What Type of Twitter User Are YOU?

After working for hours and hours straight through all of us deserve a short break. While researching tomorrow’s Follow Friday Friends post I came across this Twitter test created by Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) and Gerald Weber (@the_gman) .

I was not surprised to see that Kristi Hines (@Kikolani) and I tested the same. We do have much in common. I didn’t see an easy way to Tweet the results so I dropped them into this post.

What kind of Twitter User Are YOU?

GrowMap’s Result: B.F.F.
on quiz: Learn Which Type of Twitter User You Are
You are everyone’s best friend! Everyone loves you because you are always ready
to help: you Retweet at the drop of a hat. You are the life of the Twitter
party! How the hell do you do that?

Twitter B.F.F.

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Gail Gardner

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  1. The only problem with twitter is that the traffic it generates is only temperary, its no different then buying bulk traffic plus its all direct traffic not organic so it doesn’t look as good. But you use the wordpress plugin then every time you post, which for me is every day, it sends a twitter post up.
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  2. Nice post. I took the quiz and it says that I’m “The Purist” 😀

  3. I took the quiz :)
    am “the Pursuit” ..
    Good .. could see some exact results .. Really a good app.

  4. Excellent blog post, I look forward to reading more.
    .-= yachika verma´s featured blog ..Coffee Grinders =-.

  5. Paul Tech says:

    It says I am a Twitter cheerleader. Get me my pom-pom…
    .-= Paul Tech´s featured blog ..Microsoft Innovates 3D Technology Without Glasses =-.

  6. Twitter Badass… I don’t know how that happened. I think the quizz should incorporate some data on your actual twitter activity, not just Q/A, I wouldn’t have made it in the Badass category then 😉
    .-= Leo@NetAccountant´s featured blog ..Twitter do’s and don’ts: 16 DO’s to get the most out of Twitter =-.

  7. Hey, I am a newbie, but realized right away how powerful tool Twitter is. It’s a central station of all topics on demand. I would never be able to find on my own all the information I want.

  8. Jeniffer from Article-O-Pedia says:

    I consider twitter as one tool to generate traffic for my blogs by posting or tweeting after few seconds my traffic went up.
    .-= Jeniffer from Article-O-Pedia´s last blog ..LearningRx Learning Centers – Learn to Achieve =-.

  9. I”ve not yet started using Twitter, although I have looked around the platform. I suppose I am not quite sure how I can market my business using Twitter – in the correct way. I guess from a business point of view the chances of making an impact or slim, due to all the product and service spam I see being ignored on Twitter.

  10. Good idea, since he won’t turn on his skype so I can talk to him without getting up from the computer maybe twitter would work. The sad state of modern relationships eh? :)
    .-= Brandi@Still Love My Jambu Shoes´s last blog ..My Raspberry Pink Jambu Shoe Love Affair =-.

  11. I came out as Twitter Bad Ass 😆 Maybe I addicted a little too much 😉
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..You Wanted Twitter Tips, You Got Them! – Part One =-.

  12. Since I haven’t yet learned the ins and outs of Twitter I’m sure I don’t even rank. what’s Twitter? 😉 My hubby does all the tweeting in the family and then he airs out the blankets… I’ll tell him about the test and see were he ends up.
    .-= Brandi@My Favorite Jambu Shoes´s last blog ..My Raspberry Pink Jambu Shoe Love Affair =-.

  13. I haven’t succumbed to the twit mania, but you all have me itching to get in on the fun. :)

  14. I haven’t tried yet but I think I’ll do it later, maybe because I don’t want to know just yet. Anyway I don’t want to think much about it now. I know I’m a good user. LOL

    • Hi Nisheth,

      Why not? It is only a light-hearted little thing. It does seem to be fairly accurate though. I’m glad you’re making the rounds commenting as I’m sure your headphone reviews will be very popular.

      I was just wondering about some kind of Bose media controller and speakers I saw advertised. Ever since they switched to digital TV there is so little volume at times that I have to turn on the captions to watch anything. Not a big priority since I rarely take time to watch TV anyway.
      .-= Gail Gardner´s last blog ..Affiliate Tips Tuesday: Three Ethical Affiliate Marketing Experts I Trust =-.

  15. Well I’m a B.F.F., ironically. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

    “You are everyone’s best friend! Everyone loves you because you are always ready to help: you Retweet at the drop of a hat. You are the life of the Twitter party! How the hell do you do that?”

    • Hi Sam,

      You’re in the rare minority with Kristi aka Kikolani and me. :-)

      That send me off to check out your site hoping you had a blog. If you have one do let us know where it is? If you need information on best practices and how to get one just ask.

