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Many ask How Does Twitter Work?

But that isn’t really what you need to know to learn how to use Twitter.

The most important thing to remember about Twitter and other social media sites is that they are SOCIAL.

It isn’t about broadcasting or advertising. It is about interacting and relationships.

You don’t have to live on Twitter like I do to benefit from using it.


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  • Just pop in whenever you have a little time.
  • Click on @mentions and answer any tweets that came to you.
  • Type your username into the search box and answer any tweets you’re interested in that mention you.
  • Be helpful to others.
  • Share and retweet what interests you.


Everything you to know from the basics to advanced Twitter strategies to becoming a major influencer.

  1. How to Get Started on Twitter and the most common Twitter Term Definitions
  2. What NOT to Tweet on Twitter
  3. What TO Tweet on Twitter
  4. Use Twitter Lists so you can find what you want and still follow those who follow you – and why you should
  5. *** COLLABORATORS be sure you do this using TwitterFeed or any other Twitter management solution you use: How to Use Twitterfeed for a consistent Twitter presence
  6. *** COLLABORATORS also do this: Strategy for getting more Twitter followers interested in YOUR niche
  7. Join us on JustRetweet where influential bloggers support each other with Twitter retweets
  8. Better Twitter Retweets
  9. Twitter Tools for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts
  10. Geo-targeting Twitter – also see How to Use Twellow
  11. TwitterquetteTwitter Etiquette – Twitter Feeds are NOT Burger King – Why Everyone Can Not Have It THEIR Way
  12. Twitter Fail – Why You Should NOT Just Keep Tweeting About Your Business
  13. Twitter Limits – What they are and what to do if you hit them.
  14. Twitter Study: New Data: How To Get More Clicks, Retweets and Followers
  15. Twitter Local for Business: How to Geo Target Twitter for Small Business Local Social Media

CRITICAL for BLOGGERS: Put Your Twitter UserName on your BLOG!!!!

Twitter How-To Resources

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People who are influencers on Twitter and who write blogs can create a better world for us all. If you’re serious about being influential I encourage you to contact me and to follow the other influencers I linked to in my Small Business Advice post. Want more? See my lists of Exceptional Bloggers with Influence on Twitter.

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