TwitterCounter: Strategy to Increase Twitter Followers

Serious Social Media users, bloggers, and business owners can use specific strategies to greatly increase their Twitter followers or possibly use a Twitter Marketing Tool to generate an income.

The free tracking and graphs in Twitter stats tools such as TwitterCounter make it easy to determine which strategies are most effective. The jumps you see here are from testing a new method:

TwitterCounter: Strategy to Increase Twitter Followers

The jump shown on February 8, 2011 is 233 followers; the larger jump on February 17 is 455 followers. Interested in what caused the jumps? I started following as many of the people following my favorite Social Media Expert Kristi Hines aka @Kikolani as Twitter would allow because Kristi and I write about very similar subjects so her followers are likely to be interested in what I write too.

Once I follow Kristi’s followers I will follow my other favorite collaborators starting with Online Business Tips advisor Michele Welch aka @NewBizBlogger who created the collaborative Business Blogging Tips ebook The Synergy of Business and Blogging. I put links to their Twitter accounts in my BizSugar post about Small Business Advice.


  1. I do my following and unfollowing in the wee hours of the early morning or very late at night. Apparently if you follow or unfollow too many too fast during business hours Twitter may block your access for 24 hours. That has never happened to me even though I have used this strategy at least half a dozen separate times.
  2. There are following limits on Twitter. If you hit the Twitter Follower Limits (when you follow 2000 or more than a certain percentage over how many follow you) Twitter prevents you from following any more people until either more follow you or you unfollow some you are currently following.
  3. Since Twitter prohibits automatic unfollowing and has eliminated Twitter apps that provided that functionality, the only way to unfollow non-followers to follow new followers is to do so manually. Currently the most efficient way to do that is using JustUnfollow. You can unfollow up to 50 non-followers per 24 hour time period for free or up to 100 non-followers if you Tweet that you are using JustUnfollow.
  4. I DO NOT recommend buying followers or using ANY “get followers fast” tool, app or strategy or following for the sake of following. It only makes sense to follow those who are interested in what you Tweet and write and whose Tweets and content you are interested in. You can modify this strategy by simply choosing the person or people you follow who have the type of content you are most interested in.

No doubt some will argue against the desire to have many followers or to follow many so I want to address that right up front. The more people you interact with the more people you can assist and influence.

For every 100 people who read something you write, only 1-2% are likely to take any action at all, so if you are interested in being an effective change agent you have to reach more than a few hundred or even a few thousand people.

Here are some additional tools that will assist those who DO understand why many followers and following many is necessary:

  1. Why You Should Put Your Twitter Username on Your Blog, Ecommerce and ALL Web Sites.
  2. If you follow many you can Use Twitter Lists to focus on just the specific section of the Tweets your followers are sending you need in the moment.
  3. How to use Twitterfeed to create a consistent presence and support the best content of your favorite bloggers and collaborators.
  4. Getting Started on Twitter Videos and How-to Use Twitter posts.
  5. Twitter Tools for Managing Twitter accounts including Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts – comparisons and reviews of popular Twitter tools including CoTweet, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and many others.
  6. Find other influencers and monitor your influence using PostRank Connect, Klout and PeerIndex.

If you are a business or blogger and need assistance setting up an effective Twitter strategy, need training on how to use Twitter tools, or do not have the time to do this yourself and are interested in having your Twitter strategy implemented for you, contact me or leave a comment in this post.

Double your effectiveness by pairing this Twitter strategy with creating a consistent Twitter presence through Using Twitterfeed. If you’re new to Twitter we have some great Twitter Tutorials and videos. If you aren’t sure whether you want to follow that many people or not read Using Twitter Lists.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Kean Yao says:

    I believe, having lots of twitter followers is useless without making them active by contacting them directly or atleast mentioning them in your posts. I don’t know what you do with your followers or how you get benefit from them but I make/use ma own bots in approaching all of my 6k followers by mentioning them in my tweets.

    I can offer this to you as well if you like.


  2. Thanks, this is good info. We’ve been looking for a good solution for monitoring our Twitter campaign in the future. I really appreciate these “round-up” types of posts with links to several tools, resources, etc.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Crowdbooster as a good tool for monitoring your twitter reach, growth, etc.

  3. In my opinion, it’s best to following real people and not just auto-follows. If all of your followers are just auto follows, then your social media marketing is useless. You should target real people that share the same interest as you. It’s the key to be successful in social media marketing.
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  4. Its really important to target the right followers. Using clever techniques you can see a spike in traffic such as what your graph shows. I’m fairly new to some of these techniques, but I’ve been reading a lot recently how people have been using various techniques to increase traffic to their sites. Thanks for the info, really useful stuff!

