How to Sell Yourself When Looking for a Job in the Financial Sector

Finance Jobs: How to Sell Yourself

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Finding a finance job after graduating or when changing careers is difficult. There’s a lot of competition since finance careers pay well and are very secure. In order to get a job in finance, you need to know what to do and what not to do to sell yourself to potential employers.

[Note: these tips apply to ALL job searches,
so even if you're not in finance, read on.] [Read more...]

13 Deadly Jobs You Don’t Want

Deadly jobs

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy… We’ve all bad days at the office and most of us, at some time or another, hate our jobs and long to do something else. But what if your job was so hard, so stressful or dangerous that it could kill you?

Why do some men and women take on dangerous professions and what do those jobs involve? We’ve come up with thirteen of the most dangerous jobs you don’t want. [Read more...]

Top Three Most Common Types of Internships

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It’s no secret that internships are often the gateway to entry-level jobs, but they aren’t always easy to get when you’re new to college.  Internships are valuable because they provide experience that makes getting hired easier.

Students that participate in an internship get to work in a variety of settings and at the location of their choice.  While underclassmen might expect some to be more popular than others, interest in different opportunities varies.

It’s hard to say which internships are the most popular because [Read more...]

Career Choices: Change Jobs to Reduce Commuting Time and Costs

Cartoon Brad from Workopolis at a cluttered deskKiesha over at WeBlogBetter recently wrote about the downside to when she used to commute. I briefly commuted for more than an hour into downtown Los Angeles. It didn’t take me long to decide it was simply not worth it.

Career Choices

Many cannot imagine choosing not to commute. Where they live most may live in one area and commute to another so it never occurred to them there are options. But you can, by making a conscious choice about your career.

You do NOT have to have a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). You could choose [Read more...]

Tech School Advantages Over College

Engineering Versus Tech School

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We are conditioned throughout life to believe we must go to college. But that isn’t true – especially now when people with experience and advanced degrees are unemployed in large numbers.

I previously wrote this post on career choices that contains some really valuable tips on locating available jobs. In it I mention there are THREE MILLION openings businesses are having trouble filling because applicants don’t have SKILLS.

Tech School Benefits

College is one thing; job skills are often something you can only acquire through doing. That is why you should consider tech school if you want to make sure your money is well spent.

FIRST make sure there are jobs available in your desired field. Do NOT take a school’s word for it because they are selling education. They have to make it sound good to get students into their programs.

Verify real job demand BEFORE you get training.
How to do it is explained in the post linked above.

Choosing where to get an education can be a decision that is hard on a lot of students. If you already know what field you want to go into, that should narrow down your options quite a bit.

If you are interested in a career in healthcare, computer technology, manufacturing or business you may want to look into attending a tech school.

There are a lot of advantages of tech school over college. Following are five reasons at the top of the list. [Read more...]