7 Reasons to Start Your Business on a Shoestring

I’ve asked Kurt Frankenberg to share details about his new book (free for Amazon Prime members) on how to start a REAL small business on a shoestring so you make money immediately – without incurring any debt or needing start-up money.

Get Paid Today book cover - available on KindleWhy to read these 1,500 words:
They ‘ll make ya cool.
Oh, and profitable. Fast.

What they’re about: Sliding right past the dumb mistakes that first-time… heck, even LONG-time entrepreneurs STILL make… and either makin’ some bacon… or knowing when to move on. Invest six minutes with me and discover how to kick some booty right now.

In this economy, entrepreneurship has moved to front and center. More and more Americans and citizens abroad have turned to business ownership, either part-time or full-time. It’s the only way to break the “glass ceiling” and reach their income and lifestyle goals.

But doesn’t running a business have an (ahem) shall we say, EXPENSIVE learning curve? [Read more…]

Starting a Business: How to Build a Strong Foundation

Family Business

You probably don’t need to be told how easy it is for a start-up business to fail. According to Forbes Magazine, nearly 80 percent of small businesses don’t make it through the first three years. If your business is based online? That number rises to 95 percent.

Most people might get chased away by such staggering statistics, but really there’s a simple explanation for them. Starting a business is easier now than it ever was before because [Read more…]

Startup Crowdfunding: 10 Crowd Funding Sites to Fuel Your Projects

What is CrowdFunding?

Image Credit: SmallBizTrends ~ Click image to read Small Business Financing Options

In light of the scarcity of project finances, most entrepreneurs are looking for other avenues through which their business projects can be funded. Crowd funding has been the latest concept of funding innovative ideas where a community funds ideas, projects and well articulated business models.

Since its inception, the number of sites and firms that offer this facility is growing tremendously. Here are the top ten sites with respect to crowd funding. [Read more…]

Start-Up Blunders You Can Learn From

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Start-Up Blunders You Can Learn From

Like anything else in life, if you’re thinking of starting a business, you should look to those who have gone before you. While you should take the time to learn from the successes of others, you should also spend time researching their mistakes. It’s reported that only 10 percent of new businesses will still be operating after five years. If you hope to be among that coveted 10 percent, here are common blunders that you should learn from: [Read more…]

Keys for Starting Successful Mobile Kitchen Businesses

Blue and White Sign: Open Your Own Business

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When it comes to starting a business without a lot of money, there aren’t many options. The old adage about getting what you paid for is certainly true in the business world.

But what can you do if you really don’t have any other options than starting a business on the “cheap”? One option is to start a mobile kitchen business.

This could be a hot dog cart, sandwich stand, or even a traveling catering service (if your cooking abilities are top notch).

No matter which food business you go into, here are three important
keys to starting a successful mobile kitchen business.

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