There is NO Done Because There is ALWAYS More You CAN Do

The odds are 100% guaranteed that you have not done all there is to do to grow your business. We can say that with confidence because it is completely and totally impossible. There is always something else you can do to improve your site, increase your conversions, create more relationships, and raise your visibility – ALWAYS.

Success is not a destination; it is a never-ending process of growing your business.

This post is to give you a general idea of various concepts and areas of improvement. While all of these topics have some overlap, individual ideas can be listed in order of priority:

  1. Web Design – When someone lands on any page of your site is it INSTANTLY obvious what you are offering? If it isn’t many will bounce immediately and never return. Fix this first by adding a slogan aka USP just under or to the right of your logo. Make sure your slogan answers the question why should they buy from you.
  2. Are you driving your visitors away by making them register before they can shop or comment? Do you answer all the questions your visitors are likely to have (but rarely ask) on your site? Can they easily find what they want from products to shipping costs? Remove these obstacles or your success will always be limited. [NOTE: Guy Kawasaki agrees with me as he includes this point FIRST in his Top Ten Stupid Ways to Hinder Market Adoption which is featured when you click his Best Posts of the Past. I highly recommend reading this post – and his sites.]
  3. Usability – If your visitors can not easily find what they’re seeking and figure out how to use your site they will simply go to another site that makes more sense to them. Be sure you have a quality search function and an easy to use shopping cart that doesn’t have intermittent issues rejecting valid sales.
  4. Conversion Rates – If your existing traffic is not converting you need to figure out why. Increasing Conversion Rates is Vastly More Important Than More Traffic.
  5. Are you maintaining relationships with your existing visitors? Focus on this next. The easiest sales to close are to people who are already happy with your service.
  6. If your existing site IS converting and usable NOW you can focus on driving more visitors. This can include methods such as using link building, listing on Local Search (even if you have an Internet only business), social networking, advertising, and article submission.
  7. Now that you’ve started covering all the basics consider using Web Analytics and Split Testing to further tune up your site.

Each of the above concepts can include far more strategies than we’ll cover now. Our intent is to ensure you have the big picture view of what is necessary for a successful online business. This includes understanding why they buy:

People buy when they are confident they have all the information required to make a purchase. Most are afraid of “making a mistake”. The easier you make it for buyers to make a decision the faster and more will buy from you.

One way to enhance your site’s ability to do this immediately is to use Free Hosted Live Chat. Place it prominently on your site with an icon a little larger than aesthetically optimum. Have someone FRIENDLY and KNOWLEDGEABLE available as much as possible.

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. Make it easy for people to leave reviews of your business, products and services both on your site and on major sites that have review functions.

GrowMap exists to assist you in understanding how to grow your own business. We are asking for your input. Do you understand the posts? Do you have more questions? There are NO dumb questions. For every person who asks there are probably a hundred who didn’t but wondered the same thing. Do ask. Ask anonymously if you wish, but do ask. Simply leave a comment in any post.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. mancyjackson says:

    As a Web Designer , I always give more priority for mentioned above points. As per as my experience i do consider logo, easy navigation and sitemap. If any website has these 3 point , Every user will take web design service from you because every company motto is customer satisfaction .

  2. One time I found a greart list of article sites to post your articles on, I expressed my thanks to the author and told her: “now I know how I will spend my free time”… And she replied to me “do you have free time LOL”… At that moment I understood that if you are fully in the internet marketing there is no way to have some free time and the heading of this post confirms it :)
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  3. Great tips. I have to confess that sometimes it makes me a bit tired that there is no done. That is probably not the right attitude, but sometimes I get tired of one project because in my mind I am already working on the next. And then it would be nice if something would just be finished. That I know that I have done everything I could and I am now maximizing the projects potential and can move on.
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  4. TeresaSchultz says:

    The title of your post – There is no done because there is always more you can do – really caught my eye. You are so right.

    I’m never done! aaaargh! :)

    It’s usually a case of: “Okay, which client’s work should I carry on with now, and, what about next month, I need to market for new clients, and, halfway through changing my site or blog, I say – No, this doesn’t look right, let me start again – only to come up with a new idea for alterations or additions the next day!

    It does keep me very busy, but I’m not going to give up – there’s always room for improvement – I just wish there was more room for available time! :)
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  5. You make a lot of great points in this post. Live chat is a must have for anyone running an online business — some customers don’t want to waste time hunting down information, and they’d much rather ask a couple of quick questions and get an answer right away.

    I also agree that you need to make the most of word of mouth. We reward current customers with customer credit when a new customer mentions them when they make a purchase. Also, customer testimonials are great — I always check out reviews of products before I buy, and I figure other people probably do the same.

  6. Welcome T.S. Really good to see you here and thank you so much for your comments. We’re really looking forward to sharing ideas with your circle and having your circle share ideas with us.

    Many people don’t realize there are niches of Internet users and bloggers that operate almost independently of each other. Reaching out to other niches has huge benefits for all involved.

    The exchange of information and contacts can create exponential growth. We’re a do follow blog, so anyone who visits and comments gains not only knowledge but also links that benefit their search engine results as well.

    Even more important, the visitor here who follows you back may be your next subscriber, lead, or buyer.

  7. T.S. Elliott says:

    I love this blog!!! Thank you for talking to me, so that I would find this. I really like the way you are thinking here, I tell CEO’s all the time that they are not done!!! There is so much more to do and it is a process that only changes and never ends. You guys are great. Great work you are doing here. Can’t wait to get an email to see how I can help you out and collaborate. You have a good thing here, hope many more people get this info, it is soo needed!!!


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