MUST HAVE Social CRM Nimble Brings All Your Contacts and Major Social Media Activities Together

Nimble Social CRM Contact Manager & Calendar ~ How it WorksWhen you want to find a communication you had with someone important to you, where do you look first?

Can you remember whether it was in an email you exchanged, or on Twitter, or was it on LinkedIn? Can you click on someone in your contact manager and see all the tweets, LinkedIn messages and email you’ve exchanged with that person?

Traditional CRM systems fail at relationship management
and that’s why people don’t use them for engagement”
~ Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO and previous founder of CRM pioneer GoldMine ~

If you can’t, you will want to check out Nimble. One of the many benefits using the Nimble Social Media CRM provides is the ability to instantly see the exchanges you’ve had with your important contacts across social networks.

Nimble is FREE for up to 3,000 contacts for individual users
and the paid version is currently only $15 per user per month.


Today Nimble has these capabilities:

  1. Integrates your contacts, calendars, Facebook including support for Facebook business pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype and Google.
  2. Nimble’s new unified social notifications consolidates all the likes, comments, friend invites and other social interactions from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  3. Alerts you to birthdays, promotions and job changes in a daily email notification.
  4. Allows multiple people across a company or collaboration to share the same information.
  5. Identify influencers by Klout score and basic stats such as number of Twitter followers.
  6. See who is talking about you and your business.
  7. Ability to add custom fields

Nimble is the closest thing to what I’ve been trying to find for years.
YES I am using it and STRONGLY recommending it
to all my collaborators, clients and readers.

This is the best of many videos about Nimble: their CEO Jon Ferrara explaining Nimble to Robert Scoble: [Read more…]