To Be or Not to Be…A Communications Grad Student

We all know the look. It’s the one we get after telling someone we majored in Communications. It’s the so-what-are-you-supposed-to-do-with-that look. And if the answer isn’t “teach”, then you know there’s an even worse look coming. The job market hasn’t been all that kind in recent years, leaving many asking the same question: what am I supposed to do now?

Is Another Degree Worth It?

At this point, you’ve probably already considered getting your Master’s degree at least once. Wouldn’t it make sense that if your Bachelor’s gave you a solid foundation of understanding; your Master’s would give you the specific tools needed to build the rest of your career?

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The short answer is: it depends. Before deciding whether or not you should go to grad school, you first need to consider why you’re going to grad school. There are some great resources out there that will weigh out some of pros/cons of getting your Master’s degree. [Read more…]

The Front Desk

The first person you usually see when you enter a doctor’s office is the medical receptionist. This person will gather our insurance information and inform the doctor that you have arrived. These are only two of the duties that you will be responsible for if you think that working in a doctor’s office is something you might like. Most community colleges offer a medical receptionist course, but you can start by taking some classes that relate to the job in high school. [Read more…]

How to Edit Your Resume to Increase the Odds of Getting Hired #jobs

How to Edit Your Resume To Get That InterviewResumes used to be what you created only when you were looking for a new job. LinkedIn has changed all that. Today, every person can keep their resume polished by keeping their LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

Why Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Current?

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How to Sell Yourself When Looking for a Job in the Financial Sector

Finance Jobs: How to Sell Yourself

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Finding a finance job after graduating or when changing careers is difficult. There’s a lot of competition since finance careers pay well and are very secure. In order to get a job in finance, you need to know what to do and what not to do to sell yourself to potential employers.

[Note: these tips apply to ALL job searches,
so even if you’re not in finance, read on.] [Read more…]

13 Deadly Jobs You Don’t Want

Deadly jobs

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy… We’ve all bad days at the office and most of us, at some time or another, hate our jobs and long to do something else. But what if your job was so hard, so stressful or dangerous that it could kill you?

Why do some men and women take on dangerous professions and what do those jobs involve? We’ve come up with thirteen of the most dangerous jobs you don’t want. [Read more…]