Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Why We Use It

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support CommunityThesis is THE Theme we use here and in every single blog I start or Joint Venture on and one of only two themes that I recommend serious bloggers and businesses that blog use.

Almost every blog I comment on that belongs to my favorite bloggers uses Thesis. It is the first theme I recommend to small businesses and clients and there is only one other theme I even suggest they consider: the Genesis Framework.


Thesis and Genesis are different.  I prefer Thesis for my blogs and believe you might want to consider Genesis for a more product oriented blog.

We Recommend Serious Bloggers and Businesses Use ONLY
Either Thesis Or StudioPress Genesis for their blogs.

If you want to know more about Genesis or to compare the Genesis Framework to Thesis use these links:

Both of these themes are on my AAA Recommended Brands list that is linked from the top of the center column on every page of this blog and they are the only two I would seriously recommend anyone consider.

Why I NEVER Recommend Using Free WordPress Themes:

I’ll let these other experts explain the myriad reasons (that means too many to count!) for avoiding free WordPress Themes:


  • LESS DOWN TIME (and Tech Support can be REALLY expensive)

Whenever WordPress or a plugin gets updated there is a risk that the new version will not be compatible with WordPress,  your theme, or one of the plugins you’re using.

The more plugins you run and the more advanced
your skills the higher the risk of conflicts.

There is an entire team behind Thesis that makes sure commonly used plugins are compatible and continue to be compatible BEFORE they roll out a new version.

They know when WordPress is going to be updated and they ensure that Thesis and common plugins are still going to work as expected. That means our blogs running Thesis will keep running.

Use a free theme and the next WordPress update may
take you down – or worse – take the entire server you
are on down – along with dozens of other sites.

Your hosting company will be VERY UNHAPPY and the first thing they will do is delete all your plugins. Hostgator has been known to flat out tell bloggers they can’t reinstall CommentLuv because they blamed it for a problem.

Hosting companies don’t want to diagnose the problem – they just want to make it go away. They are far more likely to tell you not to run your favorite plugins than to assist you in figuring out where the conflict is or even let you do it yourself because they don’t want to risk your blog taking down the server. They may want to charge you for tech support which could run into $100s or $1000s.

Running the Thesis Theme on your WordPress install =
priceless peace of mind, tons of hours and aggravation
saved, and a blog that stays online.

I have NEVER in ANY blog had a Thesis update cause a problem. I am NOT saying that could never happen because anything humans do is not infallable – but the team behind Thesis is super-sharp and they test thoroughly BEFORE our blogs are exposed to potential conflicts. That is priceless.

Free Themes Can Be Used for Nefarious Purposes
Such as Including Security Exploits, replacing YOUR
links with someone else’s affiliate links or linking your
blog to bad neighborhoods and getting you banned.


Advanced themes like Thesis manage much of what goes on behind the scenes in a blog such as no-following unimportant links, how comments are displayed and how the blog operates and is laid out.


Thesis automatically formats your blog for different devices, monitor sizes and browsers. You need your blog (or what looks like a static site but is actually running on WordPress using Thesis) to display perfectly on EVERY visitors screen.

If you don’t use Thesis someone should be testing every resolution, browser, monitor size, device – that is a nightmare I don’t even want to think about – and because the Thesis Team does this so well I don’t have to worry about it!


Thesis automatically formats your blog for every device so you don’t have to use something else to make that happen.

I know Thesis does this well because when I’m in direct contact with someone I ask them what they are using and how well this blog displays and navigates on THEIR device. In every case they say the formatting is fine, they can navigate the site, and read and leave comments.


Thesis has built in SEO fields that allow you to optimize every page and post individually. This eliminates the need for plugins like All-in-one-SEO, Platimum SEO, etc. that are really necessary if you use a less advanced theme and want as much organic traffic as possible.


Thesis has exceptional people who provide tech support, a strong community who helps each other in their forum, and with almost all of our favorite collaborators using Thesis if you run into trouble we can help you get it fixed -fast!

I have asked for assistance for a blogger who accidentally broke something or got hacked or couldn’t get into their WP install and tagged a few people on Twitter and had 3-4 bloggers IMMEDIATELY offer to drop everything and assist!

I can’t guarantee that will always happen because even we have to eat and sleep sometime, but the odds are good other bloggers will come to your aid and if you’re running Thesis they will more easily be able to assist you.

If you are considering upgrading your
theme we highly recommend Thesis.


Thesis allows you to use ONE theme but make every site totally unique.  This blog, our golf store blog, our gift store blog, and thousands of other blogs use Thesis and no two look alike.

If you aren’t a designer or don’t have the time or
desire to learn to customize Thesis do what we do –
get a talented Thesis savvy blogger to do it for you! 

We know many bloggers who can do basic Thesis customization and if you need a real designer for a fancy custom graphic like the one in the image below, click that image to see what the best all-around WordPress expert we know and Thesis Skins provider Derek Semmler  can do for you.

Team Thesis Thesis Skins Made to Order

Since we’re on the subject you might be interested in checking out all the cool blogs that are based on Thesis. Here are two galleries you can visit to see more customized Thesis themes:


Most of the major blogs about blogging that we frequent have selected it as “THE” Theme to use including these:



The ONLY bloggers I have ever run across who do NOT like Thesis are those who are programmers and like to write their own code to control every aspect of their blogs. If that isn’t you, you can skip this section.




If you have or plan to build many blogs get the developer’s license. If you only need it for one blog now, buy the personal license. You can always upgrade later.

If you plan to have someone else install your blog for you, obtain your license to use Thesis through them. You pay them and they pay DIYThemes for an additional blog under their developer’s license.


Thesis WordPress Themes Plans and Pricing

[DISCLAIMER: The links to Thesis in this post are affiliate links. Any blogger using Thesis probably has an affiliate link to Thesis so if decide to buy it you can support your favorite blogger by clicking on the link in their blog just before you buy. It does not cost you any more money to do this and bloggers are using it because it is that good – not because they might receive a commission.  ]

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