Buy, Sell, and Discover Online Marketing Packages with Doublelinx: List Your Services; Find Service Providers

DoubleLinx List Marketing Services and Hire FreelancersI requested this guest post from DoubleLinx to learn more about their new freelance site for listing services and finding freelancers. Because they put buyers’ money into escrow until their work is completed and they are selective about who will be listed, I encourage those of us who have services to offer to get listed right away.

Find out more in this post, and see the link to where to list your services at the bottom of this post. [Read more…]

Yes You CAN Work for Yourself!

It wasn’t so very long ago that most people worked for themselves. There is no reason we can not start again. Some may do it for additional income; others may choose to earn all of their income the old-fashioned way – either by choice or because they have been laid off or can no longer find work.

There is no special magic required to do this. There are infinite ways to make money online or off. Here are just a few [Read more…]