  5. Great technique. Following the followers of someone who writes about the same stuff. Maybe even your competition. Buying followers is quite useless. A waste of your money.
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  6. following and unfollowing can be very effective but I think you just end up massing followers that are not interested in your product / service / what you have to say because they are just like you… collecting followers. The real followers come from your website. To get the most out of your site you need to promote twitter appropriately on-page. They are the followers that are valuable.

  7. These tips are new and helpful. i would implement them right away and hope to increase my twitter followers. I have given links to my site and have installed various games to entertain the visitors. they tend to enjoy it a lot and this improves the traffic to my site. I hope to do lot more and get better revenues.

  8. Get followers fast for free provided by certain sites on the Web can cause your twitter account to be hacked.

  9. Followers can get tricky sometimes :) I’ve had both good and bad experiences with followers so now what I do is, I try to follow those who are related to my niche or those who share similar interests with me. I think the journey becomes fruitful only when we actually have something to share in common.

  10. I face huge trouble in un-following. When things get boring then I want to un-follow, but it proves to be time taking and I give up or un-follow 2 – 5 on Sunday. Your Justunfollow thing sounds really helpful to me, I might as well try it and if it works then my friends would love it too. This timing thing that you mentioned is new to me. I would try surfing it late night or early morning. Would do anything to have more followers! Thanks for your tips.

  11. NAtural ADHD Treatment says:

    A few tips how to increase twitter followers:
    1. Print the twitter profile URL on your business card.
    2. If you have any other product, then you can get your twitter link printed on it.
    3. Use your twitter URL at the end of each SMS from your phone.

  12. Successful blog always pay special attention to latest news about the topic he writes. Also, he must be a lifelong learner and always learn from others what to improve his blog.

  13. If you’re not targeting the right audience on Twitter, they’re less likely to engage with your content. For instance, if you own a dog grooming business but your followers have bios that include “cat lover” and “music aficionado”, they are not likely to retweet you or click on your links.

  14. Track your links using or another service, and you’ll quickly begin to see a picture of what tweets get retweeted and what ones don’t. This is extremely valuable information for anyone looking to maximize their Twitter presence, as it can help you refine when you tweet and what you write.

  15. Knowing whether you’ve targeted the right followers is crucial to seeing high engagement and conversion rates from your Twitter account.

  16. Twitter Snipe is actually a really cool program I recently found. What it does is allows you to put in a keyword and automatically follow the people who are talking about that keyword.

  17. Dominic Faith says:

    I have been using Twitter Follower website since it has been launched….. not too long ago, and have met very different types of people. It is a great site!

  18. The major focus here is just to make sure you Tweet what is going to be interesting to your followers, and as you say here, follow plenty of other people in the same line as you, and their followers will follow you in turn.

  19. Rowa zhang says:

    Bloggers all around the world displays some facts and stats in terms of subscribers, visitors and hits to show their popularity on their blogs. Twitter Count is another option to show poplarity.

  20. Miguel Torres says:

    Twitter takes some getting used to. It isn’t easy to condense your thoughts into 140-characters or less, and it’s even tougher to try to build a following. Sometimes, you’ve got to be a little creative with your approach to Twitter if you want to really make an impact.

  21. Definitely that’s what I do right now, I keep following people who are related on my niche. What I did not know was about the business hours and I will start using following and unfollowing users by night or early morning.

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  22. Use different other services to know who is following you, and use the suggestion tool to get the suggested twitter users to follow. By this you can connect to relevant people around the world and they are most likely to follow you back, if they find you as relevant.

  23. Spam is a terrible thing on Twitter, and it will turn off followers faster than anything else. Don’t engage in anything that might be considered spammy, such as repeating the same tweet every minute or two, sharing links without vetting them, or only @mentioning someone to promote your own goods or services.

  24. Understanding the difference between @mentions and @replies can keep you from inundating your followers with messages that aren’t relevant to their Twitter experience. If you @reply to someone, only you, that person, and people who follow both of you will see the message.

  25. Arianna says:

    If I could change anything about Twitter, it would be the question that appears on the front page: “What are you doing?” While that might have been the original concept of Twitter – similar to Facebook’s status updates – Twitter has evolved into much, much more. Forget about telling people what you had for breakfast – unless it was at a new restaurant that you think other people would like. Your daily routine is inane chatter, but going out to a restaurant is something that might be useful to other people.

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