      Your business could benefit from the link I put in CommentLuv in this reply.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Local Search Directory Listings =-.

  16. I am a non-twitter twitter user. The platform lends itself to the immediacy of today rather than the importance of tomorrow!
    .-= Richard Cummings´s last blog ..Web Authentication Using PHP and MySql =-.

  17. china cell phones says:

    Sry pressed the button to quick and posted without a name :( Maybe I am not the Purist but the evil genious
    .-= china cell phones´s last blog ..A Mixed ON Product with Attributes =-.

  18. I click on the link an got an Error 503 Service Unavailable
    .-= tyna´s last blog ..Facebook Status =-.

  19. I’m afraid to even take that quiz… I know my Twitter stream has been so focused on one thing, and so quiet lately, that I’m not much of a participant at all.
    .-= Gomez @ autoglass´s last blog ..Happy National Space Day =-.

  20. Robert Johnson says:

    I got a WALL FLOWER as result. That means I don’t tweet much but I’m still in on the party. Well I don’t know what that means but I tweet just to know what my friends are doing and to tell what am I upto.

  21. I just tried the twitter test and I came out a The Purist, meaning I play by the rules, how sad! The celebrities were all Americans so I had to say I don’t follow any celebs, even though I like Stephen Fry, but recently removed him as he tweets far too often!!
    .-= Julie Cheung´s last blog ..Google’s ‘new look’ left-panel sidebar for refined search results =-.

  22. Cherry says:

    No one… living in China, Twitter is a mystery for me. To read this blog some blogs I have to connect through a proxy… not easy.
    .-= Cherry@sexy lingerie´s last blog ..Agent Provocateur =-.

  23. It said I am a twitter cheerleader. Not sure about that but I do like to RT good stuff when I come across it.
    .-= Tycoon Blogger @Promote your Blog´s last blog ..Are you considering Guest Blogging? Do NOT Do it! =-.

  24. I just regard Twitter as an online marketing tool. So, I am not a “REAL” user of Twitter.
    .-= Duia´s last blog ..Professional Los Angeles Movers =-.

  25. This is a great tool! I think I need to spend more time with Twitter and change my score :-)

  26. I guess I am a natural wordsmith and always make the most of my 140 characters! I like to throw a spin into it my tweets that makes people think, smile, laugh, or a combination of the all three. Jut trying to keep Twitter friendly and helping new users get better 😉

  27. chandan says:

    I have got interesting results when I test my twitter activities. My results are like below

    “You love to Retweet (cheer for) people and you love to talk to people on Twitter as well. Most of your followers love your inspiring manner, others may wonder how you manage to actually follow everyone.”
    .-= chandan@work at home blog´s last blog ..Search freelancing work at home jobs =-.

  28. I didn’t find the quiz useful. There seemed to be a big swing from spam to wall flower, and I think I’m more centrist. For example, on asking for RTs, this is something I might do once a month, but the available answers didn’t reflect my reality.
    .-= James @ Photographer´s last blog ..Skates =-.

  29. Haha I am The Purist. The bird picture of the purist is definately the best of all. A blue bird that looks like a fluffy ball 😀

    Thanks for sharing this funny test!

    • Sry pressed the button to quick and posted without a name :( Maybe I am not the Purist but the evil genious

  30. Unfortunately, we do not fully utilize twitter for all it’s value. For the most part, we tweet blog entries we’ve written that are of value to the community, like events, sales, etc. We should take more advantage of twitter.
    .-= Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog ..Tri Cities Has Lowest Cost of Living in the State =-.

  31. Dennis Edell says:

    Umm OK then, somehow I’m already a Twitter Bad Ass, don’t ask me how. LOL

    Oh and “why would you unfollow?” should be multiple choice. :-)
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..I Need MORE Aweber USER Affiliates! =-.

  32. It says “everyone loves me” and “I’m a friend” to everyone. Not bad. I wish TwitterGrader.com had this more whimsical feel to it. Perhaps they should combine forces.

  33. I did a 14 hour shift yesterday and am a couple of hours into todays – thanks for the 5 minute fun break.

    I’m a Link Lover!


    P.S. I tweeted this link!
    .-= Andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..5 Basic WordPress SEO Tips: Everyone Should Follow =-.

  34. I came out to be a twitter cheerleader, lol! That was a really funny and interesting quiz.
    .-= Gautam Hans @ Blog Godown´s last blog ..4 Easy Ways to Engage Your Followers On Twitter =-.

  35. I’m not surprised either, and I was quite happy with my results! :)
    .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..On Writing for the Web =-.

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