The Business Benefits of Joomla Versus WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are two of the most well-known Content Management Systems (CMS) on the globe. Both are great CMS systems; however, which system is best for your business? Let us compare and contrast the business benefits of using Joomla over WordPress.

Joomla Benefits

According to Gev Balyan, the owner of Bang2Joom, a Joomla template developer, “it is a more robust platform geared for larger companies who need features like memberships, ecommerce options, blogging, multi-user roles, etc.”Joomla

Additionally, Joomla can become a portal, a great option for businesses looking to create a community. With all of the forums, news, and other similar features Joomla can easily help a site owner create whatever type of community they want. Unlike WordPress, all these features are already included in the software out of the box.

Finally, Joomla has [Read more…]

Why You Must CONTROL and OWN Your Own Domain

RichMousePromotions / RichMousePointsThis is a guest post co-authored by Gail with Monty Ferbert who started out in Internet marketing with Richmouse promotions more then 10 years ago.

Monty owns a highly successful membership site called Richmousepoints and many other successful websites.

The most important thing you will ever do online is OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN!

If you don’t know why read this post. If you don’t understand why, ASK ME.

Read on for how to register your domain, where your site really lives, how
people find it, IP addresses, and what a DNS (domain name server) does.


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Read this post so you can CONTROL your domain and NOT turn into this guy!

Newbies and experienced people alike can fall prey to many cons on the Internet – and one of the most dangerous pitfalls to watch out for online is the evil domainer con. [Read more…]