Blog Writing Training: Danny Iny’s System for Writing 1,000+ Quality Words in 60 Minutes

This is a guest post from Danny Iny from FirePole Marketing Training and author of Engagement from Scratch, Small Business Book Awards winner in the Social Media category.

Write Like Freddy Blogging Training

For a lot of bloggers,
writing is the bottleneck.

You know that you need to be guest posting and creating quality content… but it just takes so long!

If only you had more time, you’d be doing more of it, right?


The problem isn’t time, it’s process.
To paraphrase a quote from Bill Gates: spending more time
on an inefficient process just leads to MORE INEFFICIENCY.
More time wasted, and no results!

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Are You Spelling Challenged or Grappling with Grammar?

Let’s take a humorous look at a serious subject. How you write – especially if you’re a business – is important because your readers will make assumptions based on your style. Some will even refuse to read what you write or decide against doing business with you over tiny typos or grammatical errors.

I wonder how many realize what their spell checker does not catch? The title of this post is from one of the many humorous spell checker poems written about spell check programs. Ode to a Spell Checker is another.  Whoever composed these went to great lengths to poke fun at spell checking programs, but they do make the holes in the use of such tools painfully obvious. [Read more...]