PageRank, Google, Continue to Kill Jobs, Small Business and Blogs #smallbiz

Google bulldozing small busineses

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“Our family run business has been
destroyed by Google’s animal updates

We too have disavowed twice all of the bad links and removed as many others as possible and still no recovery.

Now on the first page of Google for all of our keywords
sits Target, Walmart, Home Depot etc.

Small businesses like mine with better selection, price, customer service etc. have been pushed back to page 2 or 3 and forced to spend more on AdWords to try to hang on. We desperately trying to stay in business now with our organic traffic down 80%.

Something needs to change and I hope soon. Great article Sugarrae I loved it!” ~ Steve January 30, 2014 at 6:42 pm in WebProNews

NOTE: This was one of 62 comments that were originally in the version of Sugar Rae’s post Google Propaganda, SEO and Why Marketers Need to Wake Up when I captured the two used in this post.

WebProNews has since DELETED those comments.
WHY? Too compelling? The public deserves to
know how small businesses are being affected.

Day after day more small businesses are laid to waste, barely hanging on, having to let their employees go or even close their doors in the path of Google’s relentless quest to favor big brands. [Read more…]

Top Three Competitive Analysis Tools to Fire Up Your Online Business #smallbiz

There is no doubt about it: the Internet has become the most powerful force in the world. It is a place where retailers can promote their promising new business, where people can meet like-minded individuals, where artists can share their works, and where entrepreneurs can find new opportunities.

Business people on a track starting line

The World Wide Web has created numerous opportunities for all kinds of people. But how can a retailer harness this massive force that we call internet?

Simple. If a marketer wants his company to surpass its brick-and-mortars status he must [Read more…]

How to Improve Social Signals for Website Ranking

Social signals have been an important factor for web ranking since at least December 2010 when Matt Cutts confirmed in this video that Google was looking at social networks like Twitter and Facebook for evidence of social approval of content created and published on websites.

The problem is that someone who creates great content is not necessarily a great content marketer or may not have a large network of online friends who can help them get work noticed.

Social Signals the Hard Slog

In my experience, the best way to get people to share your content online and to create Google approved social signals is to spend a long time nurturing relationships with like-minded people who are never happier than when you share their content.

Eventually, people who you connect with whose content you share will return the favour and share your content and with any luck, their friends will share your posts, too.

If that sounds like a lot of hard work, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. The process of tweeting and posting your friend’s work is time-consuming and you are forever online. Plus, for every twenty or so people you nurture a relationship with, only one of them will reciprocate and that’s if you are lucky.

So how can you guarantee your work gets the recognition from search engines it deserves?

From Zero to Famous at 20mbits

The best way to ensure people share your content across social networks is to put it in front of people who are:

  • A) interested in your topic and have followers, friends or colleagues who are the same and
  • B) Expect something in return for their efforts.

The best way I found of skipping the months of hard work, rejection and annoying one-way relationships with unappreciative people on Twitter who have more followers than you, is to use

JustRetweet allows you to build up your Twitter following by tweeting content from categories that interest you and your followers. In return for sharing, the person whose content you shared awards you credits.

When you have sufficient credits, you can offer them to other users for retweeting your messages. It’s a no brainer and anyone can build enough credits to push their tweet counter to places it has never been before by simply spending five minutes on the site

How I Use Just Retweet

I’m sure there are people who retweet content just for the credits you offer, but that’s why it’s important to include hashtags in your message so that people interested in your contact will be able to identify it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

I forgot to mention that JustRetweet should really be called NotJustRetweet because you can choose to have your message shared on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or all three, if you like.

I’ve only just started using it to broadcast my message on Facebook, because I didn’t seem to get much traffic from there before, but the hashtags feature that Facebook eventually introduced has given me second thoughts about the platform.

I’ve always elected to have my content shared on Google+ as well as Twitter for the obvious reason that Google will notice that as much, but probably more than other networks.

My Opinion of JustRetweet

I have no doubt that JustRetweet is an amazing tool and quite-frankly, I couldn’t do without it because I now use it to boost all the links I build for my clients. My outreach work is much more valuable now that everywhere I post seems to get much more reader interaction and that helps my client’s link profiles. In terms of off-site SEO, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Shaun Thomas is an experienced content writer who spends his days working on outreach and inbound marketing for

Is Your Site REALLY on Page One at Google? MUST READ INFO for #smbiz #ecommerce

Search engine choices in FireFox showing Google Unpersonalized option

Image Credit: Blog.Serps.Com ~ Click image to read Manually checking a keyword ranking in Google

Every day countless numbers of ecommerce and Web site owners THINK they are on the first page of Google or even #1 on Google when they are nowhere to be found.

Google’s personalized results greatly mislead many business owners and ecommerce site owners to falsely believe they are ranking in Google’s serps.

To see where your site REALLY ranks, you need to log out of Google AND use Google unpersonalized.


Here are three posts that explain this more comprehensively:

Please share this information with others you know and especially with those who have ecommerce sites because they do not realize they are wasting their time checking rankings.

When Google personalizes your results, your site is always
going to show higher to you than it does to potential buyers!

I strongly recommend that when you do check your rankings you click on your site or you are negatively affecting your search rankings because you are lowering your click through rate (CTR). Google COULD filter out actions on your IP, but as far as I know they do not.

This is doubly important if you pay for AdWords or other pay per click advertising (ppc ads). If you search on phrases that have low search volume you can reduce your own CTRs which can raise the cost you pay per click. If you can’t refrain from searching, click on your own SEARCH ads at least some of the time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never click on AdSense ads appearing on your own sites even if you are sincerely interested in what is advertised because Google may ban you from AdSense for life. AdWords are when YOU advertise. AdSense is when you DISPLAY ads on your site.

If you click on ads appearing on your own sites, Google will ban you forever. The odds of getting that reversed are slim and none.

If you want to know what other important topics I have covered, spend some time on the Best of GrowMap page . You can easily get to it any time because it is at /best-of-growmap and is suggested at the bottom of every post.

What is Google Hangout on Air? Find Out from Murray Newlands on Future of Engagement

Google Hangout Video Chat thumb A few days ago, Google (GOOG) launched its extension of its Google Hangouts feature. Google Hangouts are essentially Skype calls over Google Plus, but unlike Skype they’re easy to use, it’s free to call people anywhere, and you can have more people in the same videochat.

What Google did a few days ago was lift the cap on the number of simultaneous viewers so that it’s either non-existent or sufficiently large that it usually doesn’t matter. This lets content producers use Google Plus as a broadcast medium so that they can reach more people than if they use it as a purely social medium.

Check out what Murray Newlands has to say about it below in Future of Engagement: [Read more…]