Simple POS Software Lets You Take Your eCommerce Site on the Road

iPad Shopify plugin accepting credit cardWhen you run an online shop that sells specialty goods, crafts, or services, you may occasionally have chances to take your business into the real world.

Whether it’s selling quick sketches at an anime convention, specialty cookies at a farmer’s market, or handspun glow-in-the-dark yarn at a fiber festival, you want to make the most of these opportunities.

There are a few things you’ll want to do [Read more...]

Vend’s Top 50 Retail Influencers #ff

Vend's Top 50 Retail Influencers

My readers know how much I love collaborating and publishing lists of influencers for Follow Friday.  Vend HQ recently published this list of Top 50 Retail Influencers.

This isn’t just a list compiled by who has the most followers. They vetted “their social shares, articles, blog posts, and activities to ensure that each person included in this compilation truly is a thought leader”.

You can follow them all by clicking a link in that page and choosing “subscribe”. That post also includes each influencers’ Facebook, LinkedIn, and author page where they are published. All you’ll need to find is their Google Plus.

Lists compiled by experts in their niche are the best way to find wisdom and experience you can apply to your own projects. Use Vend’s Top 50 Retail Influencers list to find authorities in ecommerce.

Then check out our previous lists of Influential Twitter users.

Vend iPad POS System Plus PayPal Equals Instant Merchant Processing

Vend for iPad cash register setup with printer and cashdrawer

iPad with added cash drawer, printers, and scanners. Click image to watch video.

Yesterday I published a post explaining Virtual TerminalsMax Greenflame commented:

“Very insightful overview of virtual terminals. Which VT software services would you recommend out of those available online? It’s hard to make right choice for the first time.”

POS System

The choice actually just got easier because VendHQ just announced integration with PayPal which means anyone can immediately get started selling online or off without having to acquire their own merchant account.

Vend works with any device that can run the Chrome or
Safari browsers: your existing desktop, laptop, iPad.

An iPad is the perfect portable device to use anywhere.  Carry it to a tradeshow or event.  Sell from additional venues. Or connect it to a cash drawer and use it at a checkout counter.

What makes Vend even more useful is that their service provides everything you need and integrates with other solutions. For example: [Read more...]

Ten Reasons Why a Virtual Terminal is Better for Retailers

Calculator on top of a financial sales report with pen pointing at the total.

Image taken by Philippe Put on Flickr

The way people conduct business has changed drastically in the last few years. POS terminals, unfortunately, have remained largely the same. Most physical POS terminals still utilize clunky, outdated sales and reporting tools even as businesses now have access to cheap, modern CRM and analytics software.

The high cost and slow upgrade cycle of physical POS terminals
makes virtual POS (VPOS) terminals a very attractive option.

Virtual terminals work exactly like a physical POS terminal, except [Read more...]

NEW Clear, Comprehensive Book: Performance Marketing for Professionals [Affiliate Marketing] #ecommerce

Performance Marketing for Professionals Book CoverMurray Newlands and John Rampton have just released what could be the best book ever on “Performance Marketing” – what most of my readers would probably think of as “Affiliate Marketing”.

The explanations of what affiliate marketing is, how affiliate networks work, and how changed the options are for promoting sales for merchants, advertisers, and manufacturers are the most clear and comprehensive I have ever seen.

You need to get this book. It is only 99 cents for the Kindle version and $4.99 for the paperback. TODAY Sep 25 and tomorrow Sep 26, 2013 the Kindle version is free, so why not grab a copy even RIGHT NOW even if you don’t have time to read it now?

Highlights of Performance Marketing for Professionals: