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Easy way to Build an Impressive WebSite

The market for code free website builders is growing at a brisk pace. Site builders have come a long way since their early days where they would restrict you as a designer. We are seeing an increasing number of site builders that allow you to express your creativity.

Web Start Today is one such tool that is being used by professional designers. It is a user-friendly design studio that allows you to create websites without any knowledge of coding. Here are some insights into the features and functionalities of this tool and how it can help you design stunning websites. [Read more...]

Mobile Responsive Web Templates: How to Start Using PSD Templates

Flex Mobile Responsive Theme

Flex Mobile Responsive Theme

There are many kinds of templates that you can use to start building a website. Some are better for using on mobile sites, some are good for first-time designers, some are good for photographers, and others are good for graphics designers.

It’s difficult to know [Read more...]

A Starters’ Guide to Taking Your Business Online

Taking Your Business Online

Taking Your Small Business Online

Click image to read more about how to take your small business online

Now more than ever, the importance of trying to market a company in as many different places as possible has become paramount.

A simple listing in a directory or a few flyers being posted in a local neighbourhood, not to mention word of mouth aren’t enough to try and increase awareness of a business – particularly one that’s just starting up.

Just a click away?

Going online is something the vast majority of businesses large and small are doing in order to keep ahead of the curve. Some companies are choosing to make their website the cornerstone of their entire operations by choosing to sell their products exclusively online, while others are using the web to complement an existing retail outlet or warehouse.

Having a website is an absolute must for businesses irrespective of how big or small they may be. Even the tiniest SME could make good use of what the web has to offer by engaging with customers, improving their marketing materials and boosting brand recognition through the site itself and various social media channels. But what’s needed to make it happen? [Read more...]

Why You Must CONTROL and OWN Your Own Domain

RichMousePromotions / RichMousePointsThis is a guest post co-authored by Gail with Monty Ferbert who started out in Internet marketing with Richmouse promotions more then 10 years ago.

Monty owns a highly successful membership site called Richmousepoints and many other successful websites.

The most important thing you will ever do online is OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN!

If you don’t know why read this post. If you don’t understand why, ASK ME.

Read on for how to register your domain, where your site really lives, how
people find it, IP addresses, and what a DNS (domain name server) does.


animated gif

Read this post so you can CONTROL your domain and NOT turn into this guy!

Newbies and experienced people alike can fall prey to many cons on the Internet – and one of the most dangerous pitfalls to watch out for online is the evil domainer con. [Read more...]

The Serious Drawbacks to Using FLASH for Web Design: Usability, SEO, Editability

Visiting the many golf-related Web sites while doing research for NoBogies is a continual reminder of a major Web design issue commonly seen on business Web sites: using Flash everywhere and especially ONLY using Flash. The only thing I have never figured out is WHY Web designers are doing this in the first place! Perhaps they teach them to do so in college?

I wonder how many companies realize the serious drawbacks and what an extremely poor Web experience Flash sites provide for a very large segment of the Internet-using population? Even among golfers there are bound to be many who simply can not benefit from these types of sites.

Here’s how one exceptional Web Designer and SEO I know replied to my question about whether Flash is still a bad idea:

MikeTek: @GrowMap:  Beyond the usability (which is generally awful) the SEO implications of a full-Flash site can be horrendous. [Read more...]