Social Media and Online Forex Trading

The impact of social media in various walks of life is a well-known fact. And the busy and lucrative forex trading is not immune to the charm exuded by social media. From being thought of as a traditional trading platform, solo investors now have turned to social media networks to get the best of market strategies right from the experts. [Read more...]

Social Media Analytics Tools to Make Your Campaign Work Harder #smm

Twitter Counter Stats for 3 mos for GrowMap

Example of TwitterCounter Stats showing growth @GrowMap for the last 3 months.

Unfortunately, setting up some beautifully designed and quality-content-populated social media profiles doesn’t guarantee an immediate army of loyal followers. If it did, marketing wouldn’t exist and establishing brand awareness would be a simple as assigning a witty Twitter handle and occasionally retweeting an industry face.

Small business owners are regularly faced with the same dilemma; they want to utilise social media, but don’t know how to make the most out of their campaign or how to target their audience effectively. You could panic and enlist the help of an agency, but social is something that can be perfected over time with the right tools and a little gentle persistence.

It is possible to make your campaign perform on even the most modest of budgets using free analytics tools to determine when your audience are most likely to be interacting and which posts attract the most engagement. As well as monitoring success, I’ll also be highlighting tools you can use to determine unnatural competitor spikes and schedule posts at optimum times. [Read more...]

Google Places Versus Google Local Plus; Which for Small Business?

Google Places versus Google Plus Local ~ Which For Small Business?  How to Easily Get Incoming Links from Authority Sites at

Google has made local business listings very confusing for small businesses. Anyone who has a physical address and phone number they can use should have local listings.

Local listings are among the strongest and easiest to obtain of all incoming links. They make your business easier to find and improve your search engine listings for all searches.

Google Places or Google Local Plus

Since Google will send you the most traffic and business we need to start with them. Amanda DiSilvestro has made this easier with this very comprehensive  Search Engine Watch post explaining [Read more...]

Twitter Inner Circle: How to Join Mine or Create Your Own

In honor of #FollowFriday I thought my readers might want to see who is in my Twitter “inner circle”. Go to and you can see your own (free).

How many of these Twitter Avatars do you recognize? These are the people you should be connecting with because they are social media savvy serious bloggers, journalists, or writers. It is EASY to collaborate with influential bloggers using Twitter. Find out how in this post.

Vizify Portrait of GrowMap Inner Circle

Are you a regular reader who would like to be featured on GrowMap? Leave a comment with as many Twitter usernames as you can find matching the accounts pictured in the image and whoever knows the most can either guest post or have me mention them in a post here on GrowMap.

HINT: Put any of my posts into and you can find a lot of these bloggers because they retweet my content regularly.  Want to see my top content? Go to

Would you like to be one of my collaborators or in my inner circle? 
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Getting Started in Social Media #smbiz

Social Media How-to for Small Business #smallbiz #smbiz

Many small businesses and bloggers don’t have any idea where to start when it comes to social media. Few realize there are hundreds of social networks, but only a small number of those will be important to you.

1) IMPORTANT: Choose Your Username Wisely!

It is essential that you use the SAME user name on every platform. Ideally you want to use the same username everywhere you participate online.

Because [Read more...]