How YOU Can Generate Sales By Launching New Products Like An Expert

You know I usually ignore new launches and hype because so often they over-promise and deliver little of substance. In this case, though, I personally know Eric Larson. He sold hundreds in his first product without having affiliates or his own list. But the launch isn’t where the real money is made. I’ll elaborate…

By selling the first product at a low launch price, you can generate cashflow and testimonials you can use to promote that product and others. The real money is made with “backend offers” – additional offers you know the buyers would be interested in based on what they bought.  That first success allows you to get others to promote your product. Little Guy….Big Profits explains exactly how this is done.

Little Guy sitting on a pile of money from his Big Profits

The problem with most products is they tell you WHAT you need to do, but not how to actually get it done. Often, the strategies they share require you to already have a huge mailing list and/or relationships with others who do. Or they tell you to launch on Warrior Forum without instructions on how to do it.

Eric explains exactly how to keep your launch at the top to maximize sales. (Yes, you have to invest some cash – but not a lot of cash.)

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Affiliate Marketing Tips Part 2 – Future of Publishing

VigLink CEO Oliver Roup gives you part 2 of his and Murray’s affiliate marketing tips sub-series in Future of Publishing. While last week’s episode had more basic tips to introduce people to improving their campaigns, this week’s episode covers more advanced topics that drill down on the specifics of affiliate marketing. Find out what they say below:


  • Cookie redirects can happen within your domain…
  • As long as you get special software.
  • Make sure your ads are well-targeted!

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Content is NOT King; Relationships are King

This is a guest post from Chris at The Traffic Blogger.

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you had a few hours I might actually debate the answer to this question with you but, for now, let’s use this as an analogy for making money online.

Which came first, the content or the relationship? Everyone tells me how making money online involves having awesome content, in fact, many would recommend having the best content. However, if you think about this simple question of which came first, the content or the relationship, you will begin to realize that the money isn’t in the content, but rather, in the relationship.

On The Traffic Blogger, I once talked about how content was king and an exposure channel was his queen. However, over time I have come to realize that your content is meaningless without this exposure channel, which is really nothing more than a series of relationships that allows you to advertise your content. Something became clear to me: [Read more…]