Liz Strauss Supported Us for Years ~ Now She Needs Our Support

LizStrauss SOBCon

Click this image for details on top donations to the Liz Strauss fundraiser

Most bloggers will have come across Liz Strauss. For years she has discovered and promoted new bloggers – way before most ever thought to do that.

You can see the hundreds – it may even be 1000s – of blogs she has recommended over the years in her Successful and Outstanding Bloggers list.

Liz co-founded and has led the team behind SOBCon ~ now in their tenth year.

She is now leading once again by example in a way no one would have expected. I call on all those that Liz has benefited over the years to help her now when she needs us.

I encourage you to read Liz’ story Reclaiming Her Voice: Liz Strauss Takes on Cancer.  Then find a way to help. Liz needs money for health costs most of all. Here are ways you can help:

How many times in the almost five years GrowMap has existed have I asked for donations for anything? If you’re tempted to click away, please read why we need to support Liz right now:

“Liz’s diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer last fall came with both physical, emotional, and financial burdens. To fight the cancer required extensive chemo and radiation. On top of her treatments, Liz also suffered a fall that broke her hip and shoulder. As a result, Liz was confined to the hospital from December through March. She has been through the crucible.

So while a recent CT scan and laryngoscopy both showed no signs of cancer, Liz is still dealing with the fallout of cancer treatments and broken bones. Liz’s ability to travel and speak professionally, her primary source of income, has been placed on hold as she continues to heal. For the next few months, Liz finds herself in the incredibly frustrating situation of needing to work, but not yet having the physical strength to do so.

So when we asked the question, what can we do, here’s what we came up with. We can’t help Liz heal faster, but we can ease the financial stress. To that end we’re creating an auction fundraiser with all proceeds from the fundraiser going to Liz.”

Yes, things are tough for all of us. The economy is making earning a living hard. Google persistently damages ethical small businesses with their updates. But I believe we can agree that Liz needs more right now than we do so she can come back stronger than ever. So do what you can.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
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  1. Great initiative! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Liz!

  2. I’ve learned so much from Liz about blogging and about life. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know anything about what she has been going through. Off to help out.
    ConnieFoggles would love you to read ..Appreciating Mom’s WisdomMy Profile

  3. Martin Herlson says:

    Great initiative! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Liz!
    Martin Herlson would love you to read ..CateringMy Profile

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