How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Business

Before this digital era, marketing was one of the most difficult areas of a business. Promoting the business required humongous efforts, substantial finances and reaped unpredictable results.

In these times, the advent of the various digital tools and the internet were a blessing. The internet provided a huge variety of easy to use platforms and tools for marketing – all at little or no cost – with measurable results.

Launching Your Website

The extensive reach of the internet, coupled with its inexpensive nature, has made it the most common way of promoting businesses, big and small, worldwide.

Here are some of the top most effective ways of promoting your business on the internet: [Read more…]

How to Monitor Backlinks to Catch Negative SEO Quickly

Negative SEO nightmare

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When we think of SEO, the first word that comes to our mind is “backlinks”. The rule is simple: the more relevant and quality backlinks you have, the higher your business is ranked in Google. Backlinks are still the most important ranking factor for search engines, no matter what some say.

Why you should monitor incoming links

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PageRank, Google, Continue to Kill Jobs, Small Business and Blogs #smallbiz

Google bulldozing small busineses

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“Our family run business has been
destroyed by Google’s animal updates

We too have disavowed twice all of the bad links and removed as many others as possible and still no recovery.

Now on the first page of Google for all of our keywords
sits Target, Walmart, Home Depot etc.

Small businesses like mine with better selection, price, customer service etc. have been pushed back to page 2 or 3 and forced to spend more on AdWords to try to hang on. We desperately trying to stay in business now with our organic traffic down 80%.

Something needs to change and I hope soon. Great article Sugarrae I loved it!” ~ Steve January 30, 2014 at 6:42 pm in WebProNews

NOTE: This was one of 62 comments that were originally in the version of Sugar Rae’s post Google Propaganda, SEO and Why Marketers Need to Wake Up when I captured the two used in this post.

WebProNews has since DELETED those comments.
WHY? Too compelling? The public deserves to
know how small businesses are being affected.

Day after day more small businesses are laid to waste, barely hanging on, having to let their employees go or even close their doors in the path of Google’s relentless quest to favor big brands. [Read more…]

Guest Blogging is Dead; Long Live Guest Blogging; NOT Done!

BAD guest blogging is dead; GOOD guest blogging is still King

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“Guest blogging is done”. So stated Matt Cutts in The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO. Bad guest blogging IS most certainly dead. But properly done, we will all continue to guest blog.

Bad Guest Blogging

We all need to get very clear on why Matt Cutts claims “guest blogging is done”.  Agencies are still doing what is clearly not wise to do. They are still getting their clients Penguined on purpose. Even after they’ve had it explained to them.

So as a business, blogger, or agency this is what you need to know: [Read more…]

How NOT to Do Blog Outreach to Avoid Unnatural Link Profile Penalties

How to Increase the Domain Authority of your site

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Many bloggers make a living writing, publishing or placing content. What they don’t know can end up hurting them, their clients, and their collaborators who own sites.

Learn how to SAFELY place content and increase your Domain Authority.

Far too many “SEOs” focus on cheap instead of on quality. Many businesses rely on those they hire who may or may not actually know what they’re doing. That is why so many are wasting hundreds of hours removing even quality links. [Read more…]