4 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from a Local Mustang Dealer

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how you can take your brand’s marketing efforts to the next level, you might look at companies like Apple, Google and GEICO for some inspiration or ideas. After all, we see these brands’ ads regularly and they stick with us. They’re effective.

But believe it or not, you don’t have to look at industry juggernauts to figure out how to make your own team’s marketing efforts more successful. Just take a look at CJ Pony Parts, a Mustang parts dealer headquartered in Harrisburg, PA.

Most and Least Ticketed Cars by Type, Make and Color

Here are four lessons you can learn from their marketing initiatives: [Read more…]

10 Content Marketing Ideas for 2015 You Can Implement Right Now

What do you think skilled content marketers should know to improve their business productivity in this cutthroat marketplace? By skilled content marketers, I mean someone who holds significant expertise in using the latest resources and tools along with the customary marketing programs to boost their business revenue amidst this tough competition.

Before answering the question, it is important for you to know the content marketing strategies used by other skilled content marketers to see if your tactics are effective enough to drive sales to your business.

Here is a pie chart showing the change in B2B content creation in the past 12 months i.e. 2014:

Change in B2B Content Creation 2014 from 10 Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Now As per the data collected on the strategies used by content marketers in 2014, you will be surprised to know [Read more…]

How to Reach More of Your Target Market By Repurposing Your Content

Multiple Uses For The Same Content = Repurposing Your Content

We all want to get the most “bang for our buck”, right? Well that also holds true for getting the most out of our valuable content. We all know that “content is king” and you are the queen of your content with the authority to delegate that content to various mediums of communication.

what are the benefits of repurposing content

What Are Some of The Ways To Use The Same Content in Various Mediums of Communication?

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4 Creative Ideas on Viral Social Media Content Marketing from Caterpillar

When you think of cutting-edge marketing companies—you know, brands like Coca-Cola that consistently dominate the advertising world—there’s a good chance your mind doesn’t immediately jump to Caterpillar.

Yes, Caterpillar, the 90-year-old company that makes heavy-duty construction and mining equipment—all those bulldozers, backhoes and excavators.

But believe it or not, Caterpillar’s marketing department is experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to one of its most recent campaigns, which includes a group of YouTube videos demonstrating the quality of their products in a series called “Built For It.” #Builtforit

Caterpillar backhoe next to a sand castle

Image shared on Twitter from a Caterpillar #BuiltForIt video

Caterpillar’s recent content marketing has been so good that it’s worth taking a minute to figure out what you can “steal” from its campaigns. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four lessons you can learn from this construction equipment manufacturer: [Read more…]

VigLink Launches New Publisher Roundtable Platform

Publisher Roundtable LogoJust last week, VigLink, a leader in commerce-based revenue, announced the launch of their new Publisher Roundtable platform, created in collaboration with Netpop, a leading market research firm.

The Publisher Roundtable is a free to use research platform that’s designed to help online content publishers collaborate in order to maximize their online marketing efforts.

Publisher Roundtable’s chief aim is to provide a vehicle for publishers to work together, share their experience, and learn from thousands of other publishers in order to better their own online strategies or sites. [Read more…]