12 Free WordPress Plugins That All Business Websites Should Be Using

WordPress is allegedly one of the most popular content management system in the world right now – for some good reasons. With a raving community of developers, there are so many WordPress plugins developed and launched out there, that can make life so much easier when it comes to managing your company website.

If you are looking for one or two free plugins for your WordPress-powered site, I do have some recommendations for you. Here’s a list of 12 great WordPress plugins that’ll make tasks like content creation, social sharing, subscription-handling, and site maintenance way less stressful for you and/or your employees!


photo credit: Kristina Alexanderson

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How to Turn More Website Visitors into Customers

Get more money out of your website

Hello everyone. I’m Bojan Jovanovic and today I’ll share some tips that helped me with getting more business out of my website.

Many people think about how to drive more traffic to a website and that’s okay, you need traffic if you want to monetize your website. However, the vast majority of website owners think only about getting more visitors and not spending even a minute on turning these visitors into customers. In the following text, I’ll detail some of the easiest and the most effective tricks for getting more business out of your website. [Read more…]

GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin aka GASP Missing Checkbox After Upgrading WordPress: FIX

There have been reports so far from two bloggers involving three blogs that after upgrading to WordPress 3.3.1 the checkbox for the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin (G.A.S.P.) goes missing.

Blogs affected so far are all using the FREE version –
not CommentLuv Premium.

Ileane @BasicBlogTips Recommendation of GASP

Ileane @BasicBlogTips Recommends GASP Click Image to Read

Bloggers using CommentLuv Premium who have upgraded to WordPress 3.3.1 including Donna Fontenot’s (@DonnaFontenot) ebusiness coaching blog and Ron Cripps’ (@AffiliateXFiles) MakeItYourRing do NOT have the problem.

Kristi Hines (@Kikolani) – a wonderful person who supports other bloggers and wrote the Ultimate Blog Post Promotion Guide, dropped everything and upgraded a blog using the free version to 3.3.1 to test for issues.

The GASP checkbox was still visible, so the good news is there
is not a major problem with upgrading to WordPress 3.3.1.

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CommentLuv Premium Plugin: Reviews, Benefits, Where to Get It and WHY You Want It

Buying CommentLuv Premium is still very affordable.
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The much awaited day when anyone can buy their own copy of the 8-in-1 WordPress plugin CommentLuv Premium has finally arrived. If you don’t know why there has been so much buzz about it – or why you want to snap it up while it is on sale for the lowest price it will ever be available for again – check out these previous posts: [Read more…]

Automattic JetPack Stats Plugin Hijacks Comments on Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs without Permission

UnacceptableOne of the benefits of knowing really sharp bloggers is they notice and warn other bloggers right away of changes that are detrimental to their blogs.

When business coach and online project management consultant Vernessa Taylor noticed that the subscribe to comments function Ileane usually used was replaced by an email from WordPress.com, they discussed the issue and realized the latest update of JetPack Stats – a WordPress provided stats plugin – was the culprit.

Vernessa feels the same way I do about what WordPress, Themes and plugins should and should NOT do and high on my list is the belief that they should NOT change how my blogs work without notifying me FIRST and giving me the option to refuse. [Read more…]