5 Ways to Encourage Social Media Sharing #smm

Sunglasses symbolizing getting eyeballs on your content by using multi-media to encourage social sharing

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Once you get your company’s social media accounts running and generating content, the next strategy your marketing team will need to tackle is engagement. This analytics concept is a culmination of how many people share, comment, like, retweet, or otherwise interact with your social media posts.

Engagement is crucial because it can build promoters outside your usual social media networks and company channels. Here are five ways to boost engagement rates through calls to action, multimedia content, and hash tags. [Read more...]

STOP! We Are Doing Social Media Marketing All Wrong. Fix in #JJJRH

"Effort. It matters more than most people want to admit." ~ @GaryVee ~

Some of us may be pretty sure we know what we’re doing. But do we? Major platforms like Facebook always start out as one thing and morph into something else. I never have “gotten” Facebook. Most know I’m there – but it just hasn’t been “my thing”.

Now I “get” Facebook because of Gary.
And the FB I “get” isn’t the FB I started on.

I want you to really “meet” New York Times best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk aka @GaryVee because the way he has promoted his latest book is beyond brilliant. I have never seen anything like it. [Read more...]

Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

In 2012, Facebook changed its algorithm and this made it more difficult for small businesses to expand their organic reach on the social media site.  Posts that used to easily reach fans are not getting nearly as many views so business owners need to get creative in how they market their brand and they need to shift their focus to quality over quantity when it comes to how many likes a post gets.  Each post must multitask and work to explain your brand and why it is great at the same time. [Read more...]

Social Media vs. Email Marketing – The Ultimate Showdown

Integrating Email + Social Media Image Credit: Adotas.com Email + Social Media: The Horse Goes in Front

Social Media marketing is something of a hot topic at the moment, and because of that fact, many people believe that email marketing is dead. Conversely, and far to the contrary, others suggest that email is still more valuable and offers more conversion than social media ever will.

At the end of the day, people will argue for their favourite promotional method, often without providing any real facts. If you want to know what’s really best for your business, keep reading to see Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing go head to head. We’ll cover pros, cons, benefits, and basic tactics of each and then give you a basic summary. [Read more...]

Getting Started in Social Media #smbiz

Social Media How-to for Small Business #smallbiz #smbiz

Many small businesses and bloggers don’t have any idea where to start when it comes to social media. Few realize there are hundreds of social networks, but only a small number of those will be important to you.

1) IMPORTANT: Choose Your Username Wisely!

It is essential that you use the SAME user name on every platform. Ideally you want to use the same username everywhere you participate online.

Because [Read more...]