Benefits of Hiring a Printing Professional

Photo of a Ricoh Wide Format PrinterMany people assume that sending printing out is more expensive. It isn’t. The high cost of ink for desktop printers makes them the most expensive way to print. They’re perfect for very small quantities, but any time you want to print many copies of anything using a professional printer will typically be less expensive.

Business cards, stationary, forms (especially multi-part forms), fliers – these are all print jobs better sent out than done in the business. I love this video created by Snap Printing because it lays out how to create customer loyalty – something I regularly recommend to clients.

I’ve asked Snap Printing to share other benefits of outsourcing to a printer versus in-house printing. [Read more…]

How to Use Stickers to Make Businesses Popular in Untraditional Ways

Even though we focus on online marketing, that does NOT mean that offline promotions are not essential. In this guest post, Jawad Latif shares with us how businesses could be using stickers to raise awareness and increase sales.

Using bumper stickers to promote your business

Custom Bumper Stickers

When competition is high and the economy is challenging, organizations and businesses have to adopt new and different marketing and advertising strategies.

While most people think of stickers as being for children and simply laugh off the idea of marketing your business with printed stickers, savvy businesses find creative ways to use them. [Read more…]