Google Results Image: Paid Versus Organic Listings

Google is not your friend
In fact, you are not even Google’s customer.
You are the PRODUCT Google sells to its customers.

The ppc blog logoWhen I saw the image below in a ppc training blog post warning lead generation advertisers of what is to come I had to share it with my readers.

I encourage anyone who relies on organic or paid AdWords traffic to make the time to read that excellent post and subscribe to and follow @theppcblog on Twitter.

This image is for all those who still insist that Google has the best search results. I ask you to look at the image below and then answer the question below it.

Google Serp Layout Paid Versus Organic

Do you suppose the income from promoted listings might affect what Google chooses to display above the fold and on most of the first page?

“Are you STILL sure Google provides the best results?”

Almost all of the first page in that example is advertising. [Read more…]

Google Farmer Update aka Panda Slaps Google Shopping and Google Maps Competitors

Be sure to scroll down to the many resources and tips from top SEOs on how to survive Panda, improve your site and regain some of your traffic.

Long term be sure you understand that Google Favors Big Brands and how Google will impact your business and life.

google panda update

Click image for Panda Update Survival Tips

All of the sites mentioned below are on the Numbers Crunchers list of the most affected domains published by SearchEngineLand.

If your site is on that list and not mentioned below, let me know in the comments and I will add it.

If your business was affected you are encouraged to leave a comment.


UPDATE March 1, 2011: The types of sites most affected by Google Farmer Update are:

I argue that many of these sites have great added value for users and ARE NOT “thin on content”. More details on competitors to Google Shopping and Google Maps below.

While the Google update (that occurred last Thursday, February 24, 2011) has been dubbed the “Farmer Update” because the target was supposedly content farms, the list of Sistrix’ top 100 losers includes many who are direct Google Competitors.


Glancing through the tables of Sistrix data, I picked out this incomplete list of sites affected and grouped them by type. No doubt I missed a few and many similar sites will be affected.

Many are competitors to Google Maps [Read more…]

Google Monopoly: The Google Guillotine

WHY I Warn Against Google’s Power

My regular readers know that I frequently warn of the dangers of allowing Google and other multi-national Corporations to have monopolistic control over our lives, economies and businesses.

Adotas Senior Editor Gavin Dunaway’s post Google Stands Up For Its Search on the buzz about Google not working as well as their reputation suggests prompted me to write a comment that turned into a guest post.

Google Guillotine

Gavin is featuring my post on the home page at Adotas Interactive Advertising Blog where you see the image above currently visible.

I hope you will read and share it.  (Just click the image above to go there.)

[Read more…]

Google Instant Faster Than Bob Dylan?

By now you’ve probably seen many posts about Google Instant but have you seen the take-off on Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues?

I only have one question. I wonder what Bob thinks… [Read more…]

Why You Can NOT Rely Solely on Organic Search Listings for Traffic and Revenue

Every time I take a peek into the Web analytics accounts for a blog or especially an online store I see something I consider to be VERY frightening! The percentage of traffic and sales being derived from traffic from only one source is frequently 50-70+%!

Can you imagine what would happen to your blog or business if your traffic and sales suddenly dropped by 50-70%!

Don’t think it can happen? It does all the time. The most famous blogger Darren Rowse of ProBlogger and TwiTip wrote an excellent post about his own experience of losing two-thirds of his traffic and income. He has covered this subject several times:

Do you notice anything about the dates of these posts? Remember in the post just prior to this that I mentioned pay per click bid prices having artificially high minimums? Those coincide with organic listings swinging wildly but mostly dropping. (Some have to go up for others to go down.)

If your business normally sees a major increase in sales – or even makes the majority of sales – during the holiday shopping season what would YOU do if your traffic dropped in the middle of the optimum sales period because [Read more…]