Google Places Versus Google Local Plus; Which for Small Business?

Google Places versus Google Plus Local ~ Which For Small Business?  How to Easily Get Incoming Links from Authority Sites at

Google has made local business listings very confusing for small businesses. Anyone who has a physical address and phone number they can use should have local listings.

Local listings are among the strongest and easiest to obtain of all incoming links. They make your business easier to find and improve your search engine listings for all searches.

Google Places or Google Local Plus

Since Google will send you the most traffic and business we need to start with them. Amanda DiSilvestro has made this easier with this very comprehensive  Search Engine Watch post explaining [Read more…]

How Small Businesses Can Harness the Social Media Wall of Noise

View of the Closely Small Business Social Media Monitoring Platform

In Enterprise business technology, the world of Social Marketing is white hot. has been feverishly buying up the pieces for their social marketing solutions. Their $3.5 Billion bet is that the fundamentals of how businesses interact with their customers and prospects are changing forever, driven by the new social mobile consumer.

Salesforce’s entry point is labelled “Social Listening”, employing the old axiom listen first, then act.  Armed with this knowledge, they provide action-oriented tools for participation in customer marketing and lead generation through social marketing channels. But what about small business? [Read more…]

How YOUR Small Business Can Get Totally Free Advertising on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing and Hundreds of Local Directories and Niche Sites

Local Search Tips from GGG Marketing

Click image to see 168 Business Directories

Even if your small business could afford a Super Bowl ad – at $3.5 million – there is another form of advertising that would benefit you more and consistently bring you far more business.

And the good news is you only have to pay to have it submitted ONCE to get free advertising on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing, Superpages and hundreds of other local directories indefinitely*.

Completely Free Advertising

You can do it yourself manually, or create your own listings through Universal Business Listings (UBL – what I use), but there are MAJOR BENEFITS to having me do it for you including your not having to do anything except provide your business information. I will handle EVERYTHING for you.

What does it cost?
See Local Search Listings Frequently Asked Questions


  • See UBL Webcard examples of actual listings I have created and compare them to any other listing created on UBL. What you see in those examples is what YOUR business listing information will look like – listings that will be sent to hundreds of major sites including Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing, SuperPages, YellowPages, Yelp, Merchant Circle and sites about your location and industry.
  • Local Search Case Study showing UBL listings generated 75 new visitors for every 100 visitors Google sent.
  • Appliance store local listings generating 30 New Customers a Week.
  • Enhanced local search listings generate new traffic of 81.32%

CLICK THIS LINK if YOU Want Your Free Advertising Now

* Note: Some databases and directories may remove your listing if you do not renew annually but most do not. There are other benefits to annual renewals – and they are fast and easy to do once you’re in UBL.

SEO – Its Real Value to Small Business Owners

This is a guest post from GetUsSocial offering my readers the chance to win an iPad2 and sharing social media marketing tips from their experience offering Social Media Marketing Services.

This is a very basic post about SEO offering tips to small business owners and a video that explains what SEO is in a very simple way so that anyone can understand it.

As a small business owner, you have most likely hear the term SEO – but do you really understand what it is?

You may have an SEO strategy in place and be using at least some recommended SEO techniques.

But are you aware of the real value of SEO to businesses, particularly small business like yours? [Read more…]

Small Business GROW NOW Giveaway Extended

Round Tuit
Buy Your Round Tuit Here OR GET IT DONE!

Yesterday I offered a Make YOUR Business Memorable Memorial Day Giveaway Marathon DO IT NOW Session so that one fortunate small business could benefit from everything in my Small Business Internet Marketing Starter Package and then some.

The other benefit:

Their business will be featured in
multiple Case Studies and
receive links from other blogs
I publish on showing
before and after results.

I should have known a fellow blogger like Kelli would be the most enthusiastic when it came to what I offer because she is much further along in understanding how to promote yourself online.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve decided to do TWO giveaways because…

By working with Kelli to promote her new best deals blog (Follow her new Twitter account @Deals3BD53) I can demonstrate to bloggers how they can collaborate with two to four bloggers in their niche and push ALL their blogs to the top. Some very interesting Case Studies and before and after stats will come from that project.

While I am excited about that too, my intention was to show small businesses how much getting their free advertising in Local Search Directories, having them featured in blog posts, and teaching them how to effectively grow and use Twitter can benefit them.

WANTED: At least one small business to feature in Case Studies!

I would love to write a compelling story here about why what I do works – but the problem is that every business owner is starting from a different level of experience. It is simply not possible to explain what I do and while I’m happy to teach them if the want to know – success does NOT require understanding 99% of what I can do for them.

Instead of me teaching them how…
…how about me just getting it done!

How much research and how many ebooks, courses, blog posts have we all seen? Have we implemented everything we’ve read? NO! Why? Either we don’t know how and really have no interest in learning how OR we don’t have the time. I have come to realize for many things I do not want someone to teach me how, or to take a course – no matter how good it is. I just want what is important DONE already.

And I want it done by the best – optimized and effective.
Yesterday – or at least TODAY – not next week, month or year.

So let’s get TUIT. If you’re a small business that wants to see results and is ready to get started immediately, leave a comment. Since I know news doesn’t spread as fast in small business circles there is no deadline. I’ll pick one business by next Monday, but if you have a great business and are enthusiastic about making this happen I might pick you too!  What do you have to lose?