Benefits of Going Back to College for Adults

College isn’t just for the fresh out of high school crowd. Adults that have been creating their niche in the workforce are going back in droves. Why? For starters, as technology changes, so does the landscape of many jobs. By going back you not only open up new opportunities within your current career, but you can extend your knowledge base in your field. It also allows you the opportunity to learn skills needed for a career change. [Read more…]

Top Three Most Common Types of Internships

Hand on chalkboard mapping out plays; post about mapping out internships to jumpstart your career.
It’s no secret that internships are often the gateway to entry-level jobs, but they aren’t always easy to get when you’re new to college.  Internships are valuable because they provide experience that makes getting hired easier.

Students that participate in an internship get to work in a variety of settings and at the location of their choice.  While underclassmen might expect some to be more popular than others, interest in different opportunities varies.

It’s hard to say which internships are the most popular because [Read more…]

Tech School Advantages Over College

Engineering Versus Tech School

Infographic created by @michellepais Credit: @Visually

We are conditioned throughout life to believe we must go to college. But that isn’t true – especially now when people with experience and advanced degrees are unemployed in large numbers.

I previously wrote this post on career choices that contains some really valuable tips on locating available jobs. In it I mention there are THREE MILLION openings businesses are having trouble filling because applicants don’t have SKILLS.

Tech School Benefits

College is one thing; job skills are often something you can only acquire through doing. That is why you should consider tech school if you want to make sure your money is well spent.

FIRST make sure there are jobs available in your desired field. Do NOT take a school’s word for it because they are selling education. They have to make it sound good to get students into their programs.

Verify real job demand BEFORE you get training.
How to do it is explained in the post linked above.

Choosing where to get an education can be a decision that is hard on a lot of students. If you already know what field you want to go into, that should narrow down your options quite a bit.

If you are interested in a career in healthcare, computer technology, manufacturing or business you may want to look into attending a tech school.

There are a lot of advantages of tech school over college. Following are five reasons at the top of the list. [Read more…]

Homeland Security Hiring Hackers: White Hat Hacker Internship Program for High School Students

Would you believe Uncle Sam has created a white hat hacker internship program? There is actually a “homeland security degree” being offered by many colleges and universities. And that is not the only type of internship Homeland Security is offering.

If CISPA passes, there are likely to be a lot more openings in IT (Information Technology).

Uncle Sam Wants You To Hack for the U.S. Government

Source: Uncle Sam Wants You To Hack for the U.S. Government

Women in Business [Infographic]

GrowMap collaborates with many women who are bloggers, consultants, and stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs). Whether you choose to pursue a degree and a corporate position – or prefer the freedom of working for yourself, I thought my readers might find these statistics on women in business interesting.

FYI, GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. An MBA is a Masters in Business Administration degree.

She's the Boss: Women in Business

Image compliments of Best Healthcare MBA Degrees