3 Reasons to Hire an Internet Marketing Firm For Your Local Business

Local business owners are beginning to understand the importance of the Internet in the world of social media and mobile smart phones for their local business success.

Although having a website has been important to many local businesses in the past, it is now important for all businesses to have a website. The reason for this is the explosion of smartphone use.

Everyone uses smartphones today. Some of it is for texting and phone calls, but much of it is to access the Internet. It is here they find the information for shopping locally that they need.

Closeup photo of a woman's hands holding a smartphone with a local business behind the phone

The following are three reasons to get assistance from a local Internet marketing firm for your local business.  [Read more…]

The History of Internet Marketing: From Single-channel Marketing to Omni-channels

Considering the current volume of information that can be found online, it is hard to believe that the phenomenon known as internet has evolved in so little time.

Online Shopping

The internet marketplace may be very young, but in the short time since its inception, it has managed to impact the entire globe, faster than any other marketing revolution.

Initially, people started to use the internet [Read more…]

How to Smartly Increase Sales with Product Recommendation Engine

Turn browsers into buyersSome Internet marketing specialists of ten say that a product recommendation engine often serves as a “mouthpiece” for big brands, because the engine invariably refers clients back to products and services that large companies sell or provide.

But that’s not the case; even if you have a small or mid-size business, you still can take advantage of the engine to increase sales and overall conversions. But that doesn’t happen overnight, though. The process is not complicated; you can do it on your own, but reach out to a specialist or use an online tool that will help you implement these traffic conversion tools.

1. Know Your Inventory—and Pick the “Winning” Items

Before installing a product recommendation engine on your website, [Read more…]

How to Write Better Email Autoresponders and Captivate Audiences

Email Deal Cartoon: "I think my email just called me a big, smelly idiot (offers for plus size dresses, deoderant and for dummies books

Image Credit: Marketoonist Business Cartoons

In 2013, effectively using autoresponders and email marketing is more important than ever. Search traffic and social media marketing need to be building your list! You must create and maintain relationships to be successful.

All of the highest earning businesses I have ever worked with are experts at email marketing. That is why we publish what they know here. Today, top affiliate mentor John Gibb is sharing his very valuable tips on building and marketing to pre-qualified lists.

I remember when I got my first subscriber. I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and thought to myself, “Wow, this works!”

It’s exciting to see your lists fatten over time and grow exponentially. 450 subscribers last month, 732 as of today… Email marketing can make you feel like a little Einstein in your own laboratory.

Watching numbers grow and tracking conversions is fun. But knowing how to talk with your readers and captivate them is where the money hides – and is the hardest part to get right.

Here’s how:

Prequalify Your Audience

Prequalifying your audience has surprising power to build a highly engaged list, yet most people neglect its power completely, from beginners to veterans alike.

Prequalification is to a landing page what is “name personalization” to email marketing. It gets the attention of your targeted reader, at the right time.

Hook with the Headline

To begin pre-qualifying subscribers, write a specific, highly- relevant headline for your target audience. You’ll generate a higher subscription rate because visitors feel it speaks directly to their needs.

Compare these two headlines:

  1. Free Advertising Tips
  2. 21 Free PPC Advertising Tips for Small Businesses

Which headline gets your attention? Probably the second, because it has three key advantages over the first:

  • It’s specific, promising 21 tips versus an unnamed amount
  • It’s relevant to a specific topic
  • It targets small businesses only, not just anyone and everyone

Go tweak your opt-in headline right now and make it relevant to your specific audience and offer. From this day on, begin pre-qualifying who should be on your list.

Write for the Future

People dream about their future all the time, which is why your emails should propel readers into the future and meet them there.

You can use a neat little NLP technique called “future pacing” to achieve this. It allows people to feel emotions about the future and imagine experiences they could have, all from the present moment.

By embedding the right words into your writing, you could inspire, encourage or help your subscribers to take an action, avoid a particular situation, and so forth.

Psychologists and neurologists have learned over the last decade about the brain flexibility and why the human mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagination. If something that you can think of (and desire) is vivid enough within your mind, then “visualization” will help YOU attract it. “The SECRET” is actually a movie which I highly recommend, exposing and exemplifying this technique in detail.

How to influence, not manipulate!

Next, I’ll share with you a series of specific verbs you can inject into your writing (and talking) which arouse our 5 basic human senses that we know from Aristotle: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

  • Sight stimulating verbs









  • Smell stimulating verbs





  • Taste stimulating verbs






  • Touch stimulating verbs










  • Hearing stimulating verbs



These action verbs are powerful communication tools when used correctly. They shouldn’t be missing from your copywriting toolbox.

If you want to master email autoresponder marketing,
you need to learn how to write like a pro.

You, the Magician of your audience!

Writing like a pro requires you read a lot (on a daily basis). Consume anything you can think of: blogs, articles and magazines from your industry as well as any other (non-relevant) niche. It helps a lot to have wide knowledge, as you’ll be able to connect two unrelated topics and share all kinds of insights with your audience. See how I’m doing it here with Oprah and email autoresponders…

The more you know, the more you can share. Your subscribers and customers will perceive you as an “authority” or as someone who’s a specialist in the field. And most of the time, that’s all it takes to become an authentic person and build trust with your followers.

This guy makes research an art. And it’s so evident that people who know more than you – will never actually subscribe to your mailing list, unless you stir their curiosity and promise something they don’t know yet. That’s why you have to learn to become the magician of your audience.

Through extensive, in-depth research, you’ll be learning more than
your audience. You’ll become an authority in the industry.

