Overcome Blogger’s Block With These 3 Free WordPress Plugins

Never Run out of Blog Post Ideas again

Bloggers Block ebook: 62 Blog Posts on How to Overcome Blogger’s Block

No matter how passionate or committed you are as a blogger, you will get stuck at some point. Either ideas will not come to you, your life will get super busy and your posting schedule will fall by the wayside, or you will just get burnt out.

Great news! You don’t have to completely give up when that happens.

Following are three free WordPress plugins that can help you overcome blogger’s block by keeping your content creation ideas flowing. [Read more…]

Calling ALL Bloggers and Wannabe Bloggers

SMBcontest banner 468 x 60Every person who loves to write is invited to participate in the contest we’ve recently announced. Many new bloggers feel it is reserved for advanced bloggers and I want to ensure none believe that.

If you love to write and have been thinking
about learning to blog, here’s your chance!

You, too, can participate in the Gushcloud and UBL Small Business Marketing Blog Outreach Blogging Contest because Gail will personally teach you the few things you need to publish your first post. [Read more…]

Spammer Alert: GoodFinance-Blog.com ~ Any Insights Into What They Use? How to Block Them?

Every single day for months now, goodfinance-blog.com spams GrowMap and every day I delete every one of their comments.  That site hasn’t published a new post since February 15, 2010 but they spam this and probably many other blogs almost every day.

Do they have a perpetual spam comment machine?

Click on the image below to see the details full size.  [Read more…]

For Bloggers Who Hate Comment Spam

You might be a spammer if:

  • You copy and paste what someone else has written into a comment. This is plagiarism and may cause you or the blog you comment in legal problems.
  • You use a tool that automatically adds the title of the post into a comment. Just don’t do that!
  • Your comment would fit in any post. Make sure every comment you leave is specific to only that post and topic or it is likely to be deleted as spam.

Do you hate spammers? Many bloggers at least believe they do.  Hate only hurts the person who feels that emotion and does nothing to the object of your hatred.

Holding a Grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head

Image Credit: RedWritingHood.ca ~ Click image to read My Hate Button is Broken

What I realize that many don’t is that there are different kinds of spammers. While there are some who know they are stealing our time and energy, probably the greater number of people bloggers refer to as spammers do NOT know they are doing this all wrong.

ANYONE that comments regularly IS going to
end up being flagged by Akismet as a spammer.

If we just delete them they won’t ever know WHY or how to get better. It makes more sense to EDUCATE new commenters than to slam the door in their face. If I deleted YOUR comments are YOU going to come back?

When shopping we expect the door to be open to the store, right? If a business keeps their door locked and grills you on WHY you want in or asks for your ID or references would you still want to buy from them – or even get inside?

I would not. Deleting comments willy-nilly is telling your new readers you don’t trust them and you don’t want to even give them a chance to interact with you! Most bloggers are so focused on being anti-spam that they’ve forgotten how to be human!

Put yourself in the commenter’s shoes.
(And you ARE in that place if you EVER comment in other blogs.)
How would you feel if I mistook you for a spammer and deleted
your comment that you spent your valuable time writing?


Bloggers: Are You Doing Link RoundUps? Or Recommending Each Other for FollowFriday #FF ?

Click this image for many LISTS of Exceptional Bloggers with Twitter Usernames for Follow Friday

Click this image for many LISTS of Exceptional Bloggers with Twitter Usernames for Follow Friday

Friday is a popular day for link roundups and Follow Friday recommendations.

Both are excellent ideas for bloggers and social media users to emulate.

I highly recommend you
seek out other bloggers in your
niche and physical geography.

Reach out to them by linking to and
commenting in posts you appreciate.

Share and recommend them on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google+ and elsewhere.

Develop a group of bloggers who support each other’s efforts and recommend each other for Follow Friday on Twitter. Encourage them to use Twitter and share my Twitter Best Practices with them.

The ever popular [Read more…]