Kibler
        .-= Tammi Kibler´s featured blog ..Writing Career- Find a Path- Beat It into Submission =-.

        • Hi Tammi,

          You are correct. You called my comment “an advertisement” rather than spam. I should have been more accurate about what I said.

          I honestly did not realize anyone would think that comment was an advertisement which I equate as spam (because many comments do NOT refer to the post they are left in at all – they only talk about whatever site they are from).

          I know that you did not flag it as spam. I sincerely do want to better understand how you and possibly others see comments like that one because it would not have occurred to me that a comment like that would be objectionable to anyone. If it did I would not have left it.

          I do not consider our discussion about this negative in any way. I thank you sincerely for making me aware that comment was objectionable to you and therefore most likely to other bloggers as well.

          The crux of the issue with Akismet is not what is spam – it is that many are being censored – INCLUDING YOU. Do you realize your comments are going directly into spam and being deleted in some blogs?

          Tammi, I did not intentionally misinterpret what you said and I do apologize for not being more accurate in what I wrote. You never said my comment was spam; you said it sounded like an advertisement – and most likely others feel the same way. I am indebted to you.

          I linked to your site to send readers there because I like your blog and by giving you the first (some feel most important) link on the page and using anchor text that would benefit your services, my intention was to support your site.

          I asked your opinion because I truly wanted it. I am at a loss to know the best way to remedy this situation which is certainly not what I intended at all.

          If you prefer that I not link to you nor mention you I can anonymize this post, remove the link and all references to you or your blog. Just let me know (privately if you prefer by DM or using the information on my contact tab.

          My apologies for this misunderstanding.

          .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Akismet Deletes Comments Bloggers NEVER SEE- =-.

  17. Hi Gail, wow today wasn’t the first time I visted the above post and comment section. It has grown quite nicely.. lol I really think it provides a huge amount of information for commentors to think about. As for Akismet I am clueless but I host on blogger and use Intense Debate. It does seem that no matter how many times my faithful commentors/visitors leave a comment it nearly always goes into moderation. This is a bit frustrating as I DO NOT have it set for any comments to be moderated. Do you know or can Andy tell me why this happens? It does seem to catch the spam, don’t know if it’s trashing my good friends’ comments tho but I do know that I dislike them going to mod. and having to approve them over and over.

    Secondly I wanted to vote on the poll but have a question b4 I do. Is it regarding the comments on the post itself or about approving Spam comments. The one is not plural and seems confusing to me. Sorry but my perfectionism is taking over here.. I guess I should just say that, “yes I would gladly welcome such a discussion like what’s taking place in the comment section.” As for Spam I very rarely if ever mark anyone as spam I just delete the comment when it is obviously a Spam comment.
    .-= Lee ´s featured blog ..2 Million Cribs Being Recalled amongst concerns =-.

    • Hi Lee,

      What Akismet is doing with comments is a HUGE issue that every blogger needs to understand. Blogger is a different issue; however, the people behind all systems like those have the same goals so there are likely to be similar issues.

      It looks like your comment came in before all these others; however, it was sent to moderation by WordPress (Akismet is disabled in this blog). Do me a favor and comment again using the same name and URL and see if your comment goes live or must be moderated?

      Have you tested to see if Akismet has you flagged as a spammer. There is much more research I need to do but not enough hours in the day.

      I could have done a much better job of setting up this poll. My intention was to ask whether bloggers would consider the specific comment I left in Tammi’s blog spam or a quality comment.

      I did add more information above and below the survey so it was more clear what I was asking.
      .-= Gail @ Support Bloggers´s featured blog ..Akismet Deletes Comments Bloggers NEVER SEE- =-.

      • Ok Gail I see the comment you were referring to now. I definitely was reading it different before as I thought you were referring the whole discussion on the post in the link not Tammi. But I went and read it.

        Personally I don’t think it is Spam. Not a comment every now and again like that. Now if every comment that, say ‘you’ left was in similar fashion than I could see why others might think that. But even as others mentioned in the other post, if you don’t know someone then you might see it as Spam. That is why I do not mark it as spam unless I see someone doing it repeatedly. Until I get to know them I usually just delete it or the links and watch to see how they comment if they come back tomorrow etc. And this did happen recently like 3 days in a row. They finally left a viable comment that got approved w/out spam but haven’t been back since. La Te Da I say…
        Anyway off to vote now. Oh how do I check akismet to see if I’m a spammer? ha ha..seriously I don’t know or never even gave it thought until the recent posts about it.
        .-= Lee ´s featured blog ..2 Million Cribs Being Recalled amongst concerns =-.