Through emphatic writing, you’ll become the magician. You’ll fascinate your audience, not just with your “knowledge”, but with the way you’ll be “connecting” one on one with each subscriber.

Write your email autoresponder messages like you’d talk with a friend

Empathy is the name of the game. Make the reader feel like he or she knows you personally, and vice-versa. We both know that people buy from other people that they like, know and trust.

The common advice here would be to write in a natural tone. Adopt a casual style, use short paragraphs and easy to understand language. Unless your subscribers are inventors or teachers, you want to use words and phrases even a 9-year old could understand.

If you wanted to learn about starting a blog, would you prefer to take lessons from someone who could explain to you everything step-by-step and in simple terms, or from a “techie” guy who breathes WordPress coding and html programming?

At the same time, you’ll have to form your unique writing style. This is where you pepper your content with personal stories, case studies, quotes and anecdotes.

Lesson learned here:

  • Write your email autoresponders like you’d talk one-on-one with a friend.
  • Make the discussion important, relevant and interesting.

In a conversation like this, you’re not the only one talking; you also have to pay close attention to what your friend has to say to you, right?

Write your email autoresponders from the readers’ perspective

Your email should answer this question:

WIIFM (What’s In It for Me?)

And you cannot really know what your subscribers need, and want, unless you study your market, and understand your general audience. Your subscribers might have particular needs, wants, and challenges. Your objective is to uncover them.

It’s time you get into your subscribers’ shoes, here’s how:

  • Start asking questions…
  • Create surveys…
  • Hold contests and award exciting prizes…
  • Stir your community.

Email marketing is not a one-way business strategy. You, as the list owner don’t OWN the megaphone. Let your subscribers be heard!

User Reader’s Feedback

Their feedback is better than money in the bank for you, if you learn how to use it right.

Your subscribers’ feedback helps you…

  • Create emails (and content) that rocks
  • Inform the reader
  • Help him or her do something practical (like installing an opt-in form
  • Inspire them to take action and build a squeeze page.

Your subscribers’ feedback is a goldmine for any business. It inspires us to hear about their problems and challenges, and to create relevant solutions to meet the needs and wants of our readers.


  • Write winning subject lines

When you know what your audience wants, then you can better craft YOUR emails to get high open rates. You don’t write (relevant) subject lines because you want a boost in conversion, but because you want to help the reader open the email.

The purpose of your subject line is to get your email message opened.

Remember, you have something relevant and helpful to share with him or her. Does that make sense?

  • Create products that sell

Now is the best time to take email marketing seriously. It’s your responsibility to build a quality mailing list of prospects and customers that want to hear from you, respect you, and buy from you.

Don’t pretend to be someone who you’re not, faking your “authority”, or claiming to know everything.


John Gibb is a top affiliate specializing in article writing and pre-selling. He wrote a free guide – “The Road to Success” – detailing the free methods that he used to generate a record breaking 109 affiliate sales in a single day.

Pitter, Platter, Plan It Better

This is a guest post by lead generation expert Andy Nathan who previously shared his LinkedIn Lead Generation System Grows Your Income with GrowMap readers.

Close-up White knight chess piece on a chess boardSometimes you hear them crawling through the internet. Softly at first like a whisper, their squeaky clean sound encroaches upon the internet-marketing world. Then like dawn’s first embrace, you see them posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, and other platforms.

You look at how they pitter-patter to one site with herculean stories of their victories in marketing. Building their reputation on this platform as they dish out a platter of woes on a separate forum.

Yes, we have seen the internet-marketing world’s greatest creature: The grotesque guru.

For those looking to define the modern era of the guru, let me help you with a modern interpretation that has nothing to do with the original Indian master of yore.

Guru: The word slithers from the tongue like a sharp deviled fork spewing blood and atrocities throughout the land. Who spoiled the online marketing world in their quest for the quick buck? Guru!

Forsaketh thee guru who damn the world with their vile spam of $42,164.38 in 2 hours. Lest you fail, or you have committed an atrocious crime that repels their automated mumbo jumbo into reality!

Alas, let us raise the heroes of yore to guide our newbies into a land where they can accomplish more good than wrong. Let them understand that the road to riches is paved not with pixies and fairies, but backbreaking work that spews forth your blood, sweat, and tears until a community of brothers and sisters begging at your feet for the products you craft.

So, how shall we vanquish the guru and release our plans upon the world? We will slice the guru in twine with a plan of action. One that is so brazen that it will scare away the teensy weensy guru from its paper machete lair.

First, we shall gather the Team of disciples around us. These disciples will have the brains to become leaders in their own right, and the willingness to listen to your ideas without negativity. They will become an extension of your thoughts, a mastermind of your audacious plan to make a difference in the world.

Second, train hard young Padawan. Use the force around you to gather the strength for the countless hours of training necessary to slay the mighty forces of the Guru.

Third, do not become so bogged down in your training that you forget to leave the keep. To crush the guru you must gird your loins and take action! Training is for the strong, and action for the brave! When the day comes, you must be ready.

Fourth, hold the line! “The line must be drawn here! No farther”, as the great Captain Picard would say. You must persist in your quest. Stay ever vigilant and focused as you approach your goals. While the path may be challenging, it is for this reason you must stay the course.

Fifth, you have to smile! Bring your personality to the table. Everyone else will give the same three or four lame ways to build your business online. However, if you pitter-patter to their normal plan, you will find it filled with normal results. That is the prize for following in the footsteps of everyone else.

If you want an above-average lead generation system check out: EmarketingExperience.Com for our free lead generation system that ensures you do not pitter-patter into the night.