Add a Twitter Field to Your Comments

I would love to see more WordPress bloggers add a Twitter ID field in the comments of their blogs. It is fast and easy to install using the WP-TwitIp-ID Plugin created by Andy Bailey who also created the CommentLuv plugin we recommended for making your blog more interactive.

Why would you want Twitter IDs in your comments? Here are the benefits:

  • Save time searching for Twitter accounts
  • Makes it easy to find out if you are following your readers
  • Follow up on comments or let readers know you have replied or updated a post they were particularly interested in
  • Easily find and follow interesting commentators
  • Another way to reward your commentators – lets your readers find and follow them at Twitter

This plugin “auto-magically” adds your commentators Twitter IDs to all of their previous comments, providing them with far more visibility in posts that are already indexed in the search engines. Anyone serious about adding readers and followers could visit existing posts, make intelligent comments, create a dofollow link with their choice of anchor text and thereby use this blog to drive traffic to their own blogs and businesses.

Something spammers don’t understand is that only quality comments relevant to the post where they appear work for generating real people to visit!

What some don’t realize about power Social Networking users is we automatically pay it forward by sharing whatever benefits others. When someone else takes up our causes we seek out worthy causes they support and share them with our users. Have you ever wondered what gets shared online and why? Now you know!

THIS is how the few can improve the world. You can join us by simply sharing what helps others. When you take action for them, we will take action for you.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. iPhone App Development says:

    I would like to give thanks for recommending this useful wordpress plugin. As Twitter is the best for website traffic, i think this plugin will definitely help to get traffic to site. This will really be effective in my blog.

  2. I think wordpress is the best, and in addition there are blugin to easily integrate twitter

  3. I would love to include the keywordluve in my upcoming wordpress site, excellent idea, thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi, i agree with most of you on the adding a twitter of other main social field in blog. it will help a lot to even share some stuff onthose site.

  5. WordPress is the king of blog’s platforms ! All the plugins with interactivity are the best ways to increase trafic from blog.
    .-= Ced@mutuelle´s featured blog santé =-.

  6. WOW, great thank you for this information, i will do this on my blogsite.

  7. sharing is really good.
    This plugin is a blessing!

    thanks for sharing.

  8. computer freeware says:

    That is nice plugin. I just know that wp have plugin integrated with twitter but is it make load paging more slow or not?
    .-= computer freeware´s last blog ..Download CopyTrans Manager 0.820 =-.

  9. I can just prove that adding Twitter is a powerful resource for quality traffic and I am already thinking of presenting my visitors with a chat room so that they could have some beneficial communication.

    • Hi Abbey,

      Twitter does drive traffic and you can use it to find niche or geo-specific interested people. There is more about that in the post How to Geo-Target Twitter.

      I would be interested in hearing about whether installing a chat room increases visits and especially sales. If your potential buyers like to chat while they shop that could be a great idea. I am surprised I haven’t read any studies about it. I’ll keep my eyes open.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How to Create and Install Favicons =-.

  10. umbildee says:

    WordPress is good!
    But I prefer Joomla. Sure they’ll have it too.

    thanks for sharing this easy step including Tweeter on wordpress.

    thanks again :)

  11. Affiliate marketing blog says:

    Reading your article about Twitter IDs was pretty fun, but is Twitter traffic worth the effort? I know people with tens of thousands followers, still a lot of traffic yet no action. Furthermore the activity on their websites is zero.

    So is it worth it?
    .-= Affiliate marketing blog´s last blog ..How does affiliate marketing work? =-.

    • @Affiliate marketing blog

      I think that twiiter traffic isn’t really worth the effort. I mean, the risk for me is that you can invest all this time in getting lots of followers, and then twitter could become unfashionable and you’d’ve wasted all your time.
      .-= Simon@Leadership´s last blog ..Leadership Development Programme =-.

      • Watch for a new post about how traffic is a numbers game and all traffic is not the same. Simon is correct that you want to control what you invest the most time in (that would be your own blog) and use Social Networking to send traffic to your own site.

        Twitter is not likely to become unfashionable any time soon. While it would be a bad thing to have the plug pulled on one of your accounts what happens is that relationships you participate in don’t exist only on that site. Most influential users of Social Media are active on multiple sites.

        Remember that Social Networking is primarily about Networking. Relationships may start at Twitter or on another site but continue on all the other sites you frequent and on your own too. It is something like branding. When one site starts losing popularity you should already be active and pull followers from it over to where you moving.

        You can not usually sell directly using Social Networking sites and you must expect traffic from them to only convert as well as content – not search.
        .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How Much Is A Memorable Logo Worth? =-.

  12. this twitter ID is a great way to add social media marketing to your blog, and why shouldn’t they go together? You should definitely be following your readers if they are loyal to you, and you are active on twitter.

  13. I’ve seen the Twitter ID field growing more popular everyday. Give it a few years and it might even be default on most content management systems. Good post.

  14. Gosh, from a plugin to improving the world. A rather large jump, and a test on my blog will see whether it’s justifiable.

    • Welcome Simon,

      Your comment gave me a laugh. Decisions we make, what we recommend, how we spend our money – all of these can improve the world. No small business has the deep pockets of multi-national Corporations and few have the ear of the major media.

      The solution is for each individual to make a difference. Some of us spend much of our time sharing quality content and sending potential business to small companies as I just did by sharing your blog on Twitter, FriendFeed and cliKball. You might look for some extra traffic from those sources today.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How to Add Your Free Business Listing to infoUSA =-.

  15. This is the first blog on which I’ve seen this plugin be used. It is a SUPERB idea (for all the reasons you outlined). It would be great if there were an option to automatically follow people who leave comments.

    Thanks for the info!

  16. Vancouver Web Design says:

    This is a great idea! I’m setting up a word press site next for the business and I will definitely include the Twitter tag plugin and keywordluv.

  17. Great idea! I am going to roll this out across our blogs!

  18. Odchudzanie Poznan says:

    Letting readers know that you replied them/change the post they were interested in might be the biggest advantage of twitter field. At least you’re not spamming their email account – just letting them know on twitter.

    • Welcome Odchudzanie,

      Cute puppies. People are funny; some object to emails while others get upset if you don’t email them. All we can do is be friendly and use whatever ethical tools are available to reach out to them.

      Twitter can be a very effective way to chat briefly with people so famous or busy that you could rarely contact them in any other manner. I highly recommend that everyone at least consider opening an account there. It is an excellent way to find brilliant people to collaborate with and also to raise awareness for your projects.

      Internet Strategist’s last blog post..Freelancer Challenges – Logo Graphic Designers

  19. hey, nice to see that someone else agrees with me on this one! I know one thing – since I have started using the plugin, number of comments and my personal twitter followers have grown.

    Alex’s last blog post..Google Text Ad Impact On Blog Earning

    • Hi Alex,

      I know there are others who are already using it and suspect that many more would if they came across the plugin – hence, this post. I sent Tweets to specific larger bloggers whose commentators I would like to follow asking them to add it. One responded favorably and if I recall who it is I will mention them by name.

      Thank you for confirming for others that adding it does indeed help them grow their blogs and Twitter accounts. I hope that encourages many to go ahead and take action sooner than later.

      Internet Strategist’s last blog post..Select Keywords First to Make Your Content Easy to Find

  20. Thanks for info about how to add a twitter field to the comment area. However, I barely use WordPress. By the way, I saw WordPress all over the place. It seems WordPress is a monopoly in the blogging world. 😉

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