WordPress 2.7 Threaded Comments Works In Thesis

Regular readers of GrowMap will be happy to know that Derek turned on WP 2.7 threaded comments. For those who may be interested in using this feature here is some information on who can immediately use this particular method of allowing specific comments to be answered.

In his excellent post Seven Great Examples of Using WP 2.7 Threaded Comments Jeff Chandler at Performancing shared this:

“With the public release of WordPress 2.7, end users now have the ability to enable threaded conversations to take place on their blog. However, your theme must support this ability before you can turn them on.”

Some free and advanced themes already support this feature and many others will not. If yours doesn’t read How to Implement Threaded Comments in WordPress Themes for how to tell if your Theme supports it and what to do if it doesn’t. If you need more assistance visit the WordPress Support Forum.

This is yet another reason we installed Thesis and why I recommend serious bloggers consider doing the same. WordPress and plugins get updated all the time and every change is another potential technical issue. By using Thesis we know that our theme is supported and fixes for any issue will be provided.

Every theme can be customized and all features can have a different look. The Seven Great Examples post mentioned above shows just a few of the changes you can make. I wonder how many new bloggers realize that the look of a site is laid on top of the Theme being used so every implementation of any feature or Theme can look totally different. For example, all of these sites are built on Thesis:

No matter which theme you are currently using as soon as you start getting a large number of comments you will wish you had threaded comments installed. If your theme does not support the new WP 2.7 version you can use a plugin, contact the theme designer and ask if they’re planning to add support, or – if you’re the do-it-yourself type – use the links we have provided in this post to add it.

If you are considering upgrading your theme we can highly recommend Thesis. Most of the major blogs about blogging that we frequent have selected it as “THE” Theme to use including these:




Since we’re on the subject you might be interested in checking out all the cool blogs that are based on Thesis. Here are two galleries you can visit to see more customized Thesis themes:

[NOTE: Any blogger using Thesis probably has an affiliate link to Thesis so if decide to buy it you can support your favorite blogger by clicking on the link in their blog just before you buy. It does not cost you any more money to do this and bloggers are using it because it is that good – not because they might receive a commission. ]




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