LinkedIn Buttons That Send Generic Invitations – Avoid them!

We’ve heard it before – Always send a customized invite when asking someone on LinkedIn to network with us. All social media experts tell us to never use the default generic LinkedIn invite, which reads “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network.” It annoys most users and many will dismiss it – and dismiss you – immediately.

A baked potato has more personality than LinkedIn’s default message, so whenever it’s shown to you as an option, get rid of it. Type over it with your own message. A user you already know will probably forgive you for a generic invite, but it’s the new people you’re trying to reach who you need to worry about. This is where I need to warn you.

Beware LinkedIn’s Generic Buttons!

First, a few facts:

  • Main fact #1: Unfortunately, the way invite buttons look and behave (and where they live) on LinkedIn isn’t uniform.
  • Main fact #2: Some of those buttons are “dangerous buttons” because they’ll send a user the dreaded generic LinkedIn invite as soon as you touch them, even if you touch the button by accident on mobile.
  • Side note: LinkedIn’s official Android app interface is notorious for showing these dangerous buttons in different places, willy nilly with no rhyme or reason.


Look at this screenshot. Make a mental note of what you see, where things are positioned, etc. The button circled in red will not allow you to create a custom invite. Hit it and you’ll be sorry – It will say “Invitation sent”. Oh boy. It’s a done deal.

You’re not able to “unsend” it. Now you look like someone who doesn’t use social media best practices, or worse, a lazy spammer.

Supposedly the x button will “hide” the suggested person from your view, but notice that it’s so close to the generic invite button, it’s a real risk to press it, especially if your mobile device has a small screen.

(Side note: Where users have reached out to invite you to their network, you’ll typically see their info in a separate section where you can hit accept (the checkmark icon) or dismiss (the x icon).)

How to avoid LinkedIn’s “digital poison ivy”

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How To Maximize Your Presence On Linkedin

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LinkedIn Lead Generation System Grows Your Income

I asked social media expert Andy Nathan to write this guest post because he offers his services as a lead generation consultant. I really realized that LinkedIn is the most important social network of all for every single person reading this.

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

LinkedIn Lead Generation System Grows Your Income

Click image to see business categories on LinkedIn ~ excellent reference resource.

LinkedIn is one of my favorite online lead generators. While Twitter and Facebook developed business solutions around their platform, LinkedIn is the only site designed to help businesses make money. Your job is to work this lead powerhouse. Here is how you can do it.

  • First, get your profile in order. This is not a LinkedIn profile lesson, so follow the instructions LinkedIn provides. A good rule of thumb is you should not do anything else on the site, until 90% of your profile is complete.
  • Second, start joining groups. If you have never joined a LinkedIn group, make sure you do a search for groups in your area.

I use the groups for two reasons:

  • Reason #1: LinkedIn groups are great to connect with referral partners in the groups. For example, as a social media consultant I always look for printers, small business lawyers, and other reciprocal services where I can develop referral business.
  • Reason #2: LinkedIn groups can be a great prospecting ground. Imagine providing marketing services to small businesses. Joining a small business group, the owners ask questions about different marketing strategies. They need help now. Some businesses are ready to hand over the reins to someone who knows what they are doing.

Third, you need to connect with individuals to create professional relationships. Every time a client says yes to you, they are taking one-step closer to saying yes to your products.

Increase the chances of them saying yes to you with the right message.

If you are connecting with a prospect then under no circumstances can you send over the generic message LinkedIn uses for new connections.

LinkedIn Connection Message

Here is a short message I used with much success over the years.


I saw your profile on {insert LinkedIn group}. I feel a connection between us could be mutually beneficial. If you are interested in exploring things further, let me know a convenient time to talk.


A short professional note to the point works wonders. When you send this note, do not under any circumstances pitch your product, insert your website, or discuss how the person would make a great prospect or referral partner. Your only goal is to want the new connection to speak with you.

Fast-forward a bit. You connected with your dream prospect on LinkedIn. An introduction email went well. You visualize a long, prosperous relationship for both of you. Days go by. Nothing! Weeks! Nada! You start to get nervous. What do you do?

You contact them. Some professionals will drop the ball. That is ok! We got you covered. If you have been waiting to connect with a prospect for over a week I say send a second follow-up message on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Follow up Message

{first name},

I am making a conscious effort to re-connect with my network on LinkedIn. If you have 15 minutes for a quick phone call, my number is 847-710-xxxx.

Otherwise, let me know if I should call you? Either way.

Look forward to speaking with you soon!



So much about LinkedIn is about setting appointments with prospects and referral partners.

The best thing you can do to be successful is be consistent. Connect with five people every day, and send out five follow-up emails every day with a one-week delay on the follow-ups.

I recommend downloading your contact list and importing it into your email manager (AWeber, FeedBlitz, ConstantContact, etc.), so you can also contact a number of your new contacts via email if necessary. Make sure they recognize you from LinkedIn.

Do NOT under any circumstances use your contact list as a pitch list.
Use it as another means of networking with
your new LinkedIn connections.

You can also use this list to track your progress as you continue to develop your LinkedIn lead generator. LinkedIn is so critical to your success that you can not afford not to do this.

LinkedIn-Connections1Learn more about improving your social media skills at Discover more about developing your lead generation with our free eMarketing training series at: If you’re really serious, jump right in and start building smart connections.

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