Increase Repeat Sales and Business Loyalty with This Inexpensive Personal Touch: Personalized Stationary

Blue Landscape Design Stationary

Because so many are focusing almost entirely online today, you can actually stand out from the crowd by using snail mail. Yes, I know, that seems strange – but I assure you that there are businesses right now who are increasing their sales by using the mail.

Relationships are what is most important, and sending personalized welcome and thank you messages can get you remembered. The key here is PERSONALIZED and hand written – not computer generated.

Since even in my generation not everyone was in the habit of writing, today we have Michael Graves, a qualified and experienced graphic designer for printed products, to share his vast experience in the art of using stationery designs.

Stationery can convert an ordinary note
into something quite special.

Colorful and bright paper with a matching envelope can make a note that was designed to elicit happy thoughts appear even more cheerful. Just because you’re a business doesn’t mean you have to be boring!

Matched stationery sets are quite popular. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you are sure to find something that fits your personality and taste.

Even inexpensive stationary can make a strong statement that you care about those you write. Prices are based on thickness and quality of paper and method used, so stationary price ranges are available to suit any budget.

Personalized Stationery

This type of stationery is used primarily for letters – adding an extra personalized touch to them. Whether a person writes frequently to a person, or just loves to drop notes once in a while to friends, the recipient will know the sender even before they open the envelope.

Personalized stationery eases the process of keeping in touch with friends and family members, especially if the sender’s signature is added to the paper, or the return address is printed on the envelope.

Business Stationary

Businesses also apply various stationery designs, the most common being a personalized design known as letterhead. As any type of personalization does, it allows the recipient to know where the sender is from even before they open the envelope. In most cases, businesses display their logo in the heading in addition to the business name.

Custom stationery is also multi-purpose because they can incorporate any design. For those with a favorite photograph, an abstract artwork of themselves, or a picture that they love, the stationery can be made in such a way that it feature what is truly “you”.

Even children like having their own stationery. You can buy designs that are specially designed for children. Providing children with their own stationery is a good way of encouraging them to write letters to relatives and update them with what is happening in their lives.

Examples of personalized stationary

Calling Cards and Note Cards

There are also unique designs of stationery such as personalized note pads, thank you notes, and calling cards. Calling cards are similar to normal business cards. The only difference is that they have been customized to feature the sender’s personal information instead of business information.

Alternatively, one can opt for customized business cards as opposed to the traditional stationery sets. Note cards are available in different styles, such as cards that can be sent without envelopes like post cards, or complete with envelopes as flat cards.

Embossed Fold Notes

In case stationery that is normally printed fails to impress the buyer, they can choose to get embossed notes. These are fold notes of the standard size having an added elegance that can only be added by embossing.

Writing special moments require a special type of stationery. Embossed fold notes provide an elegant statement while at the same time showing the sender’s sophisticated side. This stationery is ideal for writing formal business, thank you notes, sympathy notes, and much more.

Thanks to Michael Graves for sharing. Even though I have not sent regular mail in so many years I have no idea what a stamp even costs, I encourage you to seriously consider mailing your customers (and your family and friends).

I recommend this to clients – both via mail and also that they tuck personalized hand-written thank you notes into product shipments. Let your customers know you appreciate them. It only takes a minute to do this if you have pre-printed stationary on hand.

A recent study showed that customers change brands primarily because they think the businesses they use “don’t care” about them! Show you care. The advantage a small business has over corporations is that you CAN add this personal touch.

The least expensive sales you ever make are to your existing customers. Doing this will increase repeat sales and loyalty. Never compete on price – compete on service and quality – and a personal touch!

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  1. I don’t think I realized just how much of an impact stationary’s can have. I think I’m going to have to start using them.

  2. People really overlook traditional ways of branding and advertising with how prevalent internet marketing is now. But if you need to make an impression in person, having personalized/customized business cards and letterhead, etc. can make all the difference. Great article!

  3. I really loved how interesting this blog post. I love the use of stationery and the colors in this really showed how much of a difference a good stationery can make. I’m always amazed as well on how much more proffessional you look with the use of good stationery.

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