New CordCruncher Earbud Headphones on Kickstarter End Tangled, Snagged Gadget Cords

UPDATE: Received my CordCruncher Earbuds – they’re WAY more cool in real life! They’re comfortable to wear so they’re always handy and they make great earplugs for when you want silence and the neighbor has their boom box blaring!

DEFINITELY worth supporting on Kickstarter so please act NOW!

If Jay could find a way to put CordCruncher’s scrunchy goodness on reading glasses so they could always be handy and I’d stop losing them – THAT would be something! Everyone 45-50+ needs wearable inexpensive reading glasses.

Cord Cruncher Ear BudsCordCruncher i Earbuds HeadPhones were introduced at CES this past January to stellar reviews. Take a look at these stylish headphones that allow complete freedom of movement and I think you will see why.

Simplicity is the genius of these headphones to use with your iPhones, iPods, iPads,  cell phones, mp3 players, MacBookPros, Notebooks, CD players – most smart phones and devices that use a standard 3.5mm port.

Anyone who loves gadgets will want these earbud headphones
because who isn’t tired of snagging and untangling cords?

Jay Johnson’s invention features an elastic cord storage function that shrinks the cord from 3.5 feet to 16 inches. In addition to storing the headphones tangle-free, the sleeve allows you to adjust the cord to any length.

Watch this 15 second demo video showing how the cord is stored and adjusted: [Read more…]