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5 Ways to Encourage Social Media Sharing #smm

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Once you get your company’s social media accounts running and generating content, the next strategy your marketing team will need to tackle is engagement. This analytics concept is a culmination of how many people share, comment, like, retweet, or otherwise interact with your social media posts.

Engagement is crucial because it can build promoters outside your usual social media networks and company channels. Here are five ways to boost engagement rates through calls to action, multimedia content, and hash tags. [Read more…]

STOP! We Are Doing Social Media Marketing All Wrong. Fix in #JJJRH

"Effort. It matters more than most people want to admit." ~ @GaryVee ~

Some of us may be pretty sure we know what we’re doing. But do we? Major platforms like Facebook always start out as one thing and morph into something else. I never have “gotten” Facebook. Most know I’m there – but it just hasn’t been “my thing”.

Now I “get” Facebook because of Gary.
And the FB I “get” isn’t the FB I started on.

I want you to really “meet” New York Times best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk aka @GaryVee because the way he has promoted his latest book is beyond brilliant. I have never seen anything like it. [Read more…]

Getting Started in Social Media #smbiz

Social Media How-to for Small Business #smallbiz #smbiz

Many small businesses and bloggers don’t have any idea where to start when it comes to social media. Few realize there are hundreds of social networks, but only a small number of those will be important to you.

1) IMPORTANT: Choose Your Username Wisely!

It is essential that you use the SAME user name on every platform. Ideally you want to use the same username everywhere you participate online.

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What All Small Business Needs To Know About Social Media

The most important thing small businesses need to remember as they start adopting social media marketing is the very same thing that might make them reluctant to engage in this strategy in the first place.

small business social media

This is the fact that this type of business marketing is much more a two-way street than anything that’s come before.

Even if companies have previously tried to listen to their customers, taking surveys, having complaints departments, and so on, the relationship has traditionally been very top-down. But now that has to change. Social media has begun to turn the company-customer relationship into a real conversation.

This thought actually terrifies some companies, while it makes others angry. Why resort to social media guidelines, they reason, when they’ve got tried and true advertising methods that have worked for decades?

They are used to putting ads and specs out there to tell the customer what they think he or she should know, and this customer has previously been a fairly passive recipient of the word from on high. Now the customer expects to talk back and even make judgements on the company’s products and way of doing business. Yet rather than embracing this social media strategy, some companies view this new way of doing business as suicidal.

The reason, of course, is the fear of losing control of their own brand. But social media marketing can ultimately be beneficial to the companies that integrate it with all their other marketing strategies. For one thing, customers will feel listened to, especially if they see their genuinely valuable suggestions being taken up by the company.

The Mistakes Small Business Make

As a marketing consultant here in Australia, this is one strategy that has been very slow to take off by many small businesses. Yes some have gone down the road of using social media,  but have left disgusted and frustrated at the negative impact it had on their small business. So why did this happen? Simply put, they never used the social media platform to engage their readers – only to sell any and every product they could.

As an example of this, I have taken over a campaign from a DIY webmaster that had set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote his rain water tanks. That was his first mistake. From his lack of understanding about his audience and day after day tweeting and posting about his products, he was not adding value or even engaging his readers. In fact, he was alienating them more and more each day.

What he needed to do was offer value in the way of notifying his followers about any changes in Australia about the water tank rebates. Or share how to care for and maintain any existing water storage tanks his followers may already own. Or even let them know what the most innovation rainwater tanks to install are – and why.

It’s all about customer engagement and holding the interest of the reader!
Shoving promotion after promotion down someone’s
throat is the wrong way to go.

It’s All About Growing A Business

After all, businesses as well as individuals have room to grow and improve. If customers are part of the process, they’ll feel greater brand loyalty. And if the company uses a social media campaign to create buzz around new products, then the customers themselves will become part of spreading the word.

The one thing that always comes through, though, is whether or not a company’s social media marketing is merely a cynical ploy to use customers’ personal networks to their own advantage. If people are not genuinely respected and taken seriously by the business, then social media principles work the opposite way, too.

Disillusionment or disgust over a company’s products or practices can spread through this media platform even more quickly than approval. The best way for businesses to adapt to the social media world is to become full-fledged members, engaging in genuine conversations.