3 Surprising Ways Technology is Taking Over Healthcare

Healthcare will always be a people-driven business, because there are simply some things a machine can’t do. Doctors and other medical professionals are able to listen to patients; they are able to comfort and console; and they can make creative leaps — after all, a machine is only as good as its programming.

But as technology gains more of a foothold in healthcare, the industry itself is shifting from a science to a practice. Here are three big ways technology is taking over healthcare.

Medical scanner

Better Diagnoses

One of the biggest ways technology is taking over healthcare is in the way patients are diagnosed. Ask a different doctor, get a different diagnosis is a trend that has gone on for far too long, and it could be dangerous.

In the United States, over 40,000 ICU patients die every year from misdiagnosis — that is roughly the same number of people who die from breast cancer.

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Are You Ready for BYOD?

38% of U.S. CIOs support BYOD; 82% of companies allow some personal devices

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The Case for Bringing Your Own Device

Achieving a sense of work-life balance is important for workers, but it’s also in the interest of employers. According to a study by recruitment firm Michael Page, 90% of HR leaders are prioritising employee happiness and 81% of the companies polled looked for ways to help staff achieve a healthy work-life balance.

When it comes to finding that all-important work-life balance,
BYOD plays a key role.

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Traditional Advertising Strategies that Still Hold True in the Digital Age

Law at Deakin Uni - Tram Advertising

Law at Deakin Uni – Tram Advertising

The internet has revolutionized advertising in many ways. Never before has such a global audience been so easily accessible, and it’s easier than ever for small businesses to get their name out there through social media and website promotion.

Online advertising has risen 16 percent in 2013, and Google’s business department believes that 50 percent of all advertising will be online in the next 5 years. But it’s still a relatively small percentage of a company’s budget, and it’s had much less impact on the general state of company promotion than you might think.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is far from dead, and there’s no substitute for offline advertising such as billboards, television commercials, and print ads. What does that mean for small business? [Read more…]