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Whether you are in HR, or you are the leader of a collaboration or small business, these tips from Dee can benefit you. If you don’t have an HR person, YOU are the person who deals with what HR would normally do.

In most cases, leadership is a qualitative trait that comes naturally to those who find themselves in a position to apply it. That being said, having found yourself in a leadership role, you understand the value of progressive learning. If you’ve been lucky enough to earn a role in human resources management consider yourself numbered among a select few..

Here are some core leadership responsibilities of which you should develop a comprehensive practical knowledge.


One of the most important appendices of your business strategy is organization. In most businesses, time is money, if only for the fact that it’s in high demand, especially at the management level. Most employees, especially retail chains, are paid by the hour. Your job, as an HR manager, is to ensure the highest productivity by choosing the right employees for the right positions.

Once you have hired a good team, you need to keep the lines of communication open with your associates. Let them tell you what they need in order to do their job more effectively. If your associates do not have what they need when they need it, they need to look for it. The extra time adds up. Keeping that time in your pocket means that it can be allocated to additional organizational objectives throughout the day, like paperwork.

Keeping the books is something that a lot of managers struggle with, but a strong command over time management, which goes hand-in-hand with organization, will allow you to use the extra time to make important documents, such as weekly print-outs, easily accessible. The less time you spend looking for those documents when it comes time to analyze them, the sooner you can start in on the new displays. The more organized the paperwork is, the easier it will be to identify and capitalize on successful trends.


It may seem trivial, but leading a team means more than just filing paperwork and processing payroll. It means working with your associates to learn their strengths and weaknesses. While this often entails keen observation, and trial and error, it can also mean reading body language to identify interests, and to determine their level of self-confidence.

Because working with customers is a more intimate activity than filing paperwork, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of what your associates are capable of in terms of empathy, among other things. Ask your associates to communicate what they feel they might be struggling with to you.

As an HR manager, your job is to capitalize on your associates’ capabilities and to help them overcome whatever weaknesses they may have. The right degree program will examine multiple facets of human behavior, including self-confidence. This knowledge can be applied to situations wherein a rattled associate needs a wing under him.

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