Three Ways to Reduce Your Online Advertising Costs

Advertising is an essential part of marketing your online business, but it can become expensive. Before you forge ahead with an advertising strategy that will see you part with much-needed cash for your business, here are three great tactics you can employ to reduce your advertising costs today:

1) Research where your customers hang out

Ever been advised to advertise on Facebook by someone who has had massive success in doing just that? We’ve all been told that more than once. But the reality is that there is no one solution for every business.

The key to successful, low cost advertising is to do your research first. If you can understand as much as possible about your target customer, and where they hang out online, it means that you’ll be advertising to a much more appropriate audience (thereby reducing your overall advertising

This SlideShare [or infographic if you prefer that version] outlines the demographic profile of the major platforms:

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VigLink Launches New Publisher Roundtable Platform

Publisher Roundtable LogoJust last week, VigLink, a leader in commerce-based revenue, announced the launch of their new Publisher Roundtable platform, created in collaboration with Netpop, a leading market research firm.

The Publisher Roundtable is a free to use research platform that’s designed to help online content publishers collaborate in order to maximize their online marketing efforts.

Publisher Roundtable’s chief aim is to provide a vehicle for publishers to work together, share their experience, and learn from thousands of other publishers in order to better their own online strategies or sites. [Read more…]

Online and Offline Marketing: Rounding Out Your Strategy

Online Marketing presentation

Online and Offline Marketing

When you’re trying to decide how to really take your start-up to the next level, advertising can easily be your biggest concern:

  • How much do you spend?
  • What will guarantee the best return?
  • What do people really pay attention to?

Advertising experts usually suggest 7% of your projected sales should go to ad campaigns and promotions, but when you factor in variables like cost of transaction, rent, and geographic location, the budget formula can be much more complicated.

And then, of course, there’s deciding how much of your advertising should be online and how much should be offline. [Read more…]

Traditional Advertising Strategies that Still Hold True in the Digital Age

Law at Deakin Uni - Tram Advertising

Law at Deakin Uni – Tram Advertising

The internet has revolutionized advertising in many ways. Never before has such a global audience been so easily accessible, and it’s easier than ever for small businesses to get their name out there through social media and website promotion.

Online advertising has risen 16 percent in 2013, and Google’s business department believes that 50 percent of all advertising will be online in the next 5 years. But it’s still a relatively small percentage of a company’s budget, and it’s had much less impact on the general state of company promotion than you might think.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is far from dead, and there’s no substitute for offline advertising such as billboards, television commercials, and print ads. What does that mean for small business? [Read more…]

How to Use Stickers to Make Businesses Popular in Untraditional Ways

Even though we focus on online marketing, that does NOT mean that offline promotions are not essential. In this guest post, Jawad Latif shares with us how businesses could be using stickers to raise awareness and increase sales.

Using bumper stickers to promote your business

Custom Bumper Stickers

When competition is high and the economy is challenging, organizations and businesses have to adopt new and different marketing and advertising strategies.

While most people think of stickers as being for children and simply laugh off the idea of marketing your business with printed stickers, savvy businesses find creative ways to use them. [Read more…]