Twitter Relationship Management Solution:

How many Twitter management tools have I recommended
in almost four years?

TWO before this one (Hootsuite and Co-Tweet) and one of those is gone.

THIS is the SLICKEST Twitter APP EVER so DO check this out!

Twitter Relationships

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Anyone who uses Twitter realizes what a challenge it is to make sure you don’t miss tweets from people who want to hear back from you or to thank those who have retweeted or mentioned you.

The more Twitter followers you have and the longer you are on Twitter, the tougher it has been to stay on top of your online relationships – until now. is the first Twitter tool I’ve seen that makes growing relationships simple.

My favorite feature is the ability to edit your Retweets!

This is SUPER important because a tweet with your personal commentary in it is FAR more likely to be clicked on, replied to or retweeted!


  • Ensures you see tweets you have not replied to yet.
  • Engagement History: immediately see a history of activities between you and others.
  • Easily tweet thanks to your most engaged Tweeps, supporters and influencers.
  • Set up alerts by keyword and URL

Here is Ian Anderson Gray’s video and Complete Guide to How to Build and Manage Your Twitter Community Using

How to Use Commun.IT Tips:

This is how I’ve been using Commun.IT so far. In the future I’ll do more posts on advanced strategies for using groups, keywords and engagement later and focus on the core relationship building features first.

For now just sign up and play with it OR you can do some or all of the basics listed below:

  1. Ideally you want to log in every day or every other day so you don’t miss anything.
  2. Under Build Relationships:
    • In the first column, click High-Value Members to see them all at once OR Most engaged members, Supporters, or Influencers sequentially to see each group separately.
    • In the right column there is a canned tweet. Send that tweet to thank your top tweeps. You CAN edit it first (and sometimes you will need to because it may be too long).
    • Look for unreplied status and respond to any of those you choose. These make sure you don’t overlook those who are supporting, retweeting, and talking to you on Twitter!
    • Run your mouse over the usernames in the 2nd column and make sure you are following all of them you choose.
    • If you want to see more details, click any username or the double blue arrows and their profile and recent activities will appear in the right column. Click the double blue arrows or more engagements or more statuses in the third column to see more activities and tweets for each user. You can retweet them from that third column and even EDIT your RETWEETS to add more compelling wording or a call to action or remove what you don’t like. Make sure all URLs are complete.
    • When you get to the bottom be sure to click Show More, review additional users, and keep doing that until there aren’t any more.
  3. Under Manage
    • Click Consider to Follow and review the suggestions. Use the double arrows to see more in the right column. If you decide you don’t want to follow someone click hide so you don’t see that one again.
    • Be careful with Consider to Unfollow because if your collaborators are busy like mine they may be feeding your posts but you rarely talk on Twitter (sometimes because you use Skype or IM instead). If they appear in this list you should tweet to each other more often!
    • You may want to follow your New Followers and you can easily vet them first by clicking on their username or the double blue arrows.
    • I have suggested that your New Unfollowers You Follow be shown first or separately because you will want to unfollow non-followers (because of Twitter Limits), and you don’t need to do anything if you already don’t follow an unfollower.

There are more details in the above video and we’ll be covering how to use groups and how to monitor engagement in future posts. For now, most people will first want to learn the basics above and become more familiar with

This is the first and as far as I know the ONLY Twitter tool
that helps you grow relationships on Twitter,
so I encourage you to go ahead:

Sign up for a free Commun.IT account
and take it for a spin.

Just jump right in – it isn’t hard – and if you get stuck tweet at me or them or leave a comment here and I’ll be happy to answer questions. We’ll also be covering why most serious Twitter users will want to consider a pro account.

P.S. How John Paul and I use and Twitter are different so do watch for my posts where I explain where I agree with him – and where I don’t.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to resubscribe to our new Feed Blitz RSS feed because FeedBurner may be going away so you don’t miss the next posts!

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  1. Thanks for your article. has got even better since posting the video- but you\’ve basically covered all of that in your article. It\’s still one of my most used tool in my social media toolkit!
    Ian Anderson Gray would love you to read ..The Secrets of a Killer Blog Post– How to Get Your Readers’ AttentionMy Profile

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