VigLink Launches New Publisher Roundtable Platform

Publisher Roundtable LogoJust last week, VigLink, a leader in commerce-based revenue, announced the launch of their new Publisher Roundtable platform, created in collaboration with Netpop, a leading market research firm.

The Publisher Roundtable is a free to use research platform that’s designed to help online content publishers collaborate in order to maximize their online marketing efforts.

Publisher Roundtable’s chief aim is to provide a vehicle for publishers to work together, share their experience, and learn from thousands of other publishers in order to better their own online strategies or sites. [Read more...]

Viral Content: How You Can Have Influencers Create it For You

Members of the Blogger Mastermind Collaboration

Writers who know what your target audience most wants to read about who already have followings on social media. Get them to write for you and your content will get far more visibility.

[Read more...]

Affordable Blogger Outreach Solution Inkybee for Finding Relevant Blogs

InkyBee blog outreach toolWhether you’re a business, a brand or a blogger you need a way to find relevant blogs. Ideally, you want to be able to rank them by influence and reach and keep track of your interactions with the bloggers. [Read more...]

How to Get Published on Major Sites Including HuffPo ABC

SEO metrics for Guest Crew bloggers

Get published on these top sites (Click image for larger version.) stats

Content marketing is the new “big” thing and everyone is trying to figure out how to do it – or how to do it better. Many want to know how they can get published on major sites including:

  • Huffington Post

There is a simple answer: [Read more...]

Content Marketing for Product Sales

Rakhi GiftsInstead of focusing on content marketing for links, we all need to make writing to reach our target audiences more important. This is especially true if you sell products or services.

The point of content marketing must be RELEVANCE.  Your goals are to find:

  • potential customers who buy products
  • new readers who become subscribers
  • and only lastly for link value

So your very first task is to identify who your buyers are and where they hang out.  While traditional SEO ignores many sites as being “too small”, they may be hurting their clients because the niche sites where your buyers tend to be are often NOT the high PR sites that SEOs prefer. [Read more...]