Media Coverage: It is All About the Eyeballs. Lies and Conditioning.

Most important item for homeless survival

Why a backpack? Click image to find out.

The wind rages around the house as I write this; whistling through the eaves and throwing dog and cat dishes, horse feeders, water troughs and anything else not tied down about the yard. It is bitter cold outside and below freezing in many cities.

Meanwhile, across America, we can be thankful that most have a roof over their heads.

The problem is, collectively we are guilty of a great travesty of not wanting to know about those who do not. If you are tempted to click away, may I remind you that you aren’t four (probably – maybe someone four does actually read my blog. It could happen.) Grownups should WANT to know the truth.

The media makes pretending so easy for us. They outright lie.
They manufacture statistics that are entire nonsense.
They spin and even ignore the truth.

They cover up what they don’t want us to know [Read more…]