        • Hi Lee,

          There is a link at the very top of the Akismet post to two blogs I have set up to allow commentators to find out if Akismet has them flagged as spammers.

          Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. What I most want people to see is that many are making snap judgements about who is commenting only to get a link that are simply not true.

          As you so wisely share, we need to at least give new readers the benefit of the doubt and allow their true colors to show. Many of my regular DID originally come to this or other of our blogs to get links and that IS why they found me.

          They return for the content and discussions and yes, for more links – and that makes me very happy. Links are not some kind of carrot we dangle in front of people – they are the currency of online success – and the more small and local businesses and bloggers that I can play even a small part in assisting to achieve success the better I like it!
          .-= growmap´s featured blog ..We Need INDEPENDENT Open Source Alternatives =-.

  18. Gail, I’m a member of the blog collective, and I need to get back in there soon and see what’s happening. It’s been a couple of weeks…

    I agree with everything you just said. When we know certain people, like your relationship with Kristi, we trust them and what they put in their comments, and we know they have similar attitudes about what we put in our comments.

    I only rarely put links in comments, but that may change over time.
    .-= John Soares @ Information Products´s featured blog ..4 Reasons Why You Should Write the Sales Page First =-.

    • Hi John,

      I know you’re in the collaboration; however, of the members there are key people I work with very closely who are working on two major strategies that will benefit those involved. I believe you might want in on one or both.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Word of Mouth Marketing =-.

  19. I see three situations from my perspective as a blog owner.

    1. I know and appreciate the commenter, so I’m fine with the link. (For example, Kristi has left two excellent links in comments to my most recent post.)

    2. I don’t know the commenter, but the link is to information that adds to the conversation or post content, and isn’t linking to the commenter’s blog or a commercial product they stand to gain from.

    3. I don’t know the commenter, and the link is to a post on their blog or to a product or service they promote.

    1 and 2 are slam-dunk approvals. 3 is trickier. I’d look at the link and the quality of the comment and make a decision.

    I’m loathe to hit the spam button on a comment unless it is clearly spam: The comment doesn’t relate to the post at all and it’s obvious the commenter hopes someone will follow a link that’s either in the post or linked from their name.
    .-= John Soares @ Information Products´s featured blog ..Blog World Expo 2010 in Las Vegas- My Unanswered Questions =-.

    • Thank you for adding your wisdom to this controversial topic, John. What many who build tools like Akismet fail to realize is that most Internet users have no idea how their clicking spam affects that commentator – and why would they?

      Akismet and other spam filters should be doing much more to educate their users on the seriousness of marking comments or trackbacks spam.

      The most likely reason they don’t is because they don’t have any reason to really care whether many are banned or not. They see their mission as eliminating spam. Spam any blogger can see – how many real comments ended up as collatoral damage they can NOT see so most are unlikely to ever complain.

      This has the unfortunate effect of causing email and blog spam filters to care more about missing some spam than avoiding false positives.

      As you pointed out, although your third point is trickier, the proper action is to simply delete it – NOT flag real commentators who are trying to write high quality comments and add to our blogs as spammers.

      Mitch mentioned in my Akismet post that he once told me he felt my comments seemed spammy to him. I don’t remember what the comment in question was about but I do my best not to offend so when I manage to make time to comment I do so in blogs where my writing style is welcomed and not in blogs where that style may not fit as well.

      I have nothing against Mitch at all. On the contrary, I might comment carefully in his blog when I have time, but I would not interact there as I do at Kikolani for instance.

      I sometimes comment somewhat differently in the blogs Kristi owns and the major sites she also writes for like Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch. Their policies and styles are different and what they are likely to approve may be different.

      One thing I hope bloggers realize is that their readers and commentators can not read their minds and what they think is NOT the same as what other blogger’s think.

      Because of that, if you have specific requirements you need to provide a comment policy and ideally there should be a link to it right where the person comments so they won’t miss it. I DO read comment policies prior to commenting – when I can find them.

      I believe there will be a growing trend towards bloggers being more accepting of businesses and links as more businesses start blogging and commenting but it will take time and more discussions like this one.

      Each of us who understands clearly the benefits to us all can do our part to spread the word and raise acceptance. John, I would like to collaborate with you more closely. We have some huge new projects in the works that may really interest you.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Support Small Businesses =-.

  20. Hi,

    There is no simple way to filter out spam without blocking real commentators too. Discussing that challenge and the problems with Akismet is what prompted me to do this survey.
    .-= Gail @ Support Small Businesses´s featured blog ..Akismet Deletes Comments Bloggers NEVER SEE- =-.

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