Is Your Site REALLY on Page One at Google? MUST READ INFO for #smbiz #ecommerce

Search engine choices in FireFox showing Google Unpersonalized option

Image Credit: Blog.Serps.Com ~ Click image to read Manually checking a keyword ranking in Google

Every day countless numbers of ecommerce and Web site owners THINK they are on the first page of Google or even #1 on Google when they are nowhere to be found.

Google’s personalized results greatly mislead many business owners and ecommerce site owners to falsely believe they are ranking in Google’s serps.

To see where your site REALLY ranks, you need to log out of Google AND use Google unpersonalized.


Here are three posts that explain this more comprehensively:

Please share this information with others you know and especially with those who have ecommerce sites because they do not realize they are wasting their time checking rankings.

When Google personalizes your results, your site is always
going to show higher to you than it does to potential buyers!

I strongly recommend that when you do check your rankings you click on your site or you are negatively affecting your search rankings because you are lowering your click through rate (CTR). Google COULD filter out actions on your IP, but as far as I know they do not.

This is doubly important if you pay for AdWords or other pay per click advertising (ppc ads). If you search on phrases that have low search volume you can reduce your own CTRs which can raise the cost you pay per click. If you can’t refrain from searching, click on your own SEARCH ads at least some of the time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never click on AdSense ads appearing on your own sites even if you are sincerely interested in what is advertised because Google may ban you from AdSense for life. AdWords are when YOU advertise. AdSense is when you DISPLAY ads on your site.

If you click on ads appearing on your own sites, Google will ban you forever. The odds of getting that reversed are slim and none.

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