How to Create Your Own Small Business Empire by Leveraging Your Contacts

Forbes estimates that there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States. With the unemployment rate still sitting at 6.3 percent, starting a small business is an attractive option for many people. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, here’s how you can do it.


Leverage Your Contacts

Billy Stade, founder of the Closet, a clothing store in Orange County, California, made deals with business contacts to arrange for product to sell when he was starting his business. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to afford it on his own. In 2005, he made $6 million in sales and he has three locations in Orange County.

Don’t be afraid to approach people you know about helping you with your business. [Read more...]

How Are Display Stands Used to Increase Business? #IRCE

This is a guest post I requested Display Wizard to write for my readers. With the Internet Retailer conference coming up in June and many events throughout the year on every continent, businesses need to know what kind of displays are available to make a strong showing as an exhibitor.

There are so many different types of display stands a small business or consultant can use to increase sales – but few even know they exist. Although this particular company provides promotional stands in the UK, the same types are available worldwide.

Linked Pop-Ups for Industry Events

While you may be familiar with Exhibition Stands from Industry Events, there are so many other types of indoor and outdoor signage that can increase sales. [Read more...]

Why Low Cost Focus Destroys Economies ~ Small Business Improves Standard of Living

Kaufman, TexasKaufman is one of those rare cities fortunate to still have a thriving downtown, small businesses and no Wal-Mart, Lowes, or Home Depot.

How long that happy circumstance will last and small businesses survive remains to be seen because it was through lucky circumstance and not local awareness that Wal-Mart has not yet built there.

They do have experience with what happens to small businesses when a multi-national corporation expands. Kaufman had three family owned pharmacies. Two have closed since CVS expanded. (To be fair, regional grocer Brookshires expanded too so CVS alone may not be responsible for the loss of two family pharmacies.

The way I understand it [Read more...]

PageRank, Google, Continue to Kill Jobs, Small Business and Blogs #smallbiz

Google bulldozing small busineses

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“Our family run business has been
destroyed by Google’s animal updates

We too have disavowed twice all of the bad links and removed as many others as possible and still no recovery.

Now on the first page of Google for all of our keywords
sits Target, Walmart, Home Depot etc.

Small businesses like mine with better selection, price, customer service etc. have been pushed back to page 2 or 3 and forced to spend more on AdWords to try to hang on. We desperately trying to stay in business now with our organic traffic down 80%.

Something needs to change and I hope soon. Great article Sugarrae I loved it!” ~ Steve January 30, 2014 at 6:42 pm in WebProNews

NOTE: This was one of 62 comments that were originally in the version of Sugar Rae’s post Google Propaganda, SEO and Why Marketers Need to Wake Up when I captured the two used in this post.

WebProNews has since DELETED those comments.
WHY? Too compelling? The public deserves to
know how small businesses are being affected.

Day after day more small businesses are laid to waste, barely hanging on, having to let their employees go or even close their doors in the path of Google’s relentless quest to favor big brands. [Read more...]

Can Small Businesses Gain From Using B2B Marketing Software?

B2B Marketing Software funnel

B2B Marketing Software shows marketing effectiveness so you can improve it.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. There are approximately 28 million small businesses in the country, most of them being owned by self-employed workers. Since 1995, 65% of the new jobs that were filled were created by small business owners. The average annual sales that non-employer small businesses generate is $44,000, according to Forbes.

Clearly, the average revenues small businesses yield each year isn’t a lot. To some it might not seem like enough money for small business owners to pay themselves, let alone have enough money to pay for marketing. However, if small business owners expect to achieve success, they have to find ways to hurdle over these and other typical challenges. [Read more...]