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Who you follow at Twitter is more important than how many you follow or how many follow you. Early today, Darren Rowse challenged TwiTip readers to Construct a Top Ten Must Follow List for Your Niche. That post is at 78 comments and counting. [Update: Submissions are up to 186 and they’re still coming in. Have you submitted your list yet? Have you entered our FriendFeed Challenge?]

You may be able to find a list for your own niche posted among the comments there. We had previously shared a way to Use Twellow to Determine Who to Follow at Twitter that is niche specific.

Are you interested in determining who the Most Influential Twitter Users Are so you can follow some of them? You can also compute your own Twitter influence at that link.

NEW to Twitter or not even using it yet? Start with Ten People All Twitter Beginners Should Be Following.  Don’t stop there, though! Use the strategies above and the lists below and keep adding interesting Twitter users.

If you make your own Top Ten List let us know and we’ll link you into this post so others can see it and visit you. Remember to add your link at TwiTips. If you don’t have a site post your list in the comments at TwiTips.

Here are my Top Fourteen (ok, I just couldn’t stop at Ten!) Twitter Users based on how influential and helpful they are overall (not just at Twitter – also through their work and their blogs):

  1. Guy Kawasaki – Guy has 31,100 Twitter followers as I type this and still answers all his direct messages at Twitter. Described as “The Strongest Supporter of Entrepreneurs on the Whole Damn Net” his AllTop resource is a must visit site for anyone serious about their niche on the Internet. Help him get the word out about Alltop, use it yourself, and know that if you ever have a direct question Guy will answer it himself. If you’re serious about using Twitter to grow your business, check out his How to Use Twitter as a Twool post.
  2. Robert Scoble – the most famous Tech Geek blogger. Read Scoble on Tech on the FastCompany blog. Visit his FriendFeed discussions any time or the ScobleRoom on Thursdays.
  3. TimOReilly – Whether the site is Radar O’Reilly or O’Reilly Radar, Tim is another great source for breaking news. Check out his recent post Why I Love Twitter and catch up with him on FriendFeed.
  4. ProBlogger – Darren Rowse is well known as probably the most famous blogger on how to improve your blogging skills and make money blogging. If you blog, Problogger is a must read blog.
  5. CopyBlogger – You’ve just GOT to check out his CopyBlogger blog as an example of great writing style, entertaining yet informative.
  6. DoshDosh – Maki is the brilliant mind behind the DoshDosh blog. He is one of the most prolific, insightful intelligent bloggers I’ve ever come across. You’ll definitely learn much from him, especially on Social Media and understanding your readers.
  7. Derek Semmler – Popular blogging comes down to style – the ability to connect with your readers. It doesn’t help that he’s pretty good at WP Theme Design too. Derek is a great example of being welcoming and helpful. He was recently included in the book Blog Blazers, 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets.
  8. Liz Strauss – known for her quality content at Check out her latest post How Social Media Can Help You Build a Better Business
  9. Lee Odden – Known for the Online Marketing Blog TopRankBlog and the Big List Of Search Marketing Blogs and Resources for Search Marketing and Blogging.
  10. Chris Brogan – Chris is very active on Twitter and has a Community and Social Media Blog.
  11. Aaron Wall – Best known for SEObook (to learn SEO).
  12. Louis Gray – Louis is a FriendFeed expert whose posts and guest posts offer excellent new strategies and insights. He is also active on FriendFeed.
  13. DuctTape – Long an excellent blog on Internet Marketing and now on Blogging. Check out their latest post on Blog Content Block.
  14. Jim Connolly – Jim has a Marketing Blog and is a high velocity Twitter user. Read his latest post How I Attracted 8000 Twitter Followers in 14 weeks!

Don’t forget about TwiTips – A Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) blog dedicated to Twitter Tips at (singular, not plural).



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  45. Remember that there are many more lists posted in the comments at TwiTip

NEW: Take our Top Ten FriendFeed Friends Challenge!


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