Building Relationship Trust: Tell the Truth in Business or Lose Trust [Covey Videos]

The Speed Of Trust Book 9780743297301Relationship Trust

Little white lies. Everyone tells them to smooth things over and prevent scenes they would rather avoid. But I often see businesses and relationships fail because of issues where if they had told the truth it might have been painful – but not lethal to business relationships.

Not long ago the owner of a cutting horse ranch fired his ranch manager and moved all his horses to another of his farms. Why? Because he lied and claimed he didn’t know how a horse got hurt instead of telling the owner the truth. When you have horses, accidents happen. Covering up the cause will lose you an owner – or a job.

The same thing happens if you’re a consultant, or a freelancer, or managing someone’s blog. Even though lying is often more expeditious and less painful in the short run, it will ruin you in the long term because you will lose trust. And trust is VERY hard to recover.

Stephen M.R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has a newer book called The Speed of Trust. This short video is an excerpt of his ideas on trust and an example of how trust doubled one street vendor’s business: [Read